Hello December! Hello 32nd TOPIK Results!

I’m back on wordpress! I’ve been so lazy these past few days especially last November. November is my birthday month and I know that I should not be passive but oh well, procrastination and laziness at its finest, haha! I should be busy doing my thesis but I am still not into our topic so I guess I need to let the holiday season pass before I start working on the paper.

The holiday seasons has come and I have a long list of expenses to pay for! Gifts, random stuff, cosmetics, fangirl expenses, etc! Super Junior-M is coming to the Philippines next year to have a concert together with other K-pop artists. At first, I planned not to watch Dream KPop Fantasy Concert 2 but since SJ-M will be there, I decided to watch it with my friends. I don’t have any plans to buy the SVIP ticket(in which you will you have a CHANCE to be included in the list of lucky fans in SJ-M Tony Moly Fanmeet/Fansign event) because it is too expensive! I know that I will not be able to join the fan meeting and fan signing but I think, 12,600php is too much! I only like two groups in the line-up which are SJ-M and Block B, and the rest, I’m sorry but I barely know them. 12,600php can take me to places, I can even buy a plane ticket to Korea, so I don’t think it is practical to spend a huge amount of money for that concert. I already have Donghae’s autograph so I’m already okay with an Upper Box B ticket on DKFC2. Hoho, so much rants.

December also marks the release of 32nd TOPIK results! I have afternoon classes on Tuesdays so I don’t know how can I check the results at 3PM KST. I went to the library to connect to the wi-fi but my iPod shut down because of an unknown problem. I decided not to check the results until I get home but my friends were already texting me about the results of their exam. I borrowed my friend’s cellphone to connect to the Internet and I checked my scores. Fortunately, I passed the Intermediate Level but I lacked .75 points to get Level 4! Last 30th TOPIK, my average score was 69, and now it was 69.25!

32nd TOPIK!!

32nd TOPIK!!

Actually, I already knew that I am not going to pass Level 4. A day after the exam, I checked the key to corrections of the 32nd TOPIK and predicted what will be my highest score and in what area. I have predicted  that my score in Reading will reach up to 80 points, and voila, I got 81/100! I was really happy that I reached the 80-point mark! I guess the tips shared by my professor helped me a lot in answering the Reading part. I have a lot of regrets with my Vocabulary and Grammar part. There were one or two items that I answered wrongly and they were just simple questions. I guess I should really take some time to read the questions thoroughly so that I will not misunderstand them. But still, 75/100 is not a bad score. My listening score was also good knowing that I wasn’t able to practice my listening skills because I’ve been too busy with Japanese language classes.

And my lowest score goes to…Writing. It was a quite huge drop from my writing score last 30th TOPIK. I managed to get 55(or 59?) points in my 30th TOPIK because I was able to answer one 7-point question and one 8-point question correctly. I know that my essay for the 32nd exam sucks, big time! It was non-sense so it will just be a miracle if the checker will give points higher than 10. I got one 7-point question but I failed to answer the 8-point questions! I think they were quite easy but I was just too time pressured because of the essay part so I wasn’t able to read and understand them carefully.

If ever I got the two Vocab questions correctly and if I got few more points in the Writing part, I could have passed Level 4! Oh well, I stayed lax and didn’t practice writing and didn’t enrich my vocabulary bank so I guess I just deserve my score. I will just retake it on April next year! Haha, see you 34th TOPIK! For now, I will focus on my Japanese language lessons because I am doing really bad in class lol. I think I should also continue writing short Korean essays and diary entries to practice my Korean writing skills. Oh, good luck to me!

Advanced Happy Holidays every one!


14 thoughts on “Hello December! Hello 32nd TOPIK Results!

    • Maybe I just got used to taking the TOPIK that’s why I got a good score, haha! I have devised my own strategy in answering every part and I found it easier to answer the exam now compared to the 30th!

      I still need to work on my writing skills. My goal is to get 80-above in all the parts but yeah, I need to work harder. Though, I still don’t know how to properly practice my writing skills. Sigh.

      Thanks! 🙂

    • Thank you!!! :)) I am still aiming for 4! I still need tons of Korean lessons for me to get some courage to try 5! ㅜㅜ I still lack a lot of skills. I need to reach my target first and then try the higher level :))

      You are studying Japanese, right? Did you take the JLPT this year?

      • Oh no, not this year. I’m aiming for the N3 next year. It’s gonna be a challenge, but I think I’d rather do that than take something that’s too easy. (I question this decision every day now xD)

      • Oh I see! I planned to take this year’s JLPT N4 but I’m too coward to do so lol. My Japanese is really bad lol. We had few Japanese listening exercises but I found it really hard especially when it comes to numbers and particles. T_T I think I am not that really exposed to Japanese that’s why I find it difficult ;;

      • The numbers definitely took a while for me to get used to. The fact they count in thousands was new to me. And then there’s how the pronunciation of a number changes depending on the counter you’re using. There are so many ways to say “3”さんまい、みっか、みっつ I still don’t remember all of them. xD

  1. Hi Alyzza, how did you know the breakdown of points? I also took the TOPIK test last October and want to know how they alloted scores for the writing part.

    • Hello jja! You can check the breakdown of scores by downloading the answer key of the exam. You can check topikguide for the download link :)) As for the essay, I am not really sure how they judged it. My professor once said that if your essay contains Intermediate grammar and vocabulary words, it has a high chance of getting a high score. :))

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you just pass Topik 3 this time. You really study hard and your scores are very high. I admire your listening and reading skill very much. It’s just a little bit regret about your writing skill. I suggest writing Korean diaries every day and learn by heart some model Korean sentences. Maybe it can help you get better scores at writing next time.

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