Study Buddies – Stationery Edition

School will start again tomorrow! We had a good 2 or 3-week Christmas vacation and most schools will restart classes tomorrow! Well, I don’t have Monday classes so I will go back to school on Tuesday! I am looking forward to the day that I will be able to finish my classes because I want to graduate already!

Speaking of back-to-school blues, I arranged some of my school stuff and I found out that I bought tons of pens and Korean stickers last year! I decided to share some of my school stuff especially writing tools because I think I am obsessed with colored pens and mechanical pencils ㅋㅋ.

First, my Korean study notebooks and my academic planner! The pink one is my notebook for TOPIK notes. I use this notebook to write some of the techniques in answering the TOPIK which was shared by one of my Linguistics professor. Later I will share one page of my Korean notes inside that pink notebook! The blue one is actually a blank notebook. I am still contemplating if I will use it as a Korean vocabulary notebook or my Hanja notebook. As some of my followers know, I am studying Japanese and Kanji and I am also interested with Hanja or the Chinese characters in Korean but unfortunately, there are no available Hanja notebooks in the local market.

Next is the blue flowery notebook! I love notebooks with cream paper and with double springs so when I saw this notebook in the bookstore, I immediately bought it. In Korea, there are a lot of novelty and stationery stores which sells good quality notebooks. Unfortunately in Manila, it is quite hard to spot some cutesy notebooks with cream paper and double springs. Or if they are available, they are too expensive and not worth the price. The last notebook is actually an academic planner sold in our university. Every summer break, one campus-based organization releases an academic planner that covers the two semesters of the school year. This year’s UP Academic Planner was really awesome because of the cool pages, layout and contents. I am more of an academic planner girl because I write more school-related reminders than other personal things. After I graduate, I plan to shift to a Korean planner/diary for a change since I will not be following the academic calendar anymore. Another good thing about my acad planner is the double spring! I really love notebooks with double springs because they look so nice and neat.

Notebooks and a Planner

Notebooks and a Planner

Here is a sample page of my pink notebook. These notes were from the 30th TOPIK- Reading part. One of my TOPIK and Linguistics mentor taught us how to linguistically analyze Korean vocabulary words. He even integrated some Hanja characters to explain the root of each word. He is a Filipino and he got his Ph.D in Korean Linguistics, if I am not mistaken, from Korea University. He is really awesome! I never had a Korean language instructor who is a Filipino so most likely, he was my first. I wish we’ll have more TOPIk review sessions with him because I think he is a really good Korean language instructor.

How about some Korean notes?

How about some Korean notes?

Then here are my pens and my favorite correction tape! Most of my pens were made by Dong-A, a Korean pen brand. I love pens which are 0.4, 0.5 or 0.7mm thick. Dong-A pens are really good quality pens and I have been using them since I was in elementary which was I think almost a decade ago ㅋㅋ.  When I was in Korea, I bought few good quality pens and mechanical pencils. There was this brand named Surari and I think it was a Japanese brand. I was obsessed with that ballpen so I brought some back to the Philippines. Then one day I went to a bookstore and saw that Surari pen but its Philippine price is just too expensive! ㅋㅋ Good thing I was able to buy some in Korea in a quite cheaper price.

I have tons of colored pens that I often use in writing my planner entry or when reviewing Korean or Japanese. Colored pens help me a lot in remembering things especially when they are color coded. I guess one of my techniques on how to remember vocabulary words is to categorize them. After categorizing, assign one pen color to each category and start writing! Colors really help me a lot in remembering things so maybe you can try that technique too!

Pens, Pens, Pens!

Pens, Pens, Pens!

The pens on the next photo are still from Dong-A. This pen collection is called My Metal and every pen is 0.7 mm thick. You can buy these glitter pens as a set but because I don’t like the other colors, I decided to buy them separately. Glitter pens are my bestfriends when writing doodles on my planner and other notebooks. Sometimes, I also use them to draw random fugly drawings on my language books ㅋㅋ.

