1. TOPIK 150 Essential Grammar (Intermediate) – This book is really helpful when it comes to identifying what Korean grammar patterns should be studied in taking an Intermediate TOPIK. You can check out my review of this book here.

2. Yonsei Korean Language Textbooks Yonsei Korean Reading 1 – My first review of Yonsei textbooks! Korean Reading 1 is a helpful book for beginners who wants to practice their Korean reading abilities. Yonsei Korean Reading 1 is not only a book, it includes 2 Audio CDs! Yonsei Korean 2 Textbook – The second installment of the Yonse Korean Textbook Series! This book is highly recommended for upper beginner level students.

3. Learn Hanja in a Fun Way – SOON

4. Modern Readings in Korean Literature – SOON

5. Sogang University Korean Language Textbooks – SOON

6. 초급 한국어 쓰기 – Writing Korean for Beginners – I recommend this book for beginners in learning Korean especially basic writing in Korean. Check out the review here.

7. 한국어 – Hannam University’s Korean Language Book for Beginners – Another book for beginners especially if you want to practice your speaking skills. Even though this book is not as good as Yonsei’s and Sogang’s Korean Language books it can still help you in practicing Korean.

8. 노래로 배우는 한국어 (Learn Korean Through Songs) – I strongly recommend this book for Upper Intermediate Korean language learners. This book is really helpful because of the featured vocabulary words and culture notes.

9. 살아있는 한국어 Series – A series of books focusing on Korean Proverbs, Korean Idiomatic Expressions and 4-Word Chinese Sayings. These books are recommended for Intermediate-Advanced Korean language students. The series is a good supplementary material in order to understand the Korean thought and culture through language.

Online Dictionary:

1. Naver Online Dictionary (네이버 사전) – This is one of the best dictionaries that I’ve ever used! Naver dictionary helps me whenever I need to translate some Korean words to English and vice versa. It also gives sample sentences using the word that you’re searching. You can also see a Korean – Korean translation that can help you understand the Korean word using an explanation in Korean.

2. Daum Online Dictionary (다음 사전) – Aside from Naver, I also use Daum Online Dictionary. You can also see sample Korean sentences and it’s English translation. As of now, Daum has fewer language options compared to Naver.

iPod Apps

1. Flashcards+ – This app is very useful for me especially when I am familiarizing myself with Korean words that I encounter for the first time. This app helps me remember Korean words and their meanings. And the best thing about this app is it’s FREE! You can create your own deck of cards and name them depending on the categories that you’ll input.

2. Naver Webtoons – If you want to practice reading in Korean, this will be a very great app for you! The app is FREE and you can learn a lot of new words and things about the Korean culture. You can choose from a variety of genres depending on your taste. The stories are updated too!

3. For Hanja: Imiwa Japanese Dictionary – This is a FREE and OFFLINE Japanese dictionary which contains features that will help you study your Kanji and at the same time your Hanja! This app is really worth the download!


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