30th TOPIK Here I Come!!!

This is really is it! My 30th TOPIK Application form! Last Thursday, I asked my Korean teacher if our department has a copy of the application form. I told her that I tried to download the form in KCC Philippines’ website but since it was uploaded in .doc format, the fonts and formatting changed. The next day, Friday, I went back to our department and asked for the TOPIK Application form and yeaaaaa! I already got it!  I got two copies of the form because I always make mistakes whenever filling out a form ㅋㅋ.

TOPIK Application Form!

TOPIK Application Form!

I checked the Intermediate Level because this time, I am really determined to take the intermediate level. There are still a lot of preparations that I have to do but I am excited for the exam!

For UP Diliman Students who plans to take the TOPIK on April 20/21, you can get a copy of the application form at the Linguistics Department, FC 2110. Look for Ate Vicky and ask for the application form. You can also submit the form together with the payment of 400 pesos to Michael Manahan of Linguistics Department.

I wish good luck to all the TOPIK takers on April! We can do this! 퐈이팅!!!!!!!!


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