Bluehanbok Updates! (32nd TOPIK, Super Show 5, Master’s Sun)

After getting so busy because of the 32nd TOPIK and Super Show 5 in Manila, I am finally back! I have a lot of things to say so bear with my randomness in this post! =)

32nd Test of Proficiency in Korean (October 20, 2013)

I am finally done with the 32nd TOPIK! I am still not sure if I can pass Level 4 but I do hope that I will pass! It was my second time getting the exam and I think I am already used to the format of the exam. It was also nice to visit KCC again. As usual, I got some free books and pamphlets from KCC.

During the exam, I really find the Vocabulary part quite difficult, maybe because of some vocabulary questions that I wasn’t able to understand. The grammar part was easy as well as items 29 and 30 which are about the idiomatic expressions. I understood the paragraph well and was able to point out that ‘꿩 대신 닭” is the correct answer ㅋㅋ. The writing part was also okay especially the grammar part. The essay question was also easy to answer and I am very thankful for that ^__^. Items 41-44 were killers. I had a lot of thoughts on how to answer them but I wasn’t able to get the exact answers as provided by the TOPIK exam giving body. After the exam, I realized the correct answers and I regret not thinking about them during the exam. But anyways, I hope they will give me few points for my answers haha!

The second part of the exam which is Listening and Reading were quite easy especially the reading part. I find the listening part easy too but I do have a lot of wrong answers when I tried to check my answers after the TOPIK website released the cheat sheet. For the reading part, it was also easy. I was able to understand most of the paragraphs and I was able to answer items 59 and 60 correctly.

But still, I can’t say that the Intermediate Level is already easy for my level. I am still struggling a lot to answer some of the items. I guess my professors’ advice and techniques helped me a lot in answering the TOPIK exam. If ever I will pass Level 4 this time, I will still try another TOPIK exam on April 2014 until I get a decent score in all parts, maybe an average of 85-90 points in all areas will convince me to jump to Advanced Level hahaha!

I was also happy because after almost a year, I was able to meet Ate Dia from mykoreancorner. We know that both of us will be taking the exam but we didn’t know that we will be seatmates during the exam haha! I missed Ate Dia and I felt very happy to see her again! 🙂

Free Book from Korean Culture Center

Super Junior’s Super Show 5 in Manila (October 24, 2013)

Whew! After almost 2 years, I was able to meet Super Junior again! Super Show 5 in Manila was super duper epic! SS5 Manila is indeed one of my most favorite Super Shows. Aside from the fact that it was Kangin’s first time in Manila, Heechul also joined the tour after being discharged from the army. I was really happy that I couldn’t express everything with words. Everything was just perfect.

I was seated at Section 217 of the Lower Box A area. I had a great view of the concert because they were just few inches away from me. The only thing that I despised is the fact that Donghae didn’t go to our area often. He just passed by for around three times. Kangin, Heechul, Sungmin and Eunhyuk were the members who always went in  our side. I don’t have any nice pictures of the members because I didn’t want to watch the show through the lens of my camera. I just wanted to enjoy the show and sing or dance along with the boys. I was just quite disappointed that the fans’ participation in the concert is not the same as Super Shows 2 and 3. Most of the fans in the lower box area and the standing area were busy holding their cameras and busy taking photos or fancams of the boys. I can barely hear any fanchant from the audience. Anyways, Philippine ELF is still the LAUdest according to Henry because we really screamed out hearts out. I am happy that Super Junior was happy during their stay in Manila.

Indeed, Super Show 5 in Manila will be one of their best concerts ever! Every peso that I spent for the concert was really worth it! I wish I can see them again soon!

Last bow – Super Junior’s Super Show 5 in Manila

Master’s Sun! (주군의 태양)

I finally finished watching Master’s Sun! I thought that I will be able to get over with my Super Show 5 hangover if I will watch this drama but then I ended up having a Master’s Sun syndrome! I love this drama! I love the storyline, the characters, the OST, just everything! I am now planning to buy the novel version of this drama so I wan’t to go back to school soon so that I can have my allowance for me to buy books!

