[Korean Books] Reply 1997 and The Crucible (도가니)

After almost 2 months of waiting, I finally received my books from Seoul Selection! I met my friend yesterday to get some of the fangoods I bought from her including my Reply 1997 and The Crucible novels! I thought I was going to cry when I got hold of my books because they were too awesome!

I am not yet in the advanced level when reading in Korean. Now that I am studying the Intermediate, I still find my Reading skills very poor and I still only trust my instinct when answering the Reading part in TOPIK. But my poor Reading performance will not stop me from reading these novels!

Before discussing the books that I’ve bought, let me spazz about Seoul Selection’s service! They were really awesome! I transacted with them via e-mail and I immediately get replies about my queries. These books are not listed on their website but they told me that I can still order them from their store. I asked if I can pay via paypal and if they can just ship my items to my friend’s friend who currently lives in Seoul. They said yes! And after paying, the consignee received the package the day after! I was able to save much money from shipping because I asked my friend if she can include it to her March batch of sea cargo coming from Korea. I was lucky that she agreed and I am very thankful to her! I only paid the books and 3,000 won shipping fee from Seoul Selection to the consignee. I will definitely buy books from them again!

Now, let’s go to my Reply 1997 novel! *insert keyboard smash here*!!!!!!!!!! As usual, Korean book’s quality are awesome! I liked the cover of the book which is a quite glossy-matte paper printed with scenes from the drama.

Reply 1997 Novel (응답하라라 1997 소설 책)

Reply 1997 Novel (응답하라 1997 소설 책)

When you remove the cover, you can see the original cover of the book which also looks cute! It reminded me of Sung Siwon’s room. They also used the font style from the drama so you will really feel that you’re watching that drama again! I read a couple of paragraphs and even though I cannot understand 100% of them, I am happy that I can still get the gist per paragraph! And our buddy Korean dictionary is always there so it will not be too hard dealing with unknown vocabulary words ㅋㅋ.

The setting of the novel is of course, in Busan so you can read sentences written in Busan dialect. I thought I will not understand some of them, but I am glad that I was able to catch the meaning of some of them. I am also studying a couple of Busan dialect because my friend keeps on talking to me using it so I guess I will still enjoy reading the novel.

Book cover and the actual book!

Book cover and the actual book!

Another novel that I bought was 도가니 (The Crucible) by Gong Jiyeong. This novel was turned into a movie with Gong Yoo as the lead actor. I know that the contents of this book are quite disturbing because it tells about the scandal of a school for the deaf and mute somewhere in Jeolla Province. The school principals and head teachers molested some of the deaf and mute students. And the role of Teacher Inho was to stop the abuse and report the case to the public. I have also read some reviews about this book and they usually say that this novel is a “무서운 책” or a scary book. Well, I am excited to read this book as well!

The cover was really beautiful!

The cover was really beautiful!

What I like about this book is its cream paper and its wonderful cover! The cream paper is quite thin but I don’t have any big issues about that. The book’s quality is really A+! And I just bought this lovely book for 7,000 won!

The Crucible - 도가니

The Crucible – 도가니

Front page

Front page

Together with the books that I bought were postcards from Seoul Selection! These are the freebies that they’ve included in the package! I was surprised to see the postcards and I was really happy that Seoul Selection gave them for free! It includes 3 cards with different notes on Korean culture and the other card is the real post card.

Freebies from Seoul Selection!

Freebies from Seoul Selection!

They also include a mini bookmark with the name Seoul Selection printed on it!

Postcards from Selection

Postcards from Selection

Here’s the sample photo of the card about Korean culture:

One of the freebies! (Front)

One of the freebies! (Front)


(Back - a description of the front photo)

(Back – a description of the front photo)

For all the books that I bought plus shipping fee from Seoul Selection to Seoul, I only paid 23,000 won! 13,000 won for the Reply 1997 novel, 7,000 for The Crucible novel and then 3,000 won for the domestic shipping fee! With the paypal fees, I only paid 21.54$! Cheap, right? I only needed to wait for a longer time before I can receive the items but it was definitely worth the wait and money!



I am planning to order some children’s books soon, of course from Seoul Selection. I also want to get the novel of A Werewolf Boy and Shin Kyung Sook’s new novel, The Stories I Want to Tell The Moon! So if you want to avail some Korean books or novels, try visiting seoulselection.com!


4 thoughts on “[Korean Books] Reply 1997 and The Crucible (도가니)

    • Haha! Thanks! I have few KPOP friends who are not really into Korean dramas but after watching Reply 1997, they fell in love with it! I guess the same goes with Korean language learners haha! Reply 1997 is really a sweet drama ❤

  1. hi! i really love reply 1997 and i want to buy the novel so badly ❤ could you tell me how is the book weight cause i need to calculate the shipping fee to my country ❤ i would really appreciate your help ❤ thank you ❤

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