Super Show 5 in Manila Concert Details!

The concert organizers of the upcoming Super Show 5 in Manila finally released the seat plan, ticket prices, ticket selling dates and other important information about the concert!

I will share the information I got from Ms. Happee’s Facebook Page and the Super Show 5 in Manila Events Page! Yay!


So Super Show 5 in Manila will be on OCTOBER 24, 2013, THURSDAY! It’s a weekday but I think there will be no huge problem about that. Bigbang’s Concert in Manila was also during a weekday, a Wednesday (and it was October 24, 2012 lol) but still, the concert was jam-packed! I guess fans who are working and students who are still in school will take a leave or take a half-day shift. Some of my friends already filed their vacation leave for the concert lol.


According to the event page, the concert will start at exactlt 7PM and it will last for about 3 to 3.5 HOURS. So the concert might end at around 10~10:30PM, and maybe 11PM is the latest time. Super Shows are usually 3-3.5 hours long. I’ve even experienced watching a 4-HOUR Super Show during the second day of Super Show 4 in Seoul. The concert’s duration makes your concert ticket so worth it. Just imagine, 3-3.5 hours of PURE Super Junior!!!


Unlike the past two shows, SS5 Manila will be conducted at SM Mall of Asia Arena not in Araneta Coliseum. I’ve experienced watching 2PM’s concert in MOA Arena and I was really tired when I got home because the venue was located 3 hours away from our house. Train stations are already closed when the concert ended so we had no choice but to have multiple rides from MOA Arena to our house.

I am not really complaining but I just have some issues with MOA Arena. I did enjoy watching 2PM’s concert in MOA Arena except the technical problems that happened. There were couple of times when the audio went off. The sound system inside the arena is not really great compared to Araneta and the seats were quite smaller compared to the seats in the big dome. I also hope that lightsticks and banners will be allowed because during 2PM’s concert, lightsticks were confiscated. Just imagine a Super Show without lightsticks. Sucks.

Anyways, Ms. Happee promised that lightsticks will be allowed. I hope that there will be no technical problems during the concert. I believe in the powers of Pulp Live World and Dreammaker haha! Okay, end of my rants =)


Earlier today, Ms. Happee released additional details for the concert. I got some additional information about the seat plan via the event page for SS5 in Manila:

Ticket Prices:

SVIP (Standing Pit) = php 8,800
Lower Box A (VIP – 1st 5 rows) = php 8,800
Lower Box B (6th row onwards) = php 8,000
Upper Box = php 3,400
General Admission = php 2,000

+ SM Tickets ticketing charges apply

Super Show 5 in Manila Seat Plan – SM Mall of Asia Arena

As what has been announced, the prices for the VIP Areas is cheaper compared to the previous Super Shows. Well, I think that applies for the VIP Seated and not for the SVIP or the Standing VIP/Mosh Pit. There will be 3 Standing VIP Areas and I guess among the 3 standing areas, VIP 3 will get the best view.

General Admission’s tickets are quite more expensive compared to Super Shows 2 and 3. Maybe because the seats are not free-seating anymore? Not sure but I guess your 2000php is still worth it because its Super Junior, LIVE! I watched 2PM’s concert in the General Admission Area and the view was still good!

I don’t know how much will the extra charge is. When I bought our 2PM concert tickets, there were no extra charges. I bought the tickets on the day of the concert but I don’t know if it has something to do with the ticketing charges.


Ticket will be on sale on SEPTEMBER 6, 2013, FRIDAY at SM TICKET OUTLETS located at SM Malls nationwide. Expect fangirls rushing to SM Malls just to buy concert tickets for Super Show 5. SM Malls open at 10am so I guess ticketing will start as soon as SM open their doors to customers.

I am just wondering what happened to the “Priority Ticketing” that was mentioned during SJ Convention last week. The head of E-Plus tap to pay card said that all the attendees of SJ Convention 2.0 who submitted the “small stub” will get e-mails within the week for priority ticketing. They said that if you have that e-mail, you’ll be able to buy a ticket first. I don’t know how will it work and I don’t know any update about that. I still haven’t received any e-mail as of this writing so I am not sure if they will still push that through.

For the tickets, you don’t proceed to the Ticketnet Selling area of SM Malls. You need to go to the SM Cinema ticketing area and look for the SM Tickets Booth.


I guess payment via credit cards are also accepted. BDO even have a promo or 0% interest for its cardholders who will buy tickets for Super Show 5 in Manila.


E-Plus tap to pay card is one of the major sponsors of the concert and during the SJ Convention 2.0. E-plus card is like a debit card wherein you will reload it with money and use it in its partner shops like SM Cinema, SM MOA Arena, Snacktime, etc.

E-Plus’ team head for Super Show 5 in Manila announced during SJ Con 2.0 that all the fans who will buy a concert ticket will automatically get a FREE commemorative E-Plus card made especially for Super Show 5 in Manila. He even said that the E-plus card will serve as the ticket for the concert.

