TOPIK Rumors: Changes in the type of exam?

I have read a recent post from one of my Korean Language professors regarding the “changes” that will take place in the TOPIK exams starting next year, 2014. I have also read that the new TOPIK exam is rumored to be “harder” compared to the current exam type especially for the beginner exam.

My professor said that the officials behind TOPIK exams will make an official announcement soon. She said that they will also release sample exams for the new TOPIK. I guess they will make the announcement right after the 32nd exam since they are going to implement the “new exam” starting next year.

Some of my friends who are also studying Korean language are also telling me some “rumors” about the talks of adding a Speaking/말하기 part in the TOPIK exam on 2015. Well, nothing is confirmed so I guess we should wait for official news about the exam.

I’ll be taking the Intermediate Level again this coming October and I am planning to re-take it on April with the “new type” of exam! We better be ready if there is really a “new TOPIK” on 2014! Let’s study harder guys! ❤

*I don’t have any further information aside from these tips so everything will remain as rumors unless they are already confirmed by the officials.



19 thoughts on “TOPIK Rumors: Changes in the type of exam?

  1. There are rumors about the change of Topik in Vietnam too. My Korean teachers and Vietnamese teachers said that there would be changes of Topik format in 2014, which made the test more difficult. Maybe in the topik, the vocabulary-grammar section is omitted. We will have to write 2 essays =.= . There will be 50 questions of listening and 50 questions of reading. It is just the rumor, but I think there will be some changes in 2014.

    By the way, I will retake Topik again in October. I hope that we willl have good results ^^

    • Wah! Thanks for that tip! Our professor omis encouraging us to take the exam on Oct.22 because of the rumored changes in the TOPIK exam on 2014.

      And wow, 2 essays O.O. I am already having a difficulty in writing one essay, and now two? Aigoo

      우리 열심히 공부해야하네! 합격하자!

    • woah! I never knew that change in the 31st exam! I haven’t checked the files yet.

      Yes, I agree with you! We still need to take the exam because of the proficiency expiration. I am planning to try it April next year, how about you?

  2. If I get Topik 4 this October, I will take Advanced and Intermediate Topik exams next April. I want to challenge myself with each Topik exam. If I cannot get Topik 4 this October, I will only take Topik Intermediate next April.

    In topik 28, I only got topik 3, so I hope I will get topik 4 this October ^^ I spent 1 year preparing for the Topik.

    • Wooo! I spent 2 years preparing for the Intermediate bahaha! Anyways, I don’t have plans on taking the advance yet. I need to get high scores for TOPIK 4 before I advance to a more complicated Korean adventure. I want to master the basics so I will keep on studying and studying the simple aspects again and again.

  3. That’s a great idea. ^^ Maybe I will focus on Intermediate Topik first. Anyway, in 2014 I will have to finish my English thesis to get graduated.
    How far do your prepare for the Topik? I am still on my way doing the previous Topik paper.

  4. Looking forward to the changes in TOPIK even though it’ll be more difficult. I really hope a speaking test will be added .Then I’ll be more keen in taking TOPIK next year

    • I am quite skeptical with the speaking test though, especially if we are going to talk about foreign students who don’t have much exposure in speaking korean or any speaking lesson. Well, there are European language exams that require speaking skills so I really guess TOPIK officials will add the speaking test soon!

  5. Oh dear, as if intermediate wasn’t hard enough already. I wonder what they will change. I will not be able to sit it before April so I will just have to get used to the thought…

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  7. Part of me is excited for the challenge but the rest of me is like, “No no no please be rumors. I’m having trouble where I am now.” XD If there is a new TOPIK then yeah, let’s definitely study harder, haha. It motivates me to study more and to make sure I have a solid understanding of things, but at the same time it just makes things more difficult. I can only imagine how the advanced level will be. o.o

    • Same! Same! I thought I will be dealing with the same kind of exam if ever I will not get to pass Level 4 on October but I guess I’m wrong ㅋㅋ I hope they’ll release the official information and announcement regarding the new TOPIK soon!

    • Same here! I am excited for the challenge. If it’s going to be speaking, then I think it’s just about time that TOPIK also include it. But f*ck me! I can’t even manage to get a good score with the current format!

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  9. I also saw 선생님’s post about it that’s why I decided to take this year’s exam. If I’ll get level 4 (!) I will not take advanced until 2015. But if I only get 3 or another 불합격, then I have no choice but to test the waters for the new TOPIK format next year.

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