A Quick Review of 29th TOPIK Intermediate Exam (어휘 및문법, 쓰기)

The results of the previously held 29th TOPIK were released yesterday! I am happy because some of my friends who are currently studying in Korea passed the Intermediate Level! When I saw their posts, I immediately ran to TOPIK’s official website to download the exam during the 29th TOPIK.

29th TOPIK - (어휘 및 문법, 쓰기)

29th TOPIK – (어휘 및 문법, 쓰기)

I downloaded the Intermediate 어휘 및문법, 쓰기 exam first before the 듣기 files. I really wanted to check what were the grammar patterns included in the 29th TOPIK. I was also very curious about what was the question during the 쓰기 part. I tried answering the exam and I find it quite easy. I am not saying that all of my answers were correct but at least I was able to understand most of the questions. The 29th TOPIK has the same “quite easy” aura as the 28th but as what my friend commented, the 29th’s 쓰기 part is easier compared to the 28th’s essay question.

The vocabulary words included in the 어휘 및문법  were really the words that I am currently trying to study. The grammar patterns were the patterns that I am currently trying to understand! There you go with -자마자, -던, -았/었던, -을/ 테니까,- 았/었더니 and the other intermediate grammar patterns that you can find in TOPIK 150. The announcement and the graph included in the 쓰기 part is kinda easier compared to the 28th! And the part where you will connect 3 different sentences to make one sensible sentence is quite easy to answer!

#41. 모르는 것이 있다 / 혼자 생각하다 / 언제든지 물어보다 – > 모르는 것이 있으면 혼자 생각하지 말고 언제든지 물어보세요.

#42. 여행을 가다 / 집에 돌아오다 / 신문이 쌓여 있다 -> 여행을 갔다가 집에 돌아왔더니 신문이 쌓여 있었다. (I only got the 여행을 갔다가 and 신문이 쌓여 있었다 correctly. I missed the -았더니 grammar pattern!)

My Dream TOPIK Question!

My Dream TOPIK Question!

And I was very envious of the essay question during the 29th TOPIK!

여러분은 살면서 다시 돌아가 보고 싶은 때가 있습니까? ‘내가 돌아가고 싶은 때’
라는 제목으로 글을 쓰십시오. 단, 아래에 제시된 내용이 모두 포함되어야

This was my dream TOPIK question! I’ve been preparing how to answer this question just in case they will ask this as the topic of the essay! Until now, I can’t get over with the fact that my dream TOPIK question was already asked ToT

In a brighter side, the 29th TOPIK gave me more encouragement to take the Intermediate exam on April. I still have a lot of things to review especially grammar patterns and practice my writing skills! Tomorrow, my TOPIK study buddy and I will sit down and analyze this exam. I’ll make another post about the unfamiliar vocabulary words included in the exam after reviewing the 어휘 및문법 and 쓰기.

If you want to download the 29th TOPIK (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), you can visit TOPIK’s website or just click this.


6 thoughts on “A Quick Review of 29th TOPIK Intermediate Exam (어휘 및문법, 쓰기)

  1. Darn! That was an easy and interesting question. Filling out the 600 characters will not be a problem. Heck, I might even ask for an extra paper! What’s with our strength and weaknesses question on the 28th! 헐!

    • I am now more familiar with 더니 because I always hear it whenever I am watching Radio Star or Strong Heart~ Waaaa! But I still need to practice! Who knows what grammar patterns will be included in the 30th! ToT

    • True! I think this essay writing topic is more interesting to write about compared to the 28th. But we still need to admit the fact that no matter how hard or how we hate an essay topic, we still need to answer them using intermediate korean skills.

      I just realized that If we will keep on avoiding difficult essay topics, we can’t really measure how good we are in korean :))

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