[NATURE REPUBLIC] Color Waltz Nail Polish

I was browsing through my Nokia 5800 when I saw some photos of the cosmetics and nail art products that I bought in Korea. I had a nail polish addiction when I was still staying in Korea. Every time that we go shopping, my friends and I always drop by Nature Republic in Eunhaengdong, Daejeon. Nature Republic’s Color Waltz Nail polishes only cost 1,000 won each, so me and my friends always buy different colors every week!

Nature Republic's Color Waltz Nail Polish (1,000won each/1$/60php)

Nature Republic’s Color Waltz Nail Polish (1,000won each/1$/65php)

Color Waltz nail polishes are the cheapest kind of nail polish that you can buy at Nature Republic. The price is very affordable and the quality of the nail polishes are really great! It dries fast when you apply it onto your nails. In my experience, my Color Waltz nail polishes don’t dry up easily in the container, just make sure that you sealed the cap tightly. I had these nail polishes from 2011 and up to now, I can still use them without putting any nail polish thinner. The design of the nail polish container is really nice and classy. The applicator’s quality is good too!

When I went back to the Philippines, I thought I will not be able to buy Nature Republic’s products but then they started to open their branches in Manila. I checked the prices of their Color Waltz nail polish and it is still cheap at 65php each (well, it is still cheaper in Korea). Even though I can purchase Nature Republic’s nail polishes in Manila, I still ask favors from my friends to buy it in Korean for me. But if I already need the nail polish, I always drop by Nature Republic SM North EDSA to buy them. I always get 10% discount from Nature Rep because of my membership card so instead of paying 65php, I just pay 59php for each nail polish.

The glitter coat!!!!

The glitter coat!!!!

My favorite frosted polishes! Nature Republic's Color Waltz Nail Polish (1,000won each/1$/60php)

My favorite frosted polishes!

I love the apple green polish!


*Dries up easily when applied onto nails.

*The nail polish doesn’t dry up easily when the cap is sealed tightly.


*There’s a wide variety of colors to choose from: Light colored, Dark colored, Glitter nail polish, Frosted and Clear for coating!

*The applicator’s quality is good.

*Can be easily removed using a nail polish remover.(Except for the black one! Wait, I don’t know if it’s just only me or the black nail polish really leaves heavy stains)


*Some of the colors needs to be applied for several times for you to achieve the best look.

*The black nail polish leaves heavy stains even after you remove it using a nail polish remover.

*It will not stay on your nails for a long time unless you coat them twice or thrice and if your top coat is good. I had some experience when I used some of their frosted nail polishes and it started cracking 2 days after application.

I highly recommend this product for those girls who loves nail art but doesn’t want to spend much in buying nail polishes. Nature Republic also offers other kinds of nail polishes like cracking nail polish and the glittery ones but I think they cost around 200php and up (around 2500 won-up in Korea).

Rating: 9/10


2 thoughts on “[NATURE REPUBLIC] Color Waltz Nail Polish

  1. Yes they are really pretty and cheap! I also saw new ail polish colors from Innisfree, another Korean cosmetic brand. They are quite more expensive than Nature Republic but the colors are really awesom!

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