[REVIEW]Yonsei Korean Language Book: Reading 1 (연세 한국어 읽기1)

Yonsei Korean language books are definitely my most favorite Korean language books. Yonsei’s books are affordable, provides clear explanations of the lessons and provides exercises which can help you gauge your Korean language skills.  This time, I will write some reviews about the Yonsei Korean language books that I have. First in the list will be Yonsei’s Korean Reading 1!

Same as Writing Korean for Beginners and Korean Speaking book by Hannam University, I used this book during my first semester in Hannam’s Korean Language Center. My Korean Reading professor that time was the best Korean language professor that I have met! My Korean reading and listening skills were improved because of her and with the help of this book.

Yonsei Korean Language Book - Reading 1 (연세 한국어 읽기1)

Yonsei Korean Language Book – Reading 1 (연세 한국어 읽기1)

Table of Contents

First page

The best thing about Yonsei Korean Reading 1 is that it is very helpful for Korean language learners who doesn’t have any background on writing Korean or reading and pronouncing Korean words. Well, this book is really for beginners so the lessons are still the basics from writing Korean alphabet to pronouncing simple words. The first three lessons were dedicated for the discussion of Hangeul, consonants and vowels and the bachim (받침).

There are 40 lessons which consists of various readings on making simple introductions, describing one’s own room, transacting in a market, taking the bus or trains, hobbies, writing a day’s schedule and many more! The lessons will start with the use of basic grammar pattern and until more complex patterns are used. The first few readings are just short but as you go through the lessons, the readings will get longer and longer.

Table of Contents

Lesson on Making Introductions (자기소개)

Lesson on Making Introductions (자기소개)

The book will not bombard you with complicated grammar patterns and vaguely defined vocabulary words. After every reading, there is a list of the vocabulary words used in the paragraphs. The vocabulary list is also translated to three languages: English, Japanese and Chinese. The definitions or explanations of the vocabulary words are based on how they were used in the paragraphs.

Vocabulary Words (어휘)

Vocabulary Words (어휘)

There are short quizzes after every lesson.  The questions included in the quiz are about the paragraph that you have read. Answering the quiz will just check if you were able to comprehend the paragraph. There are also review lessons wherein you will read other paragraphs or answer some exercises related to the topic of the lesson.

There is a 읽어 봅시다 part in the end of every lesson. There is a list of Korean words or phrases and how they should be pronounced. Beside each word or phrase is an example sentence to practice how to read and pronounce them correctly.


  • 좋아합니다 [조아함니다]/[조하함니다] – 저는 한국 음식을 좋아합니다. *The word/s inside the [brackets] is how you will pronounce the word.

The Korean Reading 1 book also comes with 2 Audio CDs! The paragraphs of each lesson are recorded in the CD also the 읽어 봅시다 exercises. After every 4 or 5 chapters, there is a short assessment quiz if you have understood the lessons.

The book come with 2 Audio CDs!

The book come with 2 Audio CDs!

Other details of the book:

Title of the Book: Yonsei Korean Reading 1 (연세 한국어 읽기1)

Cover: Softcover (TIP: Yonsei Korean Language books’ levels are determined by the color of the cover. If the cover is blue, it is for Beginners, if it is green, it is for Intermediate and if it is light brownish, it is for the Advanced Level.

Number of Pages: 208

ISBN: 978-89-7141-798-0

Price: 19,000won (Seoul Selection Price in USD: 17.76$)


  • The book is affordable! For 19,000won, you will get a Korean Reading book for beginners, with full-color glossy pages and 2 Audio CDs!
  • The basic lessons that beginners should know are highlighted in the book.
  • The vocabulary words are translated to three different languages: English, Japanese and Chinese.
  • The illustrations are very colorful and very pleasing to the eye.
  • There are practice quizzes, additional exercises and listening practices in each lesson. You will be able to gauge if you have understood each lesson.
  • The book provides a good introduction of the Korean alphabet.


  • I can’t think of any negative comment about this book because everything that I look for a Korean reading book is in Yonsei’s Korean Reading 1! But if the book’s size matters like for example, you prefer having small, pocketbook styles of books, then this is not recommendedㅋㅋ Yonsei’s books are quite heavy and bulky(especially the grammar book).

Where to buy the book: Seoul Selection. You can also check Kyobo Books or GMarket. If you are residing in Korea, I guess this book is available in most of the bookshops.

Book Rating: 5/5!

So if you are a beginner in studying Korean and you are looking for a good book which you can use in studying Korean reading, I really recommend this book! This can help you study the basics of Korean reading! If you have other questions about this book, feel free to ask! 🙂


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  1. Yes,you can request books that are not included in their list.I’m saving up to order Korean Grammar in Use. Btw,your book reviews are very helpful.Have a great day!

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