[REVIEW] Yonsei Korean 2 Textbook – English Version

After a long time I am finally making another review of Yonsei Korean Textbooks! I know that there are new versions of Yonsei’s Korean language books but I am still going to make a review of the older version. I really don’t know the difference between the older version and the newer version (2013 version) in terms of their content because I haven’t bought the newest one.

Yonsei Korean Textbook 2 - English Version

Yonsei Korean Textbook 2 – English Version

I used this Yonsei Korean 2 Textbook when I was still studying Korean at Hannam University’s Korean Language Center. We use Yonsei textbooks for our lessons and like what I have always been saying, Yonsei Korean textbooks are really great books for studying Korean.

Yonsei Korean 2 Textbook is ideal for beginners who already know how to read and write Korean. This 2nd installment of the Yonsei Korean Textbook series introduces essential vocabularies, grammar, Korean culture and Korean way of thinking through the lessons. Since this book is for beginners, it contains English translations for the dialogues, vocabulary words, grammar explanations and listening transcripts. The textbook is composed of 10 units and each unit contains 5 lessons.


Unit 1 – Introduction (소개)

Unit 2 – Korean Food (한국 음식)

Unit 3 – Market (시장)

Unit 4 – Invitation (초대)

Unit 5 – Transportation (교통)

Unit 6 – Public Facility (공공기관)

Unit 7 – Telephone (전화)

Unit 8 – Hospital (병원)

Unit 9 – Travelling (여행)

Unit 10 – House Chores (집안일)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Based on my observation, the older version of Yonsei Korean textbook contains TWO books in ONE. In the version that I have, the 10 units are divided into two books: Units 1-5 for the first book and Units 6-10 for the second book. The two books were bonded by a soft cover with plastic for protection. For the 2013 version, they sell the two books separately for 20, 000 won each. Seoul selection says that it is the “Revised version of Yonsei Korean 2 Textbook” but I don’t have any idea about the parts or the lessons that they revised. I believe that the older and the newest version’s contents are still the same. Maybe they just revised some grammar explanations or the exercises.

Two books in one!

Two books in one!

One of the things that I look for a Korean language textbook are Audio CDs. I love buying Korean textbooks with free Audio CDs that’s why I love Yonsei Korean Textbooks. The textbook comes with 2 Audio CDs which includes the audio files of the dialogues. The book is for beginners as well as the audio files. They were recorded in a slow pace, well not very slow but fast enough for beginners to understand the dialogues. The 2013 version also comes with Audio CDs for each book!

Inclusive of two audio CDs

Inclusive of two audio CDs

Other details of the book:

Title: Yonsei Korean 2 Textbook – English Version (연세 한국어 2)

Cover: Softcover

Number of pages: 457 pages

ISBN: 978-89-7141-800-0(08710)

Price:  30,000won


  • The book is worth the money you’re paying! The quality and the content of the books, add the free Audio CDs, your 30,000won is worth it!
  • The basic lessons included suits beginner students. There are available English translations for vocabulary words, dialogues and grammar explanations.
  • Each grammar pattern is well-explained in English. Unlike other books, Yonsei textbooks provide good translations for the grammar explanation. Examples are also provided written in both Korean and English.
  • The illustrations are nice and colorful. The textbook has full-glossy pages and big fonts for easy reading.
  • All the exercises are helpful for students especially those who are self-studying.
  • You will not just learn Korean language with this book but also the essentials for everyday living in Korea.
  • This book is helpful for students who are planning to take the Beginner Level TOPIK because of the grammar patterns that they included.


  • The books are quite heavy. If you are the type who wants to carry pocketbook types of books, then you have to endure carrying the books. If you don’t mind the weight of the books, then this one is a best buy!

Book Rating: 5/5!

Where to buy: Seoul Selection, TwoChois, GMarket, Kyobo Books or local Korean book stores

I recommend this book for beginner level students preferably to those who can already read and write in Korean. If you are in the level which you are still struggling with the writing and reading of Korean alphabets and the basic grammar patterns, then this book might be a challenge for you. This is a great book for those beginners who are in transition from the lower beginner level to upper beginner or to lower intermediate level.

Another concern, I don’t know if bookstores in Korea and online bookstores are still selling this older version of the Yonsei textbook. With Seoul Selection, they are selling the newest version. Maybe you should just try buying the 2013 release even though it is more expensive than this edition.

Do you have a copy of this book? Share your thoughts!^^ Feel free to ask questions and I’d be happy to help. 🙂


10 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Yonsei Korean 2 Textbook – English Version

  1. Thank you very much for the detailed book review.
    I really like the culture section in Korean of Yonsei series. However, the book is too thick and has so many lessons that I feel overwhelmed.

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  3. Hi! Thanks for writing such a detailed review of the book^^ have you ever heard about Korean Grammar in Use book? I heard theyre good too! I want to get my very first Korean textbook & workbook too for self-study but I’m a bit torn in choosing the right one. I can read hangul already but is still very clueless about vocab and grammar, and I’m thinking on getting both Korean Grammar in Use one and Yonsei one. Any suggestion? Thanks! ^^

    • Hello! Thank you Ardhya! I hope my review helped you to get an idea about the book^^

      Unfortunately I haven’t used the Korean Grammar in Use textbook yet. But I heard good feedbacks about it. You can check Kay’s review of the book here: http://koreannotebook.com/review-korean-grammar-in-use-intermediate/. I think a lot of people recommends to get this book, maybe soon, I’ll get my own copy^^

      I think Yonsei and this Korean Grammar books has their own strengths and weaknesses. If you can get both books, then I guess it will be okay since you will know what kind of language book suites you the best^^

  4. Hi! Hope you will see this message and answer me т.т
    Firstly, really thank you for this review, it helps a lot to understand what Yonsei book’s program consists of. But I still have some questions on what I hope you know the answer x)
    1) I still haven’t got how many books in one course. As I understand Yonsei Korean 2 is for the 2nd level of language (2급)? Does it consist of workbook and textbook? Or what? i can’t find the exact information:(
    2) I ended 1급, so will this book be appropriate to start to study 2급? Or it’s easier?
    Thank you again!

    • I am very sorry for a super super late reply!

      1) This version of Yonsei Korean book is only a textbook. I think they’re selling a separate workbook for every level. Well, yes Level 2 Korean book would probably be for 2급 of Korean but it will still depend what kind of 2급 are we talking about.

      2) I think Level 2 book is also good to start with your 2급. In my experience, I used this Level 2 book right after I finished the Level 1 series^^

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