Fangirl Heartbreak </3

Who says fangirls can’t have a broken heart? Entering a fandom has its ups and downs. Fangirls experience a roller coaster type of feelings while in the fandom. In my Super Junior fangirling experiences, I’ve been through a lot of “fangirl heartbreaks”- oppas entering the army, scandals, sick or injured members, etc. My heart also broke when one of the Super Junior concerts that I should be attending was cancelled due to unknown reasons. I hate concert cancellations, I hate concerts being postponed. It is like being giving fans some hope and when they starts to believe in that hope, you will take away everything from them in just a snap, without any proper explanations. I hate that feeling and I will never ever come to like that feeling. Childish, eh? But this is how I feel 😦

Last March 31, I felt that feeling again. Filipino A+(MBLAQ fan club) have been waiting for MBLAQ’s concert. The event was originally a showcase of different new KPOP groups like Tahiti, Excite etc. and it was scheduled some time around February. It was postponed to a later date, March 22 and finally March 31 and the organizers even changed the whole line-up to an MBLAQ showcase with the groups TWO X and Excite. I was very excited for the concert ever since I bought the tickets. Finally, I will be able to meet them in person. I’ve seen them in Korea but back then, I wasn’t really a huge fan. I knew them since they debuted because of Thunder but I never really listened to their music until their song “It’s War” came out. I even bought the VIP ticket so that I can get a signed CD and a chance to greet them in a photo op.

MBLAQ's showcase venue

MBLAQ’s showcase venue

Me and my friends decided to meet-up few hours before the concert so that we can go to the venue together. We arrived at the concert venue before 1pm to claim our tickets. After eating lunch, we saw a tweet from one of the media sponsors saying that the concert will not push through that day. We were shocked! Why postpone a concert on the day itself? The fans are already at the venue, why postpone the event? We went to another restaurant to meet the staff of the fanclub in-charge for ticket distribution. Some of the staff are my friends so I asked them if the news is true. Even the fanclub staff were clueless about what’s happening.

We waited for a more reliable news and an official statement from the organizers. After an hour, we saw an official announcement saying that the event is postponed to April 1 at 7pm. They said that the members missed their flight to the Philippines because they weren’t able to board the plane on time. I saw some fan accounts from Korean fans that the members G.O and Seungho were already at the airport but seemed to have some problems so they weren’t able to board the plane. TWO X members were already in Manila but none of the MBLAQ members arrived. Of course, a lot of fans were pissed off. Some of them even decided to refund their tickets right after the announcement because they can’t make it the next day since it’s a weekday.

The organizers offered an open rehearsals so that we can watch TWO X’s rehearsals. I don’t know any of them and my friends doesn’t want to wait anymore so we just decided to go home. We were still laughing even though we were very disappointed with what happened. We kept on thinking good thoughts like the concert the next day will be more awesome since they promised to give a better performance and they will be closer to fans to compensate the postponement of the event.

MBLAQ's showcase postponed to April 1 but eventually they CANCELLED the event.

MBLAQ’s showcase postponed to April 1 but eventually they CANCELLED the event.

After few hours of travel, I reached home. There was no internet connection so I had to wait for few hours to check the status of the event. I was still very hopeful that MBLAQ will arrive soon in Manila and the concert will push through the next day. When the internet connection was back, I immediately checked my twitter for updates and I found out that the event was already CANCELLED and our tickets will be refunded. Their reason is that there were technical and production issues that they can’t resolve so they cancelled the event. I didn’t know what to feel. Anger? Too much disappointment? Too much frustration? Pity to those fans who waited and  poured a lot of effort to raise money to buy tickets and arrange support projects for them? Gahh.

This event was the most stressful event that I’ve experienced. I feel sorry for the fans and the fanclub who handled the preparations for the support projects for the members. Those sleepless nights, the amount of money that they’ve raised together with the international fans, the amount of effort that they gave to make the showcase possible. Those things can never be replaced by money. Now, we are waiting for the refunds of our tickets and it seems that there are still problems with this. Now, I am just hoping that they will give back our money as soon as possible. The money that we used was hard-earned and they should give it back in full and in cash. We gave money, they should give back money. I will just save that money if Super Show 5 in Manila will push through. I am still hoping that MBLAQ will visit the Philippines, hopefully no more problems like this.



2 thoughts on “Fangirl Heartbreak </3

  1. I’ve read about this unfortunate event from Facebook. I wanted to see MBLAQ but I’m from the province so I couldn’t go. I felt sorry for everyone who were already at the venue, battling with the summer heat, lining up or doing other preparations for the event only to find out that it has been postponed then cancelled later on. I wonder why they decided to cancel it in the end.

    • They said that there are problems with the documents of some members. I heard that they weren’t able to depart from Incheon because of passport problems. I hope that they’ll still visit the Philippines soon without all these hassles and problems. ;o;

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