Earrings Galore!

Last April, my friend offered me some of her products which are mainly accessories. Most of the items that she sells are earrings, bangles and custom-made bracelets. I am a fan of cute earrings that’s why I bought some of her earrings!

When I was in Korea, I often see my friends wearing mismatched earrings and I eventually fell in love with mismatched earrings! Most of my mismatched earrings came from “Naughty Cat/못 된 고양이”, a store in Korea which sells different accessories, from rings, earrings, necklaces, phone accessories, socks and a whole lot more! I also check G-Market for mismatched earrings! The small ones cost around 900 won to 1,000 won. I tried to look for legitimate seller of Korean accessories in the Philippines but some of them sells earrings for a very expensive price! I am very thankful to my friend Joan of Treasure Box for opening her online store and finding some Korean-style mismatched earrings for me!

Korean Style Earrings!

Korean Style Earrings!

My only problem now is to how  and when to get new ear piercings. Once I finish some of my summer school works, I will probably get new ear piercings for these lovely earrings 🙂

Two of my favorite designs  :)

Two of my favorite designs 🙂

I bought these earrings from Treasure Box, a legitimate online seller! They cost 75php each set! See? 75 each set! Her shop is currently on hiatus because she’s out of the country but she’ll be back in June! Try to check out her shop for more goodies.


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