Super Show 5 World Tour Manila Leg!

At last! Happee Sy of Pulp Live World Productions confirmed the upcoming Super Show 5 in Manila! I know my fellow Filipino ELF are very excited about this! Well, I’m excited but my wallet is not.



Less than 100 days to SS5 Manila but my wallet is not ready!! Well, it’s semi-ready since I’ve been saving for SS5 since they gave hints few months ago. It’s just semi-ready because I think, the ticketing will start on June and June is enrollment month! Oh well, me and my sister will definitely do everything just to be able to watch this 5th installment of Super Junior’s Super Shows.

Super Show 2 in Manila was the first ever concert that I attended that’s why it was very memorable. I can still clearly remember the way I raised money for the tickets. I only had two months to raise money enough for me and my sister to buy two Upper Box A tickets and hell yeah the view was great even though we’re not in the VIP area. Same as Super Show 3 in Manila. I needed to save money and to sell some of my Super Junior merchandise for me to buy an SVIP ticket since I wanted to see the members up-close. Well, we will not be able to buy tickets for the concert without the help of our parents who are very supportive of our fandom ㅋㅋ. Manila was not included in the Super Show 4 concerts but I was able to watch it because I was in Korea when the concert started. I was able to watch the concert because I worked part-time and I was able to save some money from my allowance in school.

I will just share some of my thoughts on HOW TO SAVE and HOW TO CHOOSE SEATS/AREA for Super Show Concerts. I am not an expert but I will still try to help my fellow fangirls who are going to watch the show for the first time.


It is very easy to save money but it is really difficult not to spend, haha! I am not good at saving money so I don’t know why I am writing this one. But I think, these strategies helped me survive the agony of saving for Super Shows 2, 3 and 4.

  • Save, not starve! Cutting down on food expenses is one of the ways you can save money but never forget that you are saving money for a concert not for hospital bills! Instead of starving yourself, go grocery shopping with your mother or father and then  buy some food like biscuits, breads, cupcakes, or juices that you can eat or drink instead of spending money buying expensive goods from your school/office cafeteria. Bring packed lunch! Try to wake up earlier than the usual and prepare your own lunch box! Hey! Don’t be shy! I am still a university student and I always bring packed lunch in school! 😀
  • After your class/work, go home! My university is located near a super mall so I am always tempted to go inside and shop even though I don’t need to. Whenever I am saving up for a concert ticket or an expensive merchandise, I always go home early to prevent unnecessary spending. By going home early, you will not just be able to save money but also energy so that you can still study and do good in school!
  • Since May-June is school supplies shopping season, try to save money by cutting down some items on your school supplies shopping list! Try to look for old notebooks that you can still recycle or re-design so that you can use them again. Look for ballpens that you thought you have lost somewhere but in fact they are just hidden under your bed or study table. Check if you can still write using them. Wash your old backpacks and if you can still use them, use them again!
  • Try having a garage sale! Look for old clothes, shoes or books that you can sell. You may ask your parents, siblings and relatives for help. You can save money and also you might be able to clean your own closet, shoe rack or bookshelf! You may also have some KPOP merchandise that you want to sell, try to sell them via!
  • Don’t be shy to ask for student discounts when you are riding the tricycle, bus, jeepneys. Avail the 20% discount for students and save the money. Just don’t forget to bring your school ID because some conductors and drivers ask for it before they give you a discount.
  • If you have extra time, you can work part-time. Maybe some of your relatives or family friends are looking for private tutors for their kids and maybe you can apply and work as a tutor. In my case, I work as a part-time tutor at Rarejob Philippines. You can search them on Google or you can leave a comment if you have any questions on Rarejob’s services.

I hope that these saving tips will be a help for fans who are having difficulties in saving money. Just think that if you save money, your dream of seeing your favorite idol will come true! Well, I personally think that these saving tips should not just be done to save for the upcoming SS5 in Manila but also to save for the future. Maybe you have plans on going back-packing in Korea or around Asia, and saving is really the key! Don’t be an additional burden to your parents monthly fees, do your part and save on your own! If you are not able to reach the amount that you are aiming for, then try to talk to your parents or older siblings. Maybe they can add more to your savings! 🙂


Here are some tips that you might consider in choosing the type of ticket that you will buy. Here is the seat plan and prices of SUPER SHOW 3 IN MANILA last February 26, 2011. I repeat, SUPER SHOW 3 MANILA not Super Show 5.

Super Show 3 Manila Ticket Prices

Super Show 3 Manila Ticket Prices cr: Ms. Happee Sy

  • VVIP/VIP are the most expensive tickets. These are seated areas, meaning you are seated! You don’t have to fall in line as early as the day before the concert just to have a good seat. Last SS3, VVIP /VIP seats cost around 10,000php and they can be purchased via invitation or reservation. It is quite hard to get these seats because you can really get the best view of the concert in this area. Super Junior members also interact with fans in the VVIP/VIP area. Last SS3 in Manila, fans took polaroid photos with Donghae ㅋㅋ.
  • SVIP is the mosh pit or the standing area in the concert. I had experiences watching Super Shows in the Standing VIP Area during Super Show 3 in Manila and Super Show 4 in Seoul Day 1. There are pros and cons when watching the concert in SVIP Area.


