Top 5 Songs on my KPop Playlist!

I don’t have any classes since Saturday last week because of the monsoon rains and typhoon that hit the Philippines. I finished my school works(except for my Sociology of KPop Fans paper lol) so I just stay at home, watch Korean variety shows, listen to music and to abuse my twitter accounts ㅋㅋ. I can’t go anywhere to help in our school’s relief operations because I myself live in a flooded area! The weather got better today and I hope will see Mr. Sun later today or tomorrow.

Anyways, I kept on listening to different KPop songs and I had the urge to post my Top 5 Pick of the Week because the songs were awesome! Well, they are awesome in my taste and standards when it comes to music. I just want to share the top 5 most played song in my iTunes!

Top #5: 잘 있나요(Best Wishes to You) by The One (Gu Family Book OST Part 6)

Gu Family Book was a drama from MBC starring Lee Seunggi and Miss A’s Suzy. You’ll miss a good drama if you don’t watch this one! Aside from being a good drama, Gu Family Book has a really nice set of OSTs and 잘 있나요(Best Wishes to You) of The One was one of the best songs from the soundtrack album! After watching the drama, I kept on listening to this song because of the sad but nice lyrics and nice vocals of the artist The One. Choi Jinhyuk, an actor in the said drama did an acoustic version of this song and it was pretty good too!

Lyrics from the Song:

“내 눈물아 슬픈 추억아~ 보고 싶은 그런 사랑아~ (My tears, my sad memories, my love whom I miss) 

언제나 같은 하늘 아래 그려 본다… 그래 나 이렇게 아픔에 살아 (I always draw you out from under the same sky Yes, I live in pain like this)” (engtrans:

Top #4: 괜찮겠니? (Will you be okay/alright?) by 비스트(Beast)

Beast is definitely one of the best KPop boy group in the industry! I love the songs from their newest album How To Love especially “How to Love” and “괜찮겠니?” At first, I can’t decide which of the two songs should I include in this list but in the end I chose “괜찮겠니?” because of the lyrics of the refrain sang by Hyunseung and the rap part by Junhyung. This is the kind of song that I will listen to when its raining! I love the song How to Love too because the lyrics were awesome but I still chose this one to be included in the Top 5 ㅋㅋ

Lyrics from the rap part:

“Where are you going? Why you wanna go?

어딜 가려고 Oh, Oh 왜 가려고 (Where are you going oh why do you wanna go?)

그러다 끝내 울음이 터진 너 이런 너 보고 어떻게 널보낼 수 있겠어 (In the end, you start to cry – what am I supposed to do now? How can I let you go?)

많이 흐트러질 텐데 너  (You are going to fall apart)” (eng trans:

Top #3: 녹 (Rust) by 엠블랙(MBLAQ)

This song is quite an old MBLAQ song since it came from their first full length album. This one’s an oldie but goodie for MBLAQ fans! I stumbled upon this song because of the on-going idol drama The Dramatic. I wish they sing more ballad songs like this one. I know that MBLAQ’s vocals are not so superb unlike the other old and rookie groups but these boys got something unique in them. I started liking MBLAQ when I watched their Hello Baby season and they were just so adorable. The lyrics of 녹/Rust is kinda sad and that’s the reason why I liked it lol. I liked the chorus especially when it was sang by Lee Joon.  Lee Joon is not the best singer but I liked his voice during the chorus.


“떠나가줘 날 날… 사랑하지마 날… 차라리 널 좋아할 남잘 만나 (Leave me, don’t love me, instead find someone who will love you)
니가 떠나고 난 힘들고 지칠지 몰라… 어서 나를 잊고 살아줘 (After you leave, it might be hard and tiring for me, hurry, live on forgetting me)
나를 찾지마… (don’t look for me..)” (engtrans: @aoistars – Absolute MBLAQ)
Top #2: 너 하나야(Only You) by 포맨(4Men) (Gu Family Book OST Part 7)
So I included another song from the Gu Family Book OST! I am a huge fan of 4Men and I’ve always loved their songs especially the OSTs. I liked Only You before I liked the drama. I’ve listened to the mp3 of the song before I heard it playing on Gu Family Book ㅋㅋ. The combination of 4Men’s awesome vocals, the wonderful lyrics of the song and the awesome drama Gu Family Book were the main reasons why I included this song in the list and it even reached the 2nd place of my most played song of the week! You guys gotta hear this song. It’s really nice.^^
I love the chorus part!!!
“내가 살아가는 이유 너 하나야 (The reason why I live is only you)
내가 숨을 쉬는 이유 너 하나야 (The reason why I breath is only you)
가슴이 터질것처럼 불러보는 한 사람 너야 (The person call out as if my heart will explode is only you)” (engtrans: me =D)
Top #1: No Love by 엠블랙(MBLAQ)
Dun, dun, dun! The top spot goes to MBLAQ’s No Love! No Love is MBLAQ’s newest song from their repackaged mini-album entitled Love Beat!

MBLAQ's Repackaged Mini Album - Love Beat

MBLAQ’s Repackaged Mini Album – Love Beat

I liked the song because of its light concept. You might have seen MBLAQ with all those dark concepts and this song revealed their other side! The music video of this song is not really high-budgeted but it was cute! Actually I find the music video a “Lee-Joon-Side-Profile-Showcase-Music-Video” because it has tons of clips with Lee Joon’s side profile. I’m not complaining though! Lee Joon really has one of the best side profiles among KPop idols (sorry, so biased! HAHAHAHA! ㅋㅋ) Going back to the song, it was a feel-good song! I can’t stop smiling whenever I hear No Love and it makes me more energetic and inspired!
 Lyrics of the song’s refrain:
“심장은 멍이 들고, 온몸이 부서져도 (My heart is bruised and my body broke down)
난 니가 있는 곳으로, 끝 없이 사랑을 찾아가~(I will go to where you are…endlessly, I will find love) “(engtrans: me =D)
I love the lyrics of the refrain and I even wrote it in all of my school notes and planner! ㅋㅋNo Love is such a nice song. Try listening to it!
And that was my Top 5 most played songs on my KPop playlist! Most of the songs were ballad songs because I love, love and love ballads! I think there’s really a pattern with the tunes and rhythms of my favorite KPop songs, I just can’t explain what that pattern is ㅋㅋ.
Have you listened to any of the songs in my Top 5? What are your thoughts about them? Can you share your Top 5 KPop songs of the week too or can you recommend any song to listen to? Tag me in your posts please! I’d love to listen to new songs! ❤

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Songs on my KPop Playlist!

  1. I also like Gu Family Book’s OST especially 너 하나야 and 나를 잊지말아요. 😀 I haven’t listened to the other songs you listed yet, because I haven’t update my playlist.. But I will listen to them some other time. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. 난 대신 부탁해도 돼? If you know any Korean songs about moving on… or not being able to move on.. and songs about 짝사랑 (especially if the other party already have someone) recommend some titles to me. ㄳ 🙂

      • 응. 웃기마! 어떤 생각 하고 있는지 바로 그거야. 네 짐작이 옳았어. 그 노래 알아. 아휴! 바로 그 사람이 나에게 줬던 노래 중에서 하나야. 이제 다시 들었니 가사 잘 듣고 잘 이해해서 좋아해졌어. 기분까지 좋아해졌어 덕분에. 추천해줘서 고마워. 이 노래 아침마다 일어나자마자 한번 들어야지.

      • Hmm, looks like Ailee sings these type of songs! Just like how Davichi sings songs for the broken-hearted. U&I doesn’t sound like my story BUT there are song 딱 맞는 lines! Nice one! Thanks!

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