Aside from the FREE e-plus card, there will also be a rebate on the ticket prices in form of a e-plus card load which can be used in purchasing food at Snacktime or merchandise at SM MOA Arena merchandise booth. Does that also mean that there will be concert goods this time? Hahaha! I hope so. I want to buy the official SS5 Lightstick!


I’m still quite confused on how will this e-plus card will work as the ticket for the concert. Let’s wait for additional details from E-plus and Pulp Live World.

I got this photo from a post in SJUPH's Facebook Group

I got this photo from a post in SJUPH’s Facebook Group

I’m really excited about this concert! I will also make a post about the fan projects for SS5 in Manila soon!^^

*If there’s any mistake on the information posted above, please let me know^^


27 thoughts on “Super Show 5 in Manila Concert Details!

  1. hi! ive been lurking at your blog for quite some time. very informative for a supershow first timer like me.

    Ive read your account about ss3. you said mosh pit experience wasn’t really nice. so if you were to choose, would you consider the moshpit again? if so, would you rather have vip 1,2, or 3?

    would the lower box A be ok as well? would I see their heads from there like a size of a coin only? or would u rather choose the vips 1, 2 where u cud almost touch them but wont get a good view of the show?

    and regarding the commuting, could u please write sumthin bout that? ive heard there are bus terminals near moa arena, m not so sure. been there for quite some time but with the aid of my father’s car. so please guide a commuter 🙂

    ive been ravin for your post-ss5 account. 😀

    • Hello!^^ It’s nice to hear that my blogpost was helpful^^

      Hmm, in this case, I would still consider watching at the moshpit. I’ve stated the pros and cons of watching at the moshpit and I think I’ve written more cons than pros lol. Anyways, my moshpit experience was still good. I also bought moshpit tickets during SS4 Seoul Day 1. You can really interact with the members but then be ready for the consequences like battling with other fangirls. If you’re fit enough to go moshpit, then go! As per the layout, I think VIP 3 will be the best(well, in my opinion)

      Lower Box A is also good! It is just the same as moshpit minus the stress of falling in line early and battling with other fans for oppa’s hand or attention. You can see them clearly at the Lower Box area so don’t worry. I think even if you’re in the Gen Ad area, you will still see them.

      I’m thinking of getting Lower A or Lower B. Not yet sure tho hahaha! Come what may =D

      So, regarding the commuting, maybe I’ll post a tutorial soon!^^ Thanks for that suggestion. Maybe I’ll just give out a short explanation for commuters.

      There are buses stopping in front of SM Mall of Asia with routes going to UE Letre/Novaliches/Malanday for those coming from the North. These buses will pass by EDSA. For those coming from the South like Cavite/Batangas etc, I guess there are buses available near Coastal Mall or Baclaran Area, which I think is a jeepney ride from MOA Arena.

      If you’re coming from a far place and you’re going to watch with your friends and you think it will be very inconvenient if you will go home late at night, then book a hotel room near MOA^^ Just make sure to seek permission from your parents.

      Hope this helps =D

      • yep it helps a hell lot 🙂 고마워 (요)! :*

        ive read everythin i need in the q&a of ms.happee (in her fb). seriously if you’re bored, it’s worth a read! lol She’s so masa when she answered, and they are all true! natamaan nga ko with some of them e ㅋㅋㅋ

        am now torn between lowerbox A sides and vip3. should decide right away! tom’s the day T_T

        am really, heavily relying on your commuting tutorial lol. so thanks much in advance lol

        and yes, thank you, i did consider the hotels. but my work sched won’t allow me to. i need to fly home 😐

        just like to share: my entry point in kpop is siwon oppa. initially idc with the rest; i thought they were too many for me to like them. But siwon was able to relate them to me through all his skinships(!) and pairings (like Sihae etc). so he kind of introduced each one of them and how a fan like me could relate to them, and eventually like them, too. that feeling spread on from SUJU to missA to GG to 2ne1…

        another thing, am so envious of your trips and scholarship in korea! i cud read hanggeul but i couldnt understand most of them. and my motivation to further improve this skill dampens whenever someone mentions how they dread the korean grammar…

        anyway, i still like em. i like korea in whole! i hope it won’t change.

  2. Hi! according to one of the post in fb, “BDO will be once again be offering 0% installment plan. wait for further announcement in how many months’.. is this true? i also have a concern in the seat plan. i’ve been to ss3, seated on 40+ seat (i think it’s in upper box b?). if compared to moa, which one is better (good view, yung parang makikita mo pa features ng mukha?? hehe). last time kasi sa araneta, more on sa lcd screen ako nakatingin eh. 🙂

    • Hmm, I think the post is true. But it is still better to wait for official announcements from BDO.

