Online Intermediate College Korean

I was browsing Ate Dia of MyKoreanCorner’s blog when I saw a link to a Korean lesson program entitled Online Intermediate College Korean. According to the website, Online Intermediate College Korean is a web-based online courses based on a book Intermediate College Korean published by California Press on 2002. The main objective of the website project is to provide accessible Korean language learning materials. The courses included in the website are for Intermediate Korean learners especially those learners who are on self-study mode.

I find the website and the course good for me because it covers a lot of Intermediate Korean lessons from Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing! I haven’t seen all the grammar patterns but so far, they were explained in a way that I can easily understand it. There are 27 lessons in the online course. Each lesson consists of a story or a dialogue, grammar patterns and grammar notes with example sentences, vocabulary list , exercises and even homeworks! The good thing about the course is that every lesson is recorded and you can listen to it as you read the dialogues or the vocabulary list. I just hope that when you click on the audio file, it doesn’t redirect to a blank black page with the audio recording logo.

Intermediate Korean Online Courses

Intermediate Korean Online Courses

Even though the site is helpful, there are links that are problematic and takes a long time to load. I am not sure if the problem is with my laptop or internet connection but when you click some links, it gets redirected to “This webpage cannot be displayed”. I hope the authors of this website will fix links and update them.


7 thoughts on “Online Intermediate College Korean

  1. I have the Intermediate College Korean pdf file. I also have the pdf file of the first book. I’m gonna start reading the intermediate one when I finish the first book.

    • Waaaah! Where did you get the pdf file? Can I download it somewhere? Hihi thank you! I really find the book very helpful and they explained the intermediate grammar patterns well!

      • Awesome! Thanks! I will check it tomorrow! /le sigh/ My Korean language books checklist is still long. I can’t do a major book shopping spree because the shipping fee is expensive plus all the remittance fees that you have to pay :(( And as a fangirl, I also allot money for fangirling purposes and also for my acads’ expenses ;o; And it is difficult to save money ㅠㅠ

  2. Remittance fee? I want to buy the Yonsei Korean Reading books. Thinking of getting the 3rd book although I’m not sure if it’s too advanced for me. Yeah, fangirling. Albums are not cheap and so is the shipping fee. I just wish money would grow on trees. Things would be easier if that happens. Haha!

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