New Books and Korean Stuff – September Haul

This week and next week will be my so-called “hell weeks” because exams and paper submission deadlines are coming! Actually, I am in the midst of answering a take-home exam and finishing a paper due tomorrow but my brain cells can’t handle all the information and stress that my acad works gives that’s why I came up with this post haha!

I tend to overspend or overeat whenever I am stressed with acad works. This time, I spent money to buy new books and stationery to “motivate” myself to study for my exams ㅋㅋ. I think I also gained some weight because of stress eating! I know that I should not overeat when I am stressed but I AM STRESSEDDDD! ㅋㅋ

So let’s get into my September haul! First on the list is this East Asian Popular Culture book. This is published by my university’s Asian Center(UP Asian Center) and was released  around early September 2013. This is a new book which contains nine(9) different articles on East Asian Popular Culture written by Filipino scholars. The main reason why I bought this book is because I am currently writing a sociological paper concerning KPop Fanclubs in the Philippines. When I saw the publicity materials of this book, I immediately sent an e-mail to the UP Asian Center telling them that I am interested in buying their book because I think it can help me a lot in writing my paper. I dropped by their office yesterday afternoon to get the copy of the book in a discounted price! I will share a detailed review of this book once I get to read all the articles.

East Asian Popular Culture – Philippine Perspectives (Non-UP student: 250php; UP student: 225php; Available at the UP Asian Center)

Next on the list is Penzette III! This book is published by a group of writers from different universities. It is a compilation of short stories and poems written in Filipino. One of my friends and course mate wrote a short story for this book. I got curious with his article and read it. I was pretty amazed by his writing skills as well as the other contributor’s write-ups so I decided to buy a copy. The book is printed in high quality, the contents are really nice and worth reading and the price is cheap! I hope more Filipinos appreciate our own brand of literature. (If you want to get a copy of Penzette III, you can leave a comment here and I’ll help you get one!)

Penzette III (200php; Available at Bookay-ukay)

While I was doing a paper, I stumbles upon‘s newly arrived stationery items. I saw some Korean stickers on their site and my grabby and impulsive mind told me to buy the stickers (lol, so impulsive). I really like collecting random stickers with Korean scripts on it. Eazyfashion offers a “wholesale price” when you buy 6 or more items from them. The “wholesale price” is like a 10% discount from the original price. For me to avail the discounted price, I bought other 5 items aside from the sticker set!

I bought these colorful Eiffel Tower notebooks for 25php each. I need new notebooks for my TOPIK review classes so I decided to grab two notebooks. The size of these notebooks is like the “normal” notebook but made with cream paper or the yellowish paper. The price is quite high for the quality and size of the notebook but I am happy that I bought it because of the cream paper lol.

Eiffel Tower Notebooks – Pink and Blue (25php each;

These Korean side-it post-its are one of my favorites! I love putting post-its on my notes and planner so I bought 2 packs of these. Each pack contains 4 side-it designs and 20 sheets per design. It has Korean scripts that gives you motivation like what most Korean stickers and stationery have. The quality of print is good and the price is really cheap! You can get each set for only 15 php! I just haven’t tested the adhesiveness of these “side-its”.

Korean Side-it Post-its (15php each;

And the reason of my impulsive buying…Korean transparent stickers! I had a previous post about my Korean stickers collection and I am adding more stickers! I am glad that eazyfashion sells cheap Korean stickers. Some novelty stores, like The Gift Factory, sells Korean inspired stickers in a really expensive price! I got this 6 sheet/set stickers for only 59php! I am planning to buy the other design soon!

Korean Stickers! (59php;

I also purchased a cute bookmark with the airplane design. Actually, I didn’t get to choose the design that I want because there are no options. The seller sent me a random bookmark and I was really happy that she gave me the airplane design. I got this bookmark for 17php. I was just quite disappointed with the quality of the item. The item looks good on the picture but when I saw it in person, it was so-so. Oh yeah, the downsides of online shopping.

Airplane Bookmark/Ruler (17php;

So that was my September haul! I need to go back to writing now so that I can finish my requirements as soon as possible! Next week is the last week for this current semester! After my acad works, then TOPIK review time! I’ll share some TOPIK tips that I got from our review class as soon as I finish composing them. Till my next haul! =)


2 thoughts on “New Books and Korean Stuff – September Haul

  1. I know right! I’m also having exams. Feeling nervous and totally stress out, don’t have time for other things. Gonna have to go on. a diet after all this nonsense. I’ll have to study my Korean harder after exam! And nice haul there, I’ll be waiting for your TOPIK review! Good luck!

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