January 2013 Stickers/Emoticons Diary

Finally!!! I have completed my monthly Sticker/Emoticons Diary for the month of January! It feels so good to see the stickers and the notes I posted in my mini planner from Papemelroti!



Last January, I bought a mini planner from Papemelroti in SM North EDSA because I wanted to keep track of the daily happenings in my life. I already have a bigger academic planner but I don’t usually put any notes except important acads, work, fangirl duty requirements. I remembered some of my Korean friends and they keep a small diary with them. Instead of writing in their small diary, they put stickers that corresponds to their mood and experiences in a particular day. In my diary, I used the Korean stickers that I bought in Korea.  I also write some keywords(in Korean) of the highlights of my day!  My favorite Korean sticker for the month of January is the sticker that says “성적은 셀프” which means, (school) grades are “self-service” or must be done by an individual himself. It kept me inspired for the whole month of January!

Papemelroti's 2013 Mini Planner - Papemelroti SM North EDSA 15.75php

Papemelroti’s 2013 Mini Planner from Papemelroti SM North EDSA (15.75php)

Stickers/Emoticons Diary 2013

Stickers/Emoticons Diary 2013

I also have the emoticon stickers so I put my mood everyday on my mini planner to keep track of how I feel everyday. There are really times when I am super duper happy and there are also times whenever I feel sad and depressed. I update my mini planner everyday so that I will not forget any special happenings or my moods on a particular day.

It is really nice to keep a mini diary like this! While venting out my emotions, I am also able to practice my Korean skills by writing the highlights of my day in Korean! There are also unfamiliar expressions found in my Korean stickers so I was able to translate some of them and add more words to my vocabulary bank! I hope that I will not get lazy in the next few months so that I will be able to complete the entries in my mini diary.^^

How about you, readers? Do you still keep a diary? Have you tried writing diary entries in Korean? Share your experience!^^


7 thoughts on “January 2013 Stickers/Emoticons Diary

  1. I love your diary which is very colorful, impressive and inspiring ❤

    I keep many diaries for many purposes, but most of them are written in English because my major is English Linguistics and Literature. I want to write in Korean but I don't have enough time :((

    • Thank you!^^ This is my mini diary. I don’t really like writing in longer paragraphs because I have the tendency to be lazy so I am keeping this kind of diary.

      It’s okay to write it in English! Write diary entries using the language that you are most comfortable with!^^ Maybe you can try to write in Korean too! Just like what I did, I only use short phrases or just words. :))

  2. Thank you for just kicking me back to the books 😉 We have a similar saying (which is usually only used to taunt lazy students): “exam is a party for the diligent student”?
    Sigh, I should get myself a cup of coffee and get going.

    • Haha! Exam is a “party” for the diligent student. Yes I agree with you! It feels really good when you’re prepared for an exam or any kind of test. Well, we may not be really 100% prepared but at least, if we know that we have “weapons” before going into a “war”, it lessens the stress! Let’s keep going! Fighting!

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