1. You can see the members up-close! I mean, really close! During SS3 Manila, I was in the Standing Left Area. Siwon, Kyuhyun and Sungmin were the members who frequently interacted with us. Sungmin even gave Toblerone chocolate to the fans in our area!

2. You can have a great view of the performances in the stage near the SVIP Area. Last SS4 in Seoul, I did enjoy a lot because most of the performances were in the stage near the SVIP Area.

3. It is very exciting to watch the concert in the SVIP Area because you can jump and jump and jump and go crazy with the other fans!


1. Watching in the SVIP Area can be VERY STRESSFUL. VERY STRESSFUL. If you want to get a good spot in the SVIP area, you need to fall in line early! Some people even stay overnight just to get a good spot in the moshpit. I was able to get the front spot during SS3 in Manila because my friends stayed in Araneta Coliseum the day before the concert.

2. Some fans are really wild. You may also ask yourself, “How to Keep Calm?! This is Super Junior’s concert, bitch!” But some fans can get really crazy that they will push and push and push you! During the concert, fans keep on walking and running around the VIP area because they are following wherever the members will go! Sometimes when you ask them to keep calm and to behave, they will not just listen. Stress.

3. Cameras, oh cameras! Some fans were able to bring cameras inside the SVIP Area. When the concert starts, some fans tend to bring out their cameras and take fancams and pictures of the members. You may not be able to see the members because the cameras are in front of your face. Stress.

*If you have any illness, I don’t recommend the SVIP Area. Watching in the moshpit can really be very tiring and stressful so people with heart or respiratory problems may have difficulties. So make sure that you can stand the heat, stress and commotion in the SVIP Area before you decide to buy tickets.

  • Upper A is also a good spot. I watched Super Show 2 while seated in Upper Box A area. The view is good! Not too close but not too far! Super Shows in Manila get really HUGE stages so there’s no problem seeing the members. Plus, Upper A tickets are also cheap but you can really enjoy the concert. I am thinking to get Upper A tickets this SS5, well not yet sure but I guess Upper A is also a good choice if you can’t get the VVIP/VIP Area.
  • Upper Box B tickets are also good! Well, I think no matter where your seat is, as long as you can watch a Super Show, everything is okay!

*For Upper A and Upper B sides, they tend to be cheaper because they are located in the sides. You can’t really get an excellent view but you can still consider these seats.

*General Admission rocks! For me, the Gen Ad area give more life to the concert! There are tons of fans in the Gen Ad and they are really loud! If you don’t have that much savings, Gen Ad is okay!


  • I think you can bring cameras in the concert as long as you hide them from the checkers. Some checkers tend to be more lenient to fans who bring cameras but some bouncers inside Araneta get mad at fans who take pictures during the concert. Personally, I will not bring any camera aside from my Ipod or phone camera. I don’t have any plans of taking any pictures or fancams during the concert because it adds stress and I cannot enjoy watching Super Shows when taking fancams. 😀

Whew! I got more excited after writing these tips! I miss having Super Show concerts in Manila! In my opinion, watching Super Shows overseas is cool but watching a Super Show in your own country is the BEST! You would not want to miss the loud fanchants of PH ELF, actually its not fanchants because PH ELF turns Araneta from a concert venue to a noraebang! I will never forget how Yesung was moved because PH ELF really sang “It Has To Be You” with him. I am sure that there will be fan projects for the concert! I am excited to hear again Henry’s compliment to PH ELF being the LAUDest! It will also be Kang In’s first time performing in the Philippines! I will surely miss Leader Eeteuk, Heechul and Yesung because they can’t participate in this concert but I will still support Super Show 5 in Manila!!!

PH ELF, get yourself, wallets, fanboards and lightsticks ready!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaa!


48 thoughts on “Super Show 5 World Tour Manila Leg!

  1. Sa upper box A ba kailan umaga palang nakapila ka na? hindi ka ba maaagawan ng upuan may numbers ba un sorry if Im asking this,this is the 1st time Im attending to a concert.

    • Hmmm, SVIP is super duper good minus the stress. VVIP is better if you’ll get seats in the first two or three rows on the center(well, even sides) of VVIP.

