8-15-11 Fangirl Experience: Yesung, Ryeowook, Donghae Fansign in Daejeon

I think I have mentioned in my About Me that I am a /hardcore/ Super Junior fangirl. I super duper duper duper love Super Junior and I’ll never ever regret that I fangirl over them haha! I was arranging my photos when I stumbled upon my Korea Photos folder then I saw my folder of my photos during the Super Junior 5th Album Fansign Event in Daejeon. I remembered that day, when one of my dreams really came true!

My seat number - No. 0047!

My seat number – No. 0047!

I felt very lucky after being chosen as one of the fans who can join the fan signing event! I went to Daejeon Jung-gu Culture center for the event alone! I think I was the only Filipino fan who joined Synnara’s raffle contest for this event so I went to the event alone since I don’t know any Korean fan in our city. Among the fans who went there, I only know the famous Yesung fan Pooka and the Yesung fan that I always see in Sukira’s Live Radio and the Chinese fans who I also saw in Sukira and at a concert in Incheon. Unfortunately, no cameras allowed in the event so I was only able to take a picture of the stage and the artists’  table.

The only photo I've taken inside the venue since cameras are not allowed during the event ㅜㅜ

The only photo I’ve taken inside the venue since cameras are not allowed during the event ㅜㅜ

It was around 7pm KST when the event started and I was really very very very very nervous because finally, I can talk to my Super Junior biases: Yesung, Ryeowook and especially my ultimate bias: Donghae! I was very envious of the people who were able to talk to their idols (like Ate Dia from My Korean Corner!) and I really wished that even once in my life I will be able to talk to my idols too! I think it was really destined that I will meet them, have shake hands with them and then get an autograph as a bonus ㅋㅋ!

Super Junior Ryeowook's Fan sign

Super Junior Ryeowook’s Fan sign

Super Junior Yesung's Fan sign

Super Junior Yesung’s Fan sign

asdfghjklkhfdsasdfghjk Super Junior Donghae's Fan sign

asdfghjklkhfdsasdfghjk Super Junior Donghae’s Fan sign

I thought I will faint after talking to Donghae and had shake hands with him! It was really my dream to hold his hands and 8-15-11 was the date when it finally happened! I wanted to ask a hug from him but I think it’s quite too much and if I ask for a hug, the other fans will ask for it too and it may cause problems with the organizers lol.

I really don’t know how I managed to get back to our dorm after the event. While walking inside the underground shopping center near the venue, I was just smiling like a babo! I was hugging my Synnara paper bag with the signed Mr. Simple album inside. When I reached our dormitory, I was just jumping and screaming and jumping and screaaaaming! I felt like it was only a dream but it was not!

Donghae's tweet about the event!

Donghae’s tweet about the event!

Donghae took a photo of the fans after the fansigning event

Donghae took a photo of the fans after the fansigning event! I can see myself heeeeereeee!

And if you want to read my looooong fan account(originally posted in my tumblr account) here it is! (Forgive me with my keyboard smashing disorder lol)

I consider 08-15-11 as one of the best days of my life. I’ve shared my fan account for the Daejeon Fan Signing Event but I haven’t shared how wonderful YeWookHae were towards their fans.

It’s my dream to talk to them even just for a second. I’m very thankful that I had that chance last Monday. I didn’t expect that I was able to participate in that event. Some fans bought hundreds of albums just to get a slot for the fansign event.

Yesung, Ryeowook and Donghae, these guys, they are really precious.

Ryeowook- He is such a sweet guy. He’s so thankful to his fans. There were lots of Japanese fans who came and most of them were Ryeowook biased. They even prepared their speech so that if it’s already their turn to get their album signed, they’ll say it to Ryeowook. Ryeowook was the last one signing the photos from the album. When it’s already my turn, I greeted him in Korean. So he greeted back in Korean. He just spoke to me in Korean, asked me where did I came from and I replied “Philippines”. He wrote my name in English, and asked me if it’s correct. He’s really sweet. ;___; And then he gave me his signed photo and had our handshake. My hands were so cold that he even rubbed the back of my right hand with his left hand while his right hand is holding it. And he smiled and said “Gomaweoyo”/”Thank you”. I felt his sincerity. I love Ryeowook. I love him. He’s just so pure, so sincere. So cute.

Yesung- He is above the normal. He acts really hyperactive and weird. LMAO. I will never forget my encounter with him. I’ve seen him up close in Sukira, he’s so handsome, legit handsome. When it was my turn to have his photo signed by him, he spoke to me in English. LMAO. Yesung + English = OTL. HAHAHAHAHAHA! He asked me “Where are you from?” I said, “I’m from the Philippines”. He read my name on the post it. It was written in English as Alyzza but in Korean as “Alli”. He said “Alli”. So he moved the post it to the right side of his face so that he’ll sign on the bottom. After he signed his photo, he gave it back to me and I said “Thank you”. We did a handshake, his hands were so small. OTL. And before I proceed to Ryeowook, he thought of something and immediately shouted “Muhammada Alli, Muhammada Alli”. OTL YESUNG. WHY DID YOU CALL ME MUHAMMADA ALLI?! It’s my nickname – Alli. OTL. OTL. I don’t know what should I feel. LMAO. MINDFUCKED. OTL YESUNG, YOU’RE A TURTLE.

Donghae- Ugh. Yeah. My bias. Donghae. Ugh. Yes. Uhm. Dreams do come true. Ugh. DSFGHJSAKADFAHFJKHASDJKGHDJSKHGKDJSAHGKASHGLSHJGKHDSAKGHJSKJHGJSK. He’s such a kid. He’s such a cute kid. He never fails to stick his tongue out his mouth. His smiles are so gorgeous. He looks good on anything. He looks good on aviators. He looks so good with his cap. OTL. I don’t know how I survived that 1 hour fan signing event. I was observing his every move. SAFDASHGAFSHJADSKFJHDSKJHGKJDSHGJKHSDKGHSDKGHKSADHGKDSHGKSAHDGKS. Donghae, I love you. He was the first one to sign the photos. I was really nervous, but at least I’m keeping myself calm so that I will not faint. It’s Donghae. My bias. I greeted him in Korean. Then he just smiled. I gave him his photo and then he read my name. It was written in both Korean and in English, but he wrote the English one. While signing his photo, he asked me something in English. YES, IN ENGLISH. OTL. DONGHAE’S ENGLISH. OTL. So he asked me “Where are you from?” I answered back, “Philippines”. So he continued signing his photo. After he finished signing it, he asked me another question, IN ENGLISH. OTL. DONGHAE. ENGLISH. OTL. WHAT IS LIFE. “When do you go back? There?” OTL DONGHAE. I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK THERE, I WANT TO STAY IN YOUR ROOM.  So I answered “Next year”. He repeated it, “Ahh, next year”. And then he smiled and we did a handshake. OTL. Donghae’s hands. Warm and soft will never be enough to describe it. He’s going to hold your hand tight and then he’ll release it slowly. Lee Donghae. OTL. OTL. OTL. OTL. I’ll love you forever.

I will never forget the date August 15, 2011. I will never ever forget that day. It will forever be epic. I love Super Junior. I love all of the members. I love Lee Donghae. ;____; And this experience really proved that dreams do come true.

I celebrated my 1st year anniversary of meeting and greeting Donghae in person last year, August 15, 2012. And guess what, that day Donghae was here in Manila with Siwon for their Bench(a Filipino clothing brand) fanmeeting! I wanted to celebrate that anniversary by seeing Donghae again and it was granted Haha! I already miss Super Junior. I am hungry for their concerts and I hope they will come back here in the Philippines soon!


4 thoughts on “8-15-11 Fangirl Experience: Yesung, Ryeowook, Donghae Fansign in Daejeon

  1. You’re Donghae biased and you’re studying Korean. That’s enough for me to leave this comment, say “HIIIIIIII,” and follow your blog. XD *hardcore ELF* The avi of Hyuk gives it away, but the ultimate biases are Donghae, Jongwoon, Yunho, and Hyukjae. (I don’t know if they’re in that order anymore. They like to switch it around.)

      • I’m Keisha from America (New York City). 😀 You can call me that or Reika (Japanese nickname) or 정화 (Korean nickname) or anything you wanna come up with. I’ve been given lots of names so I’m okay with people adding to the list. XD

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