TOPIK Preparations: Answering Old TOPIK exams (29th TOPIK-Intermediate)

My Korean professor offered a FREE TOPIK review for Intermediate TOPIK takers this coming April. We meet once a week for two hours to discuss the homeworks she gave us which includes answering old TOPIK questionnaires and practicing our writing skills. She gave us some Korean writing practice sheets wherein we write our essays. We need to write a two essays per week and she said that she will give us more essay topics to write about. In her assessment of her students’ Korean language skills, she said that writing is always the part where students get a low score especially those who are taking the Intermediate TOPIK. She wants us to improve our writing skills and to use more Intermediate grammar patterns in our essays.

Last week, our homework was to answer the 29th TOPIK – Intermediate. I didn’t have so much difficulties in answering the 29th TOPIK because as what I have said in my previous post about the exam, it was quite easy- maybe easier than the 28th. When we checked our answer sheets, I was really surprised with the score that I got!

My answer sheet for the 29th TOPIK Practice Test!

Here is the tally of my scores:

어휘 및 문법 – 86점

쓰기 – 46점 (without the 30-points essay) I know my that my essay sucks because when my professor gave it back to me, she has a lot of corrections about my articles and markers haha! I just don’t know what score will she give because my essay used a lot of 초급 grammar patterns than 중급 grammar patterns.

듣기 – 81점

읽기 – 71점

I am happy with the scores that I got! But I didn’t answered the exam under pressure. I alloted 45 minutes for 듣기, maybe another 45 minutes for 어휘 및 문법 and 1 hour for 쓰기 and 읽기. I am quite confident with my 듣기 but then I listen to the audio file using earphones so I am not sure if I can still perform well if I listen to the audio without it. My professor told us to practice listening to the audio files without the earphones so that we’ll know the strategies that we may use. I guess I am just lucky with the 어휘 및 문법 and 쓰기 because the vocabulary words and grammar patterns that they used are quite easy (except the피동-passives ㅋㅋ). Reading or 읽기 is one of the hardest parts of TOPIK next to Writing, well at least for me. The first few parts are easy but as you go through the next items, it becomes more difficult. I think I guessed a lot of items in the reading part because I didn’t understand a lot of words. I just trusted my instinct and the context clues in the articles.

If I’ll get a score of 10-15 points in my essay, I think I’ll pass Level 3, if I get higher points, I might pass Level 4… if I took this exam ㅋㅋ. After I saw my scores, I became more confident that I can pass the Intermediate level. For now, I have to work on my weaknesses and to review the grammar patterns. I need to practice answering the exam for an hour and a half so that I can come up with some strategies that I can use on the day of the exam.

This week, we answered the 27th TOPIK. I’ll post my scores and insights about the exam tomorrow! 🙂


4 thoughts on “TOPIK Preparations: Answering Old TOPIK exams (29th TOPIK-Intermediate)

  1. Wow!! Thank you for the informative and useful entry ^^ Congratulations
    Well, I think you should try to do the test with a limited time. When I took the intermediate 28th Topik exam, I was really under pressure for the part 듣기+읽기. There is a limited time for Listening (45 mins), so you only have about 45 mins to do the reading. The reading part was extremely difficult. My listening skill is bad, so I just listened in about 20 mins and I quit to jump into the Reading part, but I could not have enough time to answer the last 10 questions :(((

    • But you can’t skip to the reading part without finishing the listening part right? Because the exam takers are going to listen to the audio together at the same time. Or is it different in your country?

      • We need to finish the listening part first (45mins) and than do the reading part (the last 45mins). However, I want to save time for the reading part, so after 20 minutes of listening to the tape, I did the reading part. It meant that I did the reading part while the tape was going on. It was a little bit distracting, but I tried to ignore the sound from the tape and focused on the reading. It also meant that I had 70 minutes to do the reading part. However, it was dangerous. I only got Topik 3 because my listening part was so low

  2. Wow that was a very very good score 😀 I wish you luck on getting an even higher score when you actually take the exam ^_^ for me I don’t think I am even ready to even think about taking an exam like that T^T I need some more practice on it ~ thinking of just doing preparations like you even though I am not even taking it 🙂

    Again wish you luck 🙂

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