  2. Wow, lucky you~ I wasn’t able to attend SS2 before because I wasn’t allowed. D; But luckily, I was able to attend SS3.. And guess what? WE WERE IN THE SAME AREA!! Oh my gosh! Haha. Baka nakabunggo kita nun or ano?! Hahaha sa left SVIP din ako nun, and kahit wild ang ELFs, super enjoy kasi talagang naki interact yung members.. Kyaaaa~ So, are you still planning on getting SVIP @ SS5? I agree that the downside of that is you have to line up super early (like we did!) and you have to stand for long hours.. But really, during the concert, I didn’t feel tired at all! I just got wasted AFTER the concert. Gaaah! I wish I could watch SS5 too! I don’t have money yet! I’m still unemployed! Huhu. Sorry for the rants, LOL. Anyway, nice post! ^^

    • OMG baka nga nagkabungguan na tayo noon hahaha! Hmm, ayoko na talaga ng SVIP unless medyo kalmado na yung mga tao, which I doubt. Saka yung pagod kasi saka may class yung sister ko pag Saturdays. So medyo mahirap kung standing ulit. ToT

  3. hi…i’m INA ELF…nice to meet u. Since i not attending SS5INA…i plan to see SS5BKK but unfortunately SS5 BKK held in high season so the flight would be so expensive. then I plan to see SS5 Manila…please inform me when is SS5 manila? I know from news it’s will be in August…but August is BKK and Shanghai…..(sorry for my bad in english)

    • Hello kimi! =)) Nice to meet you too! According to the organizers, SS5 Manila will be on “ber” months, so I think it will be held around months of September(as the earliest) or December(as the latest). I hope you could go and watch Super Show 5! ❤

  4. By Reservation/invitation din ba ang Upper Box A&B??? And kelangan ba na pumila ng maaga pag dun ang desired seat mo?

    Sorry Girl Perstaym here. XD

      • Pag SVIP, sa Ticketnet or Araneta din bibili (if ever Araneta ang venue). Pila din sa pagbili so paunahang ma-avail yung SVIP tickets. Minsan kasi madaling maubos ang standing area at limited muna yung nilalabas nila hanggat di finalized yung stage design. Pag concert day naman, paunahang makuha ang mga spot sa gilid-gilid at sa harap.

  5. magtatanong lang po. may sit numbers po ba ang mga nasa VVIP? and kailangan pa bang pumunta o pumila ng maaga is your ticket is in VVIP?

    • Pag VVIP yung ticket, may seat number yun. Paunahan na lang kayo sa reservation day ng pagpili ng magandang seats. Pero sa concert mismo, di naman kailangang pumila ng maaga since reserved seating at walang makakaagaw ng seat mo.

      • hi. umm if e ba-base natin na ang seat plan nila is katulad sa ss3 ang mga seats ba na nasa nga 200 and 201 ang pina ka maganda?

  6. Hi! as what I have read in some of the announcements about the SS5, it will be held in SM Arena. Saan po ba pwedeng makabili ng ticket? First time ko po kasing pumunta ng consert :> At if sa ticketnet po, pwede po bang through net ang reservation and purchase? Thank you!!!

    • Hmm, I guess wala pa namang announcements about the venue ng SS5 Manila? Puro rumors pa lang yata? Wala pa kasi akong nabasang official announcements sa MOA Arena na talaga. Unless di ko lang nabasa. Anyways, kung MOA Arena, sa SM Tickets bibili. Tumatanggap din sila ng online purchases but not reservations sa ibang concerts yata.

  7. kung ang VVIP reserved seats it means reserved din ba ang VIP? Sorry kung tanong ako ng tanong First time eyyy.. Interested much lang gusto ko kasi pumunta anyway afford naman VVIP eh medyo may ipon na last year ko pa yan pinaghandaan kala ko kasi may SS4 XDD

    • alam ko by reservation kay Ms. Happee yung VVIP. Last SS3, may tatawagan na hotline tapos magpapareserve. And irerequire ka nilang magbayad agad once na nagpareserve na to get the slot.

    • may mga nagtitinda sa venue pero madami ding nagko-conduct ng pre-orders before the concert together with some fanmade goods like shirts and towels. if may SJ Fiesta pa din, dun madaming magbebenta for sure.

  8. Ate may tanong ulit di ko kasi sure kung maafford ko yung VVIP kung VIP ako Reserved Seats din po ba yun? Tsaka may tatawagan na hotline diba para magpareserve tapos ipapabayad ka nila san yun babayaran?

  9. Nagkka ubusan din po ba ng ticket? May mabi2li pa kaya akong ticket if evr 2 weeks b4 the concert ako bibili? Thanks po :)))

    • Yes of course nagkakaubusan yan. Expect na unang mauubos ang VVIP at ang SVIP. Though minsan kasi nagtitira pa si Ms. Happee ng additional tickets for SVIP. Meron pa naman sigurong matitira. 🙂

    • hmm alam ko yung SVIP is for standing lang. Baka you mean VVIP or VIP seated na sides? Hmm, okay din naman. Parang mas preferred ko nga sa sides kesa sa mismong gitna. Kita pa rin naman lahat kahit nasa gilid. Kung magfa-fancam ka man, dun lang medyo may problem.

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