March! March! March!

I’ve been very busy these past few days because of acad related stuff and my part-time job. I have to deal with different paper presentations, deadlines, exams and many more! My school year is not yet over because I still have a LOT of things to do until the first week of April. After this semester, I will be very busy for TOPIK cramming and with my summer classes! Whew!

There are a lot of things happened this March! I went to 2PM’s concert in Manila last March 2. I thought of writing a separate post for that concert but I think it’s too late to write my fan account Haha! Anyways, 2PM’s What Time Is It? Concert at the Mall of Asia Arena was superrrrrr awesome! I’ve seen 2PM perform in Korea during the 2011 Incheon Korean Music Wave but their solo concert was different! I really enjoyed during the concert. I kept on shouting and singing their songs. The concert didn’t sell well maybe because the ticket prices were expensive and the venue is quite far but I still hope that 2PM will come back to the Philippines. I think Nichkhun will visit Manila soon because he’s the newest KPOP star endoser of Bench(a clothing line in the Philippines). I hope he will have a fanmeet just like Lee Minho and Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae.

Lee Junho and Jun.K’s live vocals were awesome! Their live performances were awesome! I know 2Jun’s vocals were very good but it sounds better live! Taecyeon was such a cutie! He kept on giving us intense fan service. 2PM is known for their “beastly idol” image but I can never resist when they act cute especially Taec and Wooyoung! Wooyoung’s vocals and dancing skills was A+! His English skills is really improving a lot haha! I love Nichkhun’s solo performance with his own composition “Let it Rain”. And my bias, Chansung!!!!!! He looks super handsome 😦 sjahfkjashdfkjahsdlfkjhasdkghlaks!!!!! Even though his schedule is really hectic because of Level 7 Civil Servant drama filming, he still gave his best to perform well in the concert! 2PM’s vocals + dancing skills + intense fan service + enthusiasm and support of Filipino Hottests = AWESOME CONCERT! Even though there were minor technical problems, the concert was still great! I will definitely watch them again the next time they visit Manila.

2PM’s What Time Is It? Concert in Manila

Next, I already finished my TOPIK 150 Grammar Book! I am happy that I’ve already finished reading the book and I think my grammar skills have upgraded! Now, I understand more grammar patterns. I just have to review them again because I am still confused with the differences of some grammar patterns. I am now working on my vocabulary bank and writing skills which are my weaknesses.

Answering old TOPIK test papers~

Answering old TOPIK test papers~

I am currently attending a free TOPIK Intermediate Level review session organized by my Korean professor in UP. I am very thankful that she offered free TOPIK review sessions. She’s also giving out tips and strategies(that I will share soon!) about taking the TOPIK. We meet once a week and she gives us writing exercises so that we can improve our writing skills. She told us that the weakness of her students especially those who are taking the TOPIK Intermediate is the writing part so she wants us to practice, practice and practice. Our weekly homework is to answer old TOPIK test papers and then inside the class, we check our answers and discuss our mistakes.

I will try to update this blog often since I will only be taking one subject during our summer classes. I still have a lot of book reviews to post and a lot of studying in Korea tips to write. I will also post some insights about the old TOPIK Intermediate tests that I have answered Yay! yay! yay!


2 thoughts on “March! March! March!

  1. Wow!!! That sounds interesting . I am looking forward to your new entries ^^
    I finished Book 150Topik Grammar 1 year ago, and then I think I forget most of them. However, when I do the previous Topik paper and get stuck with any grammar (which I know I studied in the book 150, but I cannot recall what that grammar means), I look up in the book again. At that time, I remember the grammars more clearly ^^

    • I forgot A LOT of grammar patterns too T_T I am thinking of writing the similar of related grammar patterns and then make some example sentences for each grammar so that I will remember them. In that way, I can also practice my writing skills and add more vocabs to my vocabulary bank.

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