Korean Culture Caravan in UP

Err, this is a late post about the Korean Culture caravan that I attended last Saturday! The Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines conducted a campus tour at UP Diliman to inform students about Korean culture and tourism. I think they are promoting their “Study Tour in Korea” programs that’s why they are visiting different universities around the metro.

I wasn’t able to get an online ticket of the event so I just went there as a walk-in. There are around 500 participants who went to the GT Toyota Auditorium in UP to participate in the seminar. There was also a Sagunja and Fan Dance class in the afternoon but I didn’t participate anymore because one Korean professor invited us for lunch.

The seminar was just an introduction of the Korean culture: history, food, tourism, Hallyu and a whole lot more. The Korean Tourism Organization in Manila also introduced their “Study Tour in Korea” programs. They are encouraging colleges and universities to have their school trips in Korea. There was also this “KLT” o Korean Language Trip/Tour/Training. If I’m not mistaken, it is a week-long Korean language and culture immersion for foreigners. Foreigners can enjoy a week-long trip to Korea with Korean language lessons at Kyunghee University by just paying around 600,000won or around 600$. After the seminar, there was also a dance performance from the KCC Fan Dance Team and a KPOP dance from Dasuri Choi.

There was also a raffle of Korean culture items, KPOP albums and Trip to Korea for 2! One lucky girl from PUP won the trip to Korea! A really lucky soul!

I enjoyed the event even though its quite short. I realized that I really miss Korea! Another thing that made me happy with the decision of going to the seminar are the free loot bags from KTO Manila! They gave out free paper bags with freebies inside during the registration.


When I checked the paperbag, I saw awesome gifts from Korea Tourism Organization! They gave us mini booklets, maps, travel guides and brochures about Korea! They even put a cookbook of Korean food! As usual, Korean institutions are always generous when they are promoting something. I am just really happy to receive additional readings about Korea, absolutely for FREE! So next time that there is a Korean culture event, make sure that you will be able to attend! Haha!







Aside from the seminars and other culture activities, there is an on-going photo exhibit at the Hall of Wisdom of the UP Asian Center. It shows the 21 icons of Korean Culture including Baekdusan, Kimchi, Hanbok and a whole lot more! So if you have free time you can visit the mini-exhibit. It’s open until the 31st of July.

I wish there will be more activities like this in our campus. KCC Philippines is really far from our house so I cannot participate with some of their events so I am really thankful that they have a campus tour something like this.


2 thoughts on “Korean Culture Caravan in UP

  1. Glad you enjoyed! ^^ I was actually one of the event volunteers, and even if I was on duty, I really enjoyed the event as well! Haha. I was the one holding the raffle prizes on stage. I really wanted to take home that huge trip for 2 to Korea. XD

    I hope you can visit KCC some time in the future though~ It’s really nice and I particularly love the library. ^^

    • omg realllyyy? the girl in yellow dress? hahaha i forgot but omgggg! We were really spazzing at the back while listening to the speakers. I even wanted to have the KCC shirt hahaha! I will visit the library soon!

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