Trip to Samseong-dong and Apgujeong-dong – COEX Mall + Grill5!

I have been wanting to go out of the dorm to literally see more people ever since the Fall semester started but since I have tons of acad stuff to do, I just stayed in the dorm studying, doing papers or reading some assigned articles. However, last Monday we received a message from one of our professors that we will attend a conference instead of having a class last Wednesday so we need to go to a hotel near Coex mall. We attended an international conference in commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of Korea’s Independence which was organized by our school. Our class attended the opening ceremony and during the lunch break, our professor took us to Bongeunsa, a Buddhist temple nearby our place. He did some explanations regarding the temple and mentioned important things about Buddhism. After the trip to the temple, we headed back to the conference and listened to the afternoon session.

We were not able to finish all the presentations because we wanted to go around Coex and some of our classmates have their Korean classes so they had to go back to our school. But me and my roommate decided to stay and do some window shopping at Coex mall. The whole complex of Coex is currently one of the places I frequently visit because the mall is near my dorm and because SMTown Artium is located in the complex, I tend to go to the area at least once a month to meet some friends, watch a movie or just drop by the Artium and do some people-watching ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

We went around the mall to look for something interesting. At first, we went to Artbox and Jaju because we were looking for some fancy stuff that we could use while studying like pens, notebooks or stuff for our room. However, Artbox in Coex is not as good as the other branches and we did not like anything that Jaju (some kind of a Muji-ish novelty shop) offers so we left that area and looked around. After visiting Uniqlo to look for stuff on sale, we saw this very fancy shop which has the name “Butter”. I guessed that it was a new shop and I was not wrong because they just opened the store last September 4.

Butter - COEX Mall Branch

Butter – COEX Mall Branch

Butter is just like a combination of Artbox and Muji-ish but with a price of that in Daiso (and I am not kidding)! The store is filled with cutesy and fancy stuff from bottles, mugs, school supplies, uniquely styled goodies, gadgets, canvas bags, pillows, pouches, soaps, scented candles and a whole lot more! At first, I was not planning to buy any but when my roommate saw a canvass curtain which was really cute, we decided to look around and get few stuff for our room and for some school supplies.

We'll surely go back to our new haven!

First Butter haul! We’ll surely go back to our new haven!

The first item on my basket was the canvas curtain that we saw. My roommate needs to find a curtain that she could hang on her bed to make it a little bit darker. There were so many choices but she ended up buying the one with a “rainy” design and a statement “You make me happy when skies are gray”. Since the item was so cute and it was only 7900 won, I grabbed another one for me too!

Canvass curtain for 7900krw ! It says "You make me happy when skies are gray"

Canvas curtain for 7900krw ! It says “You make me happy when skies are gray”

I went back to the school supplies area to get a mouse pad, a pencil case and clear file folders. I was contemplating if I am going to buy the mouse pad with the moon design or the one with the mustache or this lady with the red hair. I ended up buying the lady with the red hair because it looks weirdㅋㅋ. Their clear files are not as fancy as Artbox’s but it has two pockets and the plastic is thicker compared to other file holders so I bought two. I just hope they’ll have more designs soon! For the pencil case, the quality and the design is not so bad for its cheap price of 1900 won!!

Goodies from Butter - Lady Mouse Pad (1500krw), Pencil case (1900krw) - Clear Files (1500krw each)

Goodies from Butter – Lady Mouse Pad (1500krw), Pencil case (1900krw) – Clear Files (1500krw each)

After our trip to Butter, we went to YP Bookstore to check out some anti-stress coloring books. I already have three coloring books but I could not help myself from buying another one ㅠㅠ The book below is not actually the usual coloring book but a puzzle coloring book wherein you need to follow the color codes assigned for each number to unveil the picture. I think this is another version of the anti-stress coloring books which is worth buying. You don’t have to think of what color to use because they’re already provided in each picture.

Stress-relief Coloring Book Madness!

Stress-relief Coloring Book Madness!

Aside from the reason that this book only costs 8000 won, I also liked the patterns included so I purchased it even though I still have three coloring books to useㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Can’t wait to start coloring and unveil these pretty patterns!

Color! Color! Color!

Color! Color! Color!

Last stop for the day was Super Junior Lee Donghae’s Grill5 Taco restaurant! I have been craving for their Kimchi Quesadilla and since it is only one bus away from Coex, I asked my roommate if she could go with me to Grill5. Honestly, I used to bash Grill5’s menu because I did not like their Tacos when I went to eat there for the first time. But after my friend told me about the Kimchi Quesadilla and after trying it, I could not help myself from going to Grill5 every now and then just to eat it. Of course, I should not also forget my holy Seoul Fries ❤ My soul was soooooo happy while munching on the Quesadilla. Super Junior’s repackaged 10th album was also released that day so I enjoyed eating while listening to Magic playing inside the store.

My Haven - Grill 5

My Haven – Grill 5

Since I am already in Grill5, I also purchased their new mug from the Haru and OneDay merch line! It is indeed bigger compared to their previous mugs maybe that’s why it is more expensive. Now I have a new mug to use this fall and coming winter! ❤

Ready for Fall and Winter with my Haru and Oneday Mug!

Ready for Fall and Winter with my Haru and Oneday Mug!

Tadaaaah! Done with my spazz on our Samseong-dong and Apgujeong-dong trip! I really love these two places in Seoul because they make my /fangirl/ heart happy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. I’ll definitely go back to these places sometime soon because we’ll have to check out other items from Butter and I have to eat my Kimchi and Double Cheese Quesadilla againㅋㅋㅋㅋ.



I’ll be back next time with book hauls and reviews! ^___^


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