Don’t miss the 2nd Philippine SJ Convention!

Whew! I’ve got loads of updates about SS5, TOPIK and random Korean events but I’ve got no time! I’m too busy with my acads, org activities and of course Kdrama and KPop fangirling ㅋㅋ. Anyways, there will be a tsunami of updates coming so spare my spasms haha!

I know that most of Super Junior fangirls in the Philippines and even abroad are already impatient for the exact concert date for Super Show 5 in Manila. I am excited too but I think we need to wait for few more days before the announcement date! There will be a second Philippine Super Junior Convention on August 25, 2013 at SM North EDSA Skydome and I guess the organizers and SJUPH will announce the concert date during that event! So mark your calendars, prepare your 100php and prepare your ELF spirit!

Don't miss the biggest ELF event! The Second Philippine SJ Convention! August 25, 2013, SM North EDSA Skydome! Tickets at 100php each

Don’t miss the biggest ELF event! The Second Philippine SJ Convention! August 25, 2014, SM North EDSA Skydome! Tickets at 100php each

Here’s a short Q and A about what to expect during an SJ Convention!

So what is a Super Junior Convention?

SJ Convention is an event organized by Super Junior United Philippines, the biggest ELF Fanclub in the Philippines. They held the first convention November last year at SMX Convention Center and it was freaaaaking awesome! Based on my SJ Convention experience, there were merch-selling booths, fanclub booths and fangirl activities prepared by SJUPh and its partner fanclubs. This year, I am not sure if there will be merch-selling booths or individual fanclub booths because Skydome is smaller compared to SMX but I am sure that SJUPh prepared different activities and contests that will definitely wake your ELF spirit up!

Are they going to announce SS5 Manila details during the convention?

I am not in the position to answer this question but based on Happee Sy’s tweets, I think they will announce details during the event. =)

How much is the entrance fee/ticket? Where to buy?

I think the ticket costs 100php but if you will get a coupon from E-Plus, you will get 30php off the ticket price. I am not sure where to buy the ticket but I guess it will be available on the day of the convention itself. Regarding the discount from E-Plus, you can check the details on their Facebook page.

Will I see Super Junior at the convention?

You will see videos, pictures and Super Junior cosplayers but not Super Junior themselves haha! Wait for Super Show 5 in Manila to witness those adorkable boys! =)

What to expect during the event?

SCREAMING. FANGIRLING. SPAZZING. MORE SCREAMING. MORE FANGIRLING. MORE SPAZZING!!!!! Make sure to go there with your ELF friends to scream, fangirl/fanboy and spazz together! I am guessing that they will show a teaser video for Super Show 5 in Manila so better get your throats ready for more screaaaaminggggg!

So there you go with the short Q and A. I hope that this event will be as successful as last year’s convention. I am very much excited not only because I will meet my ELFriends again but also because of the surprises, announcements and fangirling moments during the event!

Make sure that you will not miss this event! See you!


I think there will be a video project for Yesung’s birthday organized by CloudsPH, better go early to the venue to participate in the event! =)


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