[REVIEW] Hannam University’s Korean Language Book for Beginners

The next book for my Korean Language Book Review is Hannam University’s Korean Language Book for Beginners. I’ve used this book during my first semester in Hannam University’s