Trends in Korea Series: Anti-Stress Coloring Books


Recently, there has been a craze over “Anti-Stress Coloring Books” here in South Korea. I became so curious about these coloring books and what they call “art therapy” to fight stress so I tried to look for sample posts or reviews online. While searching for posts, I stumbled upon tons of articles about the adult coloring books and its stress-relieving benefits. Apparently, it is not only in South Korea that these books sold thousands of copies but also in other countries!

Since I am a sucker of anything “anti-stress”, I decided to purchase some of the coloring books available online. I really prefer buying books online since they’re on free shipping and much cheaper compared to physical stores. I found an online shop which sells the coloring book and Staedtler 24-piece colored pencils as a set for only 18,900 won. I chose to buy 신비의 숲, the Korean version of Johanna Basford’s bestselling Enchanted Forest coloring book. I also bought Japan Secret coloring book from Interpark bookstore for 9,800 won.

Coloring Books: Japan Secret and Enchanted Forest

I thought the books were only thin but I was wrong. The books are really thick and they contain lots of sketches of flowers, trees, castles, insects and animals which you can color anytime, anywhere! I really loved Enchanted Forest because of its beautiful doodles and sketches. It also comes with three free postcards that you can color using colored pencils, pens or whatever coloring materials you have. The quality of the paper is also superb!

신비의 숲: Korean version of Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest

The picture below was my first attempt to color a sketch. I really suck with anything creative but I felt really happy before, during and after completing this page, haha! While listening to a Yiruma playlist on Youtube, I finished coloring the whole sketch after two hours. You are free to use any color combination or coloring materials so you will not be restricted to unleash your creative side and creative imaginations 🙂

First try!

Free Postcards

Now I know why Koreans followed this trend over coloring books- it’s fun to do and you will feel relaxed. This is nice to color while drinking your favorite cup of coffee or tea or while you are listening to relaxing music.

Staedtler Colored Pencils

Aside from the Enchanted Forest coloring book, I also purchased Japan Secret coloring book because I love Japan! The book contains cultural symbols of Japan like the kimono, Tokyo Sky Tree, traditional restaurants and a whole lot more! You will feel like you’re travelling to Japan while coloring the sketches.

Japan Secret Coloring Book by Zoe de Las Cases


There are still tons of other coloring books in different Korean bookstores but I do not have any plans on buying more unless I finish these two books haha! They also have a Paris version of this coloring book which is called Paris Secret. I think some bookstores also carry coloring books of Seoul and ancient Korean paintings. I find these books a really good deal because of their affordable price, amazing quality and stress-relief benefits.

One of my favorite sketches!

Sometimes I really find studying my major subjects and Korean very stressful especially if I am not in the mood to study or if the translation works make me frustrated. Most of the time I just go out with friends, watch dramas or just sleep to fight stress. After I purchased these coloring books, I found another good way to relieve stress! Whenever I am burnout while translating articles or reading research papers for class, I stop for an hour or two and I just grab my coloring books and start coloring the pages while listening to Yiruma’s piano pieces. I stop thinking of other acad-related and other useless worries while coloring and it really makes me feel relaxed. I know it’s psychological but I am really happy I purchased these books- it’s a good escape from stress and also a good way to unleash one’s artistic side^^ Like what other adult coloring book fans are saying, no one is too old for coloring books 🙂


14 thoughts on “Trends in Korea Series: Anti-Stress Coloring Books

    • These are really nice! I fell in love with the sketches because they’re too beautiful!^^ I feel like I’m not giving justice to the coloring books because of my awful coloring skills haha!

    • Hi! I think there are shops in GMarket which cater overseas orders and allow international shipping. I think you could also check out TwoChois or and ask them if they could accept orders of the coloring book^^ I am sorry for a late reply but I hope this still helps^^

  1. I found this while preparing a university lecture on stress – I was ready to laugh at the idea of grown-up coloring books, but once I finished reading your blog, I went to gmarket…. and ordered one for me. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Sherri!^^ Thank you for reading my blogpost on anti-stress coloring books! ㅋㅋ I actually laughed at these books the first time I saw them on GMarket. I was like “What’s so special about these books?!” But I still bought it and I currently enjoy coloring the pages during my free time ㅋㅋ^^ I hope you would enjoy your coloring books too! =))

  2. Hi Alli! The artwork you posted is lovely! I am planning to get one coloring book set too. 😀 Have a question though, did you have any problems with claiming your package from customs?

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