Today at Clucky’s! : Clucky’s Korean Chicken

I always say that Korean Chicken dishes are the best chicken dishes that I’ve tasted especially the Yangnyeom chicken! Last year, Bonchon, a fastfood chain that specializes in Korean chicken opened its different branches around the Metro. My hopes were very high for Bonchon because I thought they will really sell the “Korean Yangnyeom Chicken” but after trying their chicken, I was quite disappointed. Maybe because the chicken is really dry and not juicy. Also,  the flavor only stays at the breading and it does not penetrate the meat. I like their Japchae though, but I don’t really eat out at Bonchon that much because I don’t think I’m getting what I pay for. I also tried Two Two Chicken last year which really reminded me of the Korean Yangnyeom Chicken. The chicken and the flavor really resembles the Korean Yangnyeom Chicken BUT the price is really expensive. I think 600php is just too much to pay for a whole Yangnyeom Chicken.

Few days ago, my friend told me this newly-opened Korean chicken fastfood chain in SM North EDSA. The name of the chain was Clucky’s and I told her that I’ve seen some posters of Clucky’s but I didn’t know that they specialize in Korean chicken. This afternoon, I was with my course mate when I suddenly thought of trying Clucky’s Chicken. We went to SM North EDSA Annex to look for the fastfood and it was located in the far left side of the Ground Floor.



Some of the staff greeted us when we entered the place. We were the only customers maybe because the store in not yet publicized and it is really located at the ground floor of SM Annex so only few people can see it. We went to the counter to order food. I checked out their menu and they are selling chicken, chicken meals, burgers, fish fillet, omelet, Kimchi fried rice and other side dishes.

Clucky's SM North EDSA - Annex - Ground Floor

Clucky’s SM North EDSA – Annex – Ground Floor

My friend ordered Chicken wings meal for 149php. It included 4 pieces of chicken wings (well, actually it’s only 2 pieces of chicken wings divided into four), 1 cup of rice, corn salad and iced tea. She upgraded her drinks to a larger size but I forgot to ask how much did she add. The cashier asked her if what flavor of chicken does she want, Garlic or Spicy or Combination of both, and my friend answered both.

In my case, I ordered a Drumstick meal for 85php. It included 1 piece of chicken drumsticks, 1 cup of rice, corn salad and regular iced tea. I chose the spicy chicken because I prefer spicy chicken! Haha!

The service was really fast maybe because we were the only customers but I appreciated that the meal was served hot and fresh. When I got my order, I was happy to see a glazed chicken and the cheesy-looking corn salad. But when my friend got her chicken wings, she was shocked to see that they were quite small. I told her that maybe the taste of the chicken will make up for the small size.

Clucky's Wings Meal- 149php

Clucky’s Wings Meal- 149php

I tried the corn salad first and it tasted like the usual macaroni salad but this time, the only ingredient is corn. It was good, sweet yet sour. After the corn salad, I took a bite from my chicken and the first word that came out of my mouth was “Oh my god, ang sarap” (*It means Oh my god, it’s delicious!). The chicken’s skin is really flavorful. Spicy yet sweet and I tasted some kind of “cheesy” aftertaste. My friend ate the garlic flavor first and she said that it was good though the garlic flavor is quite lacking.

It was really good because the breading, the chicken skin are flavorful and the chicken is not too dry. I just wish I can taste the sauce up to the bones just like the authentic Korean chicken. For me, the best thing about Clucky’s chicken is its “cheesy” or “buttery” aftertaste. I also liked the spicy sauce even though its not that really spicy for me. But when my friend tried eating the spicy chicken wings, she was shocked because of the spice level. She thought that the chicken was not spicy because she said I didn’t make any reactions about the spice. I told her that I just like spicy chicken and the chicken is not really spicy so I don’t have anything to complain, hahaha!

Clucky's Drumstick Meal - 85php

Clucky’s Drumstick Meal – 85php

All in all, I think that my 85 pesos was worth it because of Clucky’s chicken! Out of 5 stars, maybe I will give it a four for the taste, price, presentation, quality ambiance of the resto and service. I will definitely go back to Clucky’s soon! Maybe I will order the 2-piece drumstick meal the next time I visit their place. ^_^


*I am not related to Clucky’s, Bonchon or TwoTwo Chicken in anyway possible. I just wrote my own review of their products and no one told me to do so. All of the contents in this post are based on my own opinions and own observations.


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