[iPod App] Japanese Dictionary and Hanja Reviewer in ONE App!

I made a post here on my blog about me continuing my Japanese lessons. I was really having a hard time recalling all my previous vocabulary words and Kanji characters so tried to look for a dictionary app for Japanese. I downloaded different dictionaries but they seemed to be useless because of the confusing translations and no furigana counterpart for the Kanji. I just thought “How the hell am I supposed to study Kanji without furigana or even the stroke order?”

I asked help from one of my batch mates and she told me to download Imiwa. She told me that it is the best Japanese dictionary application from Apple app store. I didn’t have any second thoughts so I immediately downloaded the app. And my friend is not wrong, I am so loving Imiwa Japanese Dictionary!

Imiwa Japanese Dictionary

If you’ll download Imiwa, the app size is around 100+ mb. That 100+mb is super worth the download because of the following features of the app:

1. “Good” translations for both Jap-Eng and Eng-Jap. It also have some Spanish or Portuguese translations.

2. There are JLPT reviewers for the Kanji characters! Kanji characters are categorized based on their frequency on JLPTs.

3. It contains a stroke order gif image! It’s in .gif form so you can really see how the Kanji character is written. Stroke count is also included!

How to write the number 1/일

How to write the number 1/일

4. There are example sentences for each word! Though the sentences uses complicated grammar patterns so I can’t understand most of them =)

5. And one of the best things about Imiwa is that you can also review your HANJA! Yes, HANJA!

For every Kanji character that you will input or search, there will always be a Hanja counterpart! See the picture below for an example:

The word west: Nishi in Japanese, and Seo in Korean!

Imiwa: Features

Imiwa: Features

Another example:

Male is otoko in Japanese, and Nam in Korean!



6. And the best-est thing about this dictionary is it is ABSOLUTELY FREEEEE! It’s true that one of the best things in the world are for freeeee! You can also use the dictionary even if you’re offline!

Well, I have a confession to make, I think I’m in love with Imiwa because of its Hanja features and not because it helps me with my Japanese lessons haha! It does help me with my Kanji but I enjoy its Hanja features more than the others. Hihi^^

If you want to try this dictionary here’s the DL link:

Download Link: Imiwa?



6 thoughts on “[iPod App] Japanese Dictionary and Hanja Reviewer in ONE App!

    • Sorry for a very late reply! Actually no, I just want to be familiar with Hanja. I haven’t took any lesson on Hanja except my Japanese Kanji lessons so I’m no good at it. I want to learn more though!

  1. Hi,

    We have developed an app specifically tailored for hanja learners. It is called Hanja and is available on iOS. It can be found here: http://cofratech.com/hanja
    One may search a database of more than 4,000 hanja through reading, stroke number, key or meaning and use flash cards to memorise them. Moreover, rich appendices regarding the use of hanja in Korean language have been added.
    Hope you will like this app.

    • Wow!~ Thanks for the heads up Laurent! I tried to search this app on iTunes and I think the app is really useful! I would like to try the app but I found out that it’s a paid app and I currently don’t have the means to download it but I will try soon! Hopefully I can make a review of the app too.

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