A Day at the Post Office + 노래로 배우는 한국어 (프리뷰)/Learn Korean Language Through Music (Preview)

Last month, I won a free Korean Language book from twoChois. If you are a follower or twoChois, I guess you are aware of their on-going Korean language book raffle draws. If not, better visit their website now and join their contest for a free language book! After almost 5 times of trying,I finally got picked during their draw for the book “노래로 배우는 한국어” or Learn Korean Language Through Songs/Music!

Two weeks ago, I received a notice from the post office that my book already arrived. The notice told me to go to the post-office and pick-up my parcel on either Tuesday or Thursday from 2:00-5:00 PM. It was a Monday when I received the note so I decided to go the next day, Tuesday, because I am too excited to get my book! I don’t know much about getting a parcel in the post office so I asked some of my friends who already experienced getting items from the post office. They told me that I should prepare some money for the storage fee. They assured me that the cost of storage fee will be lower than a hundred pesos. I am certain that the book will not be subjected to custom tax so I brought only a few bucks to pay for the storage fee.

I went to the post office on a Tuesday afternoon. The queue in the parcel area was quite long so I just sat there and waited for any instructions. A lady from the parcel office asked for my claim stub/notice so I handed her the piece of paper. She checked the notice and told me that I should pay 50 pesos (around a dollar) for the storage fee. I went to the cashier and paid the storage fee. I got an official receipt so I was quite sure that the ‘storage fee’ is not a bogus move from the people at the post office. I am sorry to say this but I really hate dealing with the people at the post office here in our municipality *coughs*. I handed my notice back to the guy from the parcel area and he told me to wait for few minutes.

After 10 minutes, my name got called and I entered the room to receive my parcel. I handed the storage fee receipt to the guy and he looked for my parcel. After looking around, he finally saw my parcel and gave it to me. He told me to receive the package by signing  one of their papers. I asked him what I need to do next and he just told me the most annoying words that I heard during that day. This is non-verbatim but he told me to go out of the room quietly and don’t tell anyone that he already gave me my parcel because they usually ask for customs tax fee and they didn’t ask me for any so I should be thankful. I was like what-the-fudge-are-you-talking-about? There was a new code from the Bureau of Customs about receiving books from abroad. As far as I know, they will not ask for customs fee if the books are below 5 items and if they are not for commercial use. I really find it very annoying that the parcel guy had to tell me that I am lucky that they didn’t ask any customs fee from me. I wanted to answer him but I chose to go out of the room. I told my father about what the parcel guy has said and we recalled the “magic” of the postal ID. The next time I transact with the post office people, I will make sure to print out a copy of the memorandum from the Bureau of Customs about books.

So I am done with my rants about the post office. Now, here’s a preview of the book that I have received from twoChois! Special thanks to twoChois and to my sister for lending me her Canon 700D and for editing my photos for this post^^

I won a upper intermediate-advanced book from twoChois. The title of the book was “노래로 배우는 한국어” or in English, Learn Korean Language Through Songs/Music. I was happy to get the book during the raffle draw because I have been interested with the book since I saw it in an online bookstore.

The parcel was in a good condition when I received it. The book was properly wrapped in a bubble wrap so the sides of the book were not torn or folded. I was very happy when I saw the hand-written note from twoChois! I was touched because it was personalized. I am still keeping the tag because this will be a memorable note for me^^

A note from twoChois

A note from twoChois

TwoChois also included another freebie in my package! They put a High Cut magazine with Song Seungheon in the cover. When I browsed through the pages of the High Cut magazine, I saw special pages for Master’s Sun(주군의 태양) so I became really giddy and extra happy! All the bad vibes from the post office were gone after seeing the contents of my parcel.

Free Book and a Freebie!

Free Book and a Freebie!

Aside from the note, book and High Cut magazine, twoChois also included their namecard. I really love their tagline “We send you Korea”! The name card contains their contact information in Kakaotalk, Email and their wordpress address.

twoChois' Name card

twoChois’ Name card

And here’s my book! It really looks so good! The book cover is nice, the quality of the pages is very nice and an audio CD is included too! I will just post an in-depth review of this book after I have used it. So far, I have already transferred the contents of the audio CD to my iTunes since I find it inconvenient if will play the Audio CD every time I use the book.

Yay! The Korean Language Book!

Yay! The Korean Language Book!

There you go with my post office experience and preview of my new Korean Language book from twoChois! So far, I am loving the book! I will post a more detailed review after I finish using the book^^ 기대하세요!


4 thoughts on “A Day at the Post Office + 노래로 배우는 한국어 (프리뷰)/Learn Korean Language Through Music (Preview)

  1. When I went to the post office, I just signed to get the book from twochois and I didn’t have to pay any money. I haven’t heard about the storage fee. =.=
    That book is awesome. =))) My Korean teacher used that book to teach us and we totally like it so much. ^^. I especially love the Gee song part :Xxx

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