      Hmm, I haven’t tried watching a concert in MOA at the Upper box area. Maybe if you’ll decide to get the UB area for SS5, target the seats in the first five rows^^

  3. woah~~ thank you for this post!! I’m also a supershow firsttimer.. just wanna ask your opinion regarding ticket availability.. do you think on last week of september there are still tickets for lower box A or lower box B?

    • hmm, i am not 100% sure about that. We’ll see on the 6th if lots of fans will panic buy tickets. I think lower box a will be sold out first, than lower box b. Unless fans will choose SVIP area.

      During SS2 and SS3, there were reservations for the VIP area and I heard that it got sold quickly. I think many fans have their money ready since the hints about a Manila leg were spread. I’m nervous too about the availability of VIP tickets. I can’t buy my ticket on the 6th yet. ㅜㅜ

      • me too, i still cant buy on the 6th.. thats y im worried ㅠㅠ..

        uhm, do you know whats the purpose of the eplus card? can it be used to buy the ticket by just reloading it? im confused coz im just a new epluscardholder(just baught it in the sjcon2)

  4. hello. 🙂 I’d like to ask if you know how much will be the SM Tickets ticketing charge? My friends asked about it on SM Val. but the staffs their were not aware of the ticket selling on Friday.

    • Hello Bea! I don’t know how much will they add for the ticketing charge. I live in Valenzuela too but I think SM Val staffs are not that really aware of concert tickets. lol

  5. am so sad. i logged in at the sm ticketnet at exactly 10 am. always saying “invalid access” so have no choice but to log out and in again. after 20 mins, poof! nice LBA sides sold out. that fast. not even reached half an hour

      • What area will you be at? i hope to see u in person ^^

        i almost let go of lowerbox a and have the vip3 instead. After desperate refreshing of the page, LBA18 became available. i was so surprised because earlier it was “sold out”.

        i remembered my friend’s advice to call the hotline. the operator and I agreed on the seat and arranged everything. she said the reservation is good for 2days.

        i refreshed the page, and then there: the same area was “sold out”.

        then i got it: reservation through the hotline is also labeled as “sold”.

        am thankful enough to my friend. She tipped me on calling smticket hotline (470-2222) first. i shudv known from the start: we could have reserved them before falling in line and buying the ticket.

        i didnt know that my first supershow would be more of a learning experience as well lol.

      • I’m not yet sure on what seat will I get haha! Let’s see in the coming days. Maybe you can see me roaming around the venue on the concert day together with my fellow CloudsPH friends. Please join our Woonvoice project for Yesung! =)

  6. hi! thank u for this awesome post! I’m also a first timer on going to SS5. May I ask, are cameras allowed? Like Canon SX50? Thanks 🙂

    • Cameras are of course not allowed unless you can hide it from the guards. Anyways, tons of fans are bringing cameras every concert.

      But I have this piece of advice. Bring a camera and just take pictures before and after the concert. Take maybe just 1 or 2 photos of the boys during the concert but don’t spend too much of your time taking pictures and fancams. The best and most memorable things when attending the concert is the concert itself and the memories. You don’t want to spend time being so problematic about crappy photos or fancams. Just enjoy the concert and watch them live, not on the camera screen. =))

    • If you want to get the best spots, I think you should fall in line early. Based on my experience during SS3 Manila, my friends queued from the night before the concert until the next day. Aside from reserving the best spot, they were also able to stalk some of the staff and crew of the concert during their rehearsals. We were able to get the front line of the SVIP Left area.^^

      But if you’re planning to be there the night before, make sure that your parents know it and please think of your safety first^^

  7. Hi. I just wanted ask/verify something about the tickets. When my friend bought the tickets (eplus cards included) she was told that starting oct.01 we should come back to have the cards replaced (I assumed it was for the commemorative eplus cards that had suju’s pic on it). We went to sm yesterday to have it replaced only to find out that there is no special eplus card with suju’s pic. They just took the old card and printed our names on it. They took the printed out copy of the ticket so all we have is the eplus card. Is this what happened to you as well?

    • Hello! As far as I know, Ms. Happee announced that there will be no commemorative cards since SM Ent. didn’t approve it. So I guess you will just receive the ordinary card with your name on it. 🙂

  8. hi.. i’m a bit confused with how the e-card works. yesterday when i bought my ticket (which included the e-card) the sales lady told me that it’s all i need to present during the event. and also my name was not printed on the card because our sm branch (bacolod) does not have a printer. i’m starting to get paranoid lol because i don’t know the e-card works plus i don’t have my name on it but she said the details were on the card. so all i have to do is present it during the concert? but where? help… T____T

    • Hmm, I think the eplus cards will be scanned before the concert. An E-plus representative will exchange your card to a ticket. That ticket contains your seat number and section number. I think they will also give you a wrist band containing the info of your seat. ^^

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