I love So Jisub and Gong Hyojin’s chemistry in this drama. The casting was really good and I can’t get over with all the ghost stories incorporated in the drama. I am currently re-watching Master’s Sun because I want more of Jugun and Taeyang! Master’s Sun is definitely one of the rom-com Korean dramas that I loved! I do hope that Jisub and Hyojin will make another drama or film. I will not think twice if I am going to watch it or not because I am certainly going to watch any show with Jisub and Hyojin in it! I also do hope that they end up together haha! SoGong couple is the best! ❤

Master’s Sun

There you go with my random updates about my fangirling life, haha! I still feel that I have a lot of things to say but I don’t know how to organize them here in this post. I will probably make another one containing a preview of my book review on twoChois’ gift from the raffle draw.^^


12 thoughts on “Bluehanbok Updates! (32nd TOPIK, Super Show 5, Master’s Sun)

  1. Wow, good luck on the results of your TOPIK exam. ^^ I also got that book from KCC. It’s so cute and informative, though it’s meant for Koreans to know more about our country. ㅎㅎ

    Ahh, Super Show 5! I’m glad you enjoyed! Your seat was so great! I wasn’t able to watch because I wasn’t allowed (even if I had the chance to get a good ticket!), but I still somehow felt that I was there while waiting for updates thru FB. It’s really cool that the stage was sooo close to the LB A area. I have many FB friends who got the chance to be included in the selcas by the boys, and one even had the chance to get some of the members’ autographs! Lucky~~

    Anyway, that’s true. Like in the photo you’ve included, most concert goers nowadays can’t participate much in the fan projects because they’re busy filming. I can’t really blame them though, because they just want to ‘capture the moments’ and watch it over and over after the concert.. I’m really excited about SS6 though. It’s like half confirmed already because of the boys. I’m just glad they liked the banner ‘그래 아기를 만들자’ or something like that. XD

    주군의 태양 was really awesome! I liked every episode and I’m just sad it already ended.

    Looking forward to your next post! 😀

    • The banner project during Marry U was super awesome! Eunhyuk’s reaction was so priceless! I am happy that despite the problems during the planning period of that project, SJUPH managed to provide a better solution! SS5 Manila was forever be memorable! I am excited for SS6 too! I hope SS6 will push through before Donghae, Siwon and Eunhyuk enlist in the army.

      Master’s Sun was really good! I watched it all over again and still, I am not tired of fangirling over Jugun and Taeyang! Haha!

    • Thanks M! I hope I can get enough score for me to pass Level 4! Go! Try answering the Intermediate exams! You’ll enjoy discovering new grammar patterns and vocabulary words^^ Good luck!

  2. Thanks for sharing the experience. I hope that you will get Topik 4 this time.
    I find listening the most difficult section in the test. The man’s voice somehow is bass and hoarse, which makes me hard to listen to.

    When you did the writing part, did you use the OMR pen, or pencil, ballpoint pen?

    • Goodluck to both of us! I hope we pass the exam!^^

      I find the listening exam difficult too! Especially towards the last part. I can’t understand most of the vocabulary words! Was there any problem with the audio in your testing center? I didn’t have any difficulties in listening to the audio file because the sound system in our testing room was good.

      I wrote the first two sentences using the OMR pen because I forgot that I can use my OMR pen. But after the two sentences, I used my ballpoint pen haha! My Korean professor advised us to use a black ballpoint pen instead of a pencil. She said that the pencil’s lead can be easily erased and we might have problems when the authorities check the writing part. How about you?

      • My professor said that we can use OMR pen, pencil or ballpoint pen, so I used the blue ballpoint pen. However, some of my friends said that we must use the black ballpoint pen, not the blue one, so I am really worried.

  3. ss5 was such a great experience!! my bias siwon stayed on the opposite side of our area, tho, so it rather felt incomplete (i was also in 217A and judging from your photo you’re on my far right) donghae was there infront, stealing phones and calling a fan’s mom “mommy”. what i found amazing is how he communicates with fans with his eyes! like he knows them for a very long time. i guess they’re veterans when it comes to fan service lol

    can’t believe everythin happened right before my very eyes! not bad for my first sushow. i do hope there’s ss6 and i know what to do and what to bring lololol

    • Haha! Your first Super Show was really great! I just hope that fans will participate more in the next Super Shows in Manila. SS2 and SS3 Manila’s level of fan participation was really awesome. Fans sing along with the song and do the fanchants. Anyways, SS5 in Manila was really, really, really awesome! I am glad that you enjoyed it too!Btw, I was seated at 217 B-1^^

      Super Junior is one of the best groups when it comes to fanservice! Haha! After 8 years of being in the industry, I am sure that they already mastered how to please fans. Special mention goes to Donghae because he has one of the best fan service skills among SJ members^^

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  5. Just read this today. I missed you too (and missing you again!) and I was really REALLY glad you were there. Taking the one this coming April? Hope to see you and hope we can have a meal or grab some coffee after the exam. 🙂

    I also love Master’s Sun (even though I kinda hated all the kidnapping-brouhaha-and-the-long-lost-twin-sister-switch part). I still can’t delete it from my hard drive. GHY is such a great actress!

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