Forever favorite glitter gel pens

Forever favorite glitter gel pens

Last year, I saw one of my classmates using these set of pens. They are called Hexaplus 0.4 mm pens, still from Dong-A. They can be bought separately but I chose to buy the set to get all the colors. I also use them in writing my planner entries and in writing some important reminders, notes and other random things on my books, school notebooks and TOPIK reviewers. I also use them like a high-lighter because again, I can memorize or study words or concepts better if I will assign colored pens on them ㅋㅋ.

Dong-A Hexaplus 0.4mm

Dong-A Hexaplus 0.4mm

Last on my stationery post are these cutesy Korean stickers which I was able to buy in local bookstores and novelty shops. Whenever I visit a novelty shop or a bookstore, I always check their stickers section thinking that I can find some cute stickers with Korean characters on it. Luckily, there was this store called Gift Factory that sells some Korean stickers. Also, a popular scrapbook brand also sells some stickers with Korean characters in a very cheap price of 20 pesos or around half a dollar. I am still trying to find more stickers to add to my sticker collection! I added these stickers in my study buddies because I often use them to decorate my planner and some of my notes.

More stickerssss

More stickerssss

These study buddies help me keep motivated in doing homeworks, doing reviewers and other school-related stuff because all of them are cute and colorful! I am planning to add more pens to my pen collection since I am going to start making my Korean diary soon! I hope I can find a good quality pen for my diary ㅋㅋ.

Do you have any other suggestions for good quality notebooks, pens, and other stationery item? Share your favorite pen or stationery item!  🙂


11 thoughts on “Study Buddies – Stationery Edition

    • Yup it’s from Eazyfashion! The size of the notebook is just like the normal composition notebook, not A4 😦 i wish they have bigger notebooks there at eazyfashion.

      Dong-A Hexaplus pens are awesooome!! They are cheap too!

  1. I’ve always loved stationary, but I feel like language learning just increased that love haha. I have a mini collection of Japanese pens and my favorites are the Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.4mm pens. Love love love them. Some others I have are by Uni-ball Signo (boreadux black and lavender black because the colors are beautiful), Pilot Hi-Tec-C, and FriXion erasable pens. I never thought I’d have a favorite pencil, but I do now. It’s the Uni Alpha Gel Kuru-Toga. For notebooks, Campus and Tsubame Note are two favorites. And then there’s this one lovely journal from Markings by C. R. Gibson that is so pretty that… Idek. It’s pretty xD

    Oh! Jetpens is a great site for Japanese stationery if you’re interested or haven’t heard of them. It’s where I got almost everything I have.

  2. You inspire me with many colorful pens and cute notebooks ^^
    wow, you have 2 or 3-week Christmas vacation. In my country, there is no Christmas or winter vacation. Therefore, these days, I have to continue studying nonstop, and now when every body is celebrating the new year, students in my countries need to cram for the final exams. After the final exam, I will have a 3 week off for the Lunar New Year celebration.
    Does your country celebrate Lunar New Year?

    • Oh I see. I guess the Philippines has one of the longest Christmas vacation, well quite different from a winter vacation.

      There are some people who celebrate the Lunar New Year especially the Chinese, if I am not mistaken. Wow, that’s indeed a long break!

  3. Yay! fellow iska. I looove your sticker collection. Can you please recommend other sellers/stores where you can get them aside from eazyfashion?

    Recently, I found this Korean gift shop in Emerad Ave., Ortigas while hunting for companies for my internship. The shop is small but they have a great selection of items (from comfy socks and earmuffs to stationery and Kpop stuff!!!) plus you can totally chit chat with the friendly Korean owner. I got this really cool and quality planner at only P69. Well, it was a 2008 planner but it was totally unused, plus the only thing wrong with it is the 2007-2008 yearly calendar at the first few pages of the planner. The rest are open-dated pages so no prob there. Some open-dated Korean planners being sold in local online shops are at least P1300 T_T. Needless to say, it was the best bargain ever and I plan to come back to that store again to see more of their items.=))

    Here are some of the pics of the planner:

    • Woah! They are great! I would love to check this store soon! Is this still open? I guess this comment was way back February so I am wondering if this shop is still there 🙂 Thank you for the tip!

      • Hiii! Yes, they’re still open; I checked last week. ;)) I bought a hardbound notebook with cute Great “Catsby” designs and doodles for only P100. Definitely worth checking out! =)

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