KTO’s My Korean Travel Story

I was using Twitter when I saw KTO’s tweet about My Korean Travel Story wherein you can share your own Korean travel stories. I clicked the link they provided and it was redirected to a mini-blog created specially for the contributor’s own Korean travel stories.

My Korean Travel Story - a new way of sharing your Korean travel stories

My Korean Travel Story – a new way of sharing your Korean travel stories

My Korean Travel Story is really the new place where you can share your personalized trip in Korea!  Aside from sharing your own travel stories, you can also read and rate other people’s stories. Other’s stories might also give you new ideas for your next trip in Korea!

In each post in My Korean Travel Story, you can include the region that you visited, theme of your trip, who you went with and your itineraries. You can also include food and other kind of reviews in your entries. Pictures taken during your trip can also be uploaded. The good thing about this new project of KTO is that the posts are not restricted to the use of English language. There are also posts written in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and many more!

Most of the posts are about their Seoul travel experience. Some are about Jeju Island, Incheon and Gangwon Province. I am planning to post something about my beloved city, Daejeon for those people who wants to travel every city in Korea. During my stay in Daejeon, people always say that there’s really nothing very special with Daejeon aside from the fact that it’s the hometown of some famous artists like Song Joongki, Kwon Sangwoo and Park Jimin and because of some famous mountain parks located near Daejeon like Gyeryongsan (Gyeryong Mountain). For me, there are a lot of good places that people can visit in Daejeon, whether it’s for food tripping, sight seeing or shopping! I hope there will be more posts about different cities and different places in Korea and not only about Seoul. If I have more time, I would love to read each and every post in My Korean Travel Story!

So if you are planning to share your Korean travel stories other than posting in your personal blogs, Facebook or tumblr, try to share them at KTO’s My Korean Travel Story. Immortalize your Korean travel memories and help other people in their future travel in Korea.


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