My 30th TOPIK Experience!

This is a very late post regarding my first TOPIK experience! I took the Intermediate exam last April 30 but I wasn’t able to make a post about that because of my busy schedule. I have summer classes and we went to the Benguet Province for 10 days to do a fieldwork so I wasn’t able to make some posts about the 30th TOPIK. Anyways, even though its very late, I will still share my unforgettable TOPIK experience!

Last April 30, it was my first time going to the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines(which is located in Taguig). KCC Phil was the only venue for all the TOPIK exams. The venue was really nice not only because it is a new building but also because of the good facilities. I didn’t have any difficulty in going to the testing center because I went there together with the other TOPIK Intermediate takers from UP.

We went to the examination room five minutes before the start of the exam. We were arranged according to our application numbers. The proctors were very strict. They told us to put our bags in front of the room. We needed to turn off our phones because if they will hear any sound coming from our phones during the exam, we will get disqualified in taking the exam. They also didn’t allow students to take the exam if they didn’t bring their examination slip. A TOPIK test taker should present his/her valid ID and the original examination slip to take the test. My seatmate forgot to bring his ID so the proctor told him that he needs to sign a document and he needs to submit his ID to the office or else, he will fail the exam. I also saw some Korean students taking the exam. I guess they were Koreans who moved and studied in the Philippines since they were young.

The exam proper started at around 1:30PM. After the proctors distributed the exam sheets and the marker, we proceeded to answering the exam. The Vocabulary part was not very difficult. It was quite easy but I am still not sure if my answers were correct. The exam was really time pressured so I needed to answer the vocabs part in a fast pace. I am happy that I understood a lot of questions but like what I have said, it is not an assurance that I will pass the exam  ㅋㅋ

I skipped some parts in the vocabulary part and I went to the writing part. The topic for the essay was: “‘내가 가지고 싶은 능력” or the skill that I want to have. I decided to write about singing skills but I forgot the vocabs that I should use so I wrote something about “Korean Proficiency” instead.

Speaking of the writing exam, the part that I have been waiting for to answer is the sentence making part. There are three phrases and you have to make a sentence out of them. The phrases should be in order and you need to use the correct grammar pattern so that the sentence will make sense. I was expecting it to be difficult and I was not wrong. THAT PART WAS REALLY DIFFICULT!!! I didn’t even bother to discuss it with my friends after the exam. I know the phrases but I don’t know the right grammar pattern that I should use. :/

The epic part in in the writing exam!

The epic part in in the writing exam!

After the vocabulary and writing exam, we had a short break. During that break, me and my friends talked about the essay part. Most of us used either Korean Proficiency or Foreign Language Proficiency as the topics of the essay. After the short break, we were asked to go back to the examination room to continue the listening and reading exam. I enjoyed the second part of the exam especially the listening part. Listening has always been one of my favorite parts in TOPIK. After the listening part, I immediately proceeded to answer the reading part. I don’t know if it was only me but I guess the 30th TOPIK’s Reading Exam was easier compared to the previous Reading exams. I enjoyed reading the essays on the reading part because they were very informative!

After re-checking my answers, I submitted my answer sheet to the proctor. I don’t know what will be the outcome of the exam but all I can say is it was a very nice experience. If I will pass the exam, then I will go for Level 4 on October. If not, I will take the exam again on October haha! Pass or fail, it was a great experience. It taught me how to apply different strategies in answering. It also taught me what are my main weaknesses and strengths when it comes to Korean language. At first, I was very hesitant to take the TOPIK, but after that experience, I want to take the TOPIK again! ㅋㅋ

I don’t have any remembrance from TOPIK aside from the marker that I used in answering. They gave it to us for free and the lady guard from KCC offered some free Korean culture readings so I grabbed some 🙂

Freebies from KCC Phil (Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines)

30th TOPIK Takers! How was your TOPIK experience? I’d like to hear about them too! 🙂


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