Two Two Chicken Take-out + Korean Food Shopping at Nice Mart

After my classes last Friday, me and my friend went to Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City to buy Yangnyeom Chicken at Two Two chicken. Late last year, I’ve made a post about my Korean Chicken eating experience at Two Two. My sister wants to try eating Yangnyeom Chicken from Two Two so I went back to the store and bought half order of Yangnyeom Chicken for 300php. Like the chicken houses in Korea, the chicken for take-out was wrapped in an aluminum foil and placed inside a box with Kang Hodong as the model! Aside from the chicken, there was also a pack of pickled radish and mixed vegetables with salad dressing.

Two Two Yangnyeom Chicken for Take-out!

Two Two Yangnyeom Chicken for Take-out!

After buying chicken at Two Two Chicken, we went to Nice Mart, a Korean mart just few meters away from Two Two chicken. It wasn’t my first time to visit Nice Mart. I’ve been there for a couple of times last year 2010 because of a class activity. Though, it was my first time to visit Nice Mart after going back to the Philippines from Korea.

I can’t help myself but buy my most favorite Korean snacks and drinks. I was surprised to see Snackmyeon’s price at 28php each pack! If you will buy it in Hypermarket, it will cost around 35php! TIP: If you love eating Korean noodles, better buy in Korean food marts! 

I really love drinking Seoul Milk but unfortunately, the saleslady said that there’s no more stock of Seoul Milk. I decided to buy the Del Monte Apple Squeeze drink which reminds me a lot of memories from Hannam University and our ultimate favorite Ceylon Tea! Of course, Choco Haim is also included in the list of my most favorite Korean snack. There are still a bunch of Korean snacks that I want to buy but I don’t have enough money and I just find the prices quite unreasonable. Well, it’s really expected that Korean products in the Philippines is quite expensive. My friend also bought Kimchi from Nice Mart and it’s really delicious! For the price of 90php per rectangular microwavable container, the Kimchi tastes better compared to the packed Kimchi that are sold in supermarkets. Their Melona ice cream is also on sale, 5 pieces for 100php!

Korean snacks+drinks! Bought at Nice Mart, Kalayaan Avenue QC. Left to Right: Choco Haim(45php), Apple Squeeze drink(20php), Ceylon Tea(30php), Snackmyeon Ramyeon(28php)

Korean snacks+drinks! Bought at Nice Mart, Kalayaan Avenue QC. Left to Right: Choco Haim(45php), Apple Squeeze drink(20php), Ceylon Tea(30php), Snackmyeon Ramyeon(28php)

I wish Nice Mart will have the 감자 과자 that I always eat and I wish they’ll sell their Kimbap in a cheaper price ㅋㅋ. The next time that I visit Nice Mart, I’ll buy Market-O brownies, Binch, Mandu, Kimchi and more Snackmyeon!


4 thoughts on “Two Two Chicken Take-out + Korean Food Shopping at Nice Mart

  1. ey you like Binch too? 🙂
    More than Nice Mart I like 사랑 마트 more. They have more snacks and drinks. But the 김밥 in Nice Mart are good! 🙂

    What I want them to have are 삼각김밥 and Vitamin Waters! ㅠㅠ

    • Binch is looooove! There’s a convenience store near our dorm that sells Binch in a super low price. I tried to buy one box and after that, I can’t help myself from buying and eating Binch!

      Sarang Mart? Is it also located in Kalayaan?

      삼각김밥!!!! Huhu. Tuna with Mayo flavorㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      • Eh? Don’t tell me you don’t know 사랑 마트!!!!! It’s very near Two Two. At the corner of the next blog very near the Jjajangmyeon jip and noraebang. I love it more than Nice Mart. I think their items are newer/fresher. They have more drinks (바나나 우유! and 2%!!!) and snacks and they have other items (from ingredients to shampoos and cleaners).
        Binch was endorsed by Kim Sun Ah way back in the late 90’s thus I love it. Wanna see? Wanna see? ( But it’s really delicious. And yes, it’s very cheap in Korea. I think it’s just 1,500won and it was buy 1 take 1 in a convenience store near SNU and we brought more than 10 boxes (so 20+) and we gave it to the staff of I Do I Do. 🙂

        삼각김밥 is ❤ and it defines my entire summer in Korea! I thought I found a place that sells it here but found out the place closed down already. ㅠㅠ So I guess I really have to go to Korea to get one. ㅋㅋㅋ

      • lmao now I know where is Sarang Mart. I’m not really paying attention to some other korean marts because I am too “biased” with Nice Mart lol. There’s also 바나나 우유 at SM Hypermarket last year but it suddenly disappeared! I think some Filipinos think that Banana Milk is the weirdest milk ever. For my Seoul Milk, I think I will just buy it from Tous Les Jours.

        LMAO. Dilemma with chocolate or biscuit and there’s Binch! lol Kim Sun Ah eonni is super cute!

        You’re going to Korea on April right? OMG Ate Dia, I have to ask something! Will send you a message on Faceboooook! 😀

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