And I am finally back on WordPress after a long hiatus! Please forgive me for being inactive for the past three months. A lot of things happened and I needed to concentrate on my studies. Maybe some of you read on my previous posts that I am quite busy because of school. I was busy because I am a graduating student and I needed to finish my undergraduate thesis for me to get my degree. And guess what! I finally graduated from college!!! *confetti everywhere*

I just finished a degree in Linguistics from the University of the Philippines last April and I am currently *coughs*unemployed*coughs*. Kidding! I am doing my part-time job in Rarejob Philippines as an online English tutor. I am planning to take a break and decide if I will work or if I will get a graduate degree or both haha! Anyways, I am now here to update you about Bluehanbok!

First of all, I took the TOPIK exam again last April 20. I met some of my fellow WordPress bloggers during the exam (mykoreancorner and meloncreme) and we endured that 5-hour exam together! My 3rd TOPIK experience will be further discussed in my next few posts! Please bear with my wave of posts and updates because I was kinda deprived of blogging since February or March haha!

Next, I just came back from a graduation trip in South Korea *another bunch of confettis*!!! I will share my week-long Korea trip as well as my Seoul and Busan itineraries, tips and cheats, Korean visa tips and a whole lot more! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy any Korean language book in Korea because I was too stingy to spend and I still have tons of books to read. I will just share my cosmetics haul and my Korean language experiences while I was in Korea! Yipeeeeeee! I am very excited for these updates and I hope you will stay tuned for my blog posts! See you around!


I will start answering some of the comments that you/my readers posted. Sorry for a late response! 🙂


4 thoughts on “BLUEHANBOK IS BACK!!!

  1. well done on the degree.. i am one week out from completely a Bachelor of Arts .. majors Writing and Communication & Cultural Studies so I can understand your elation! may the future exceed our wildest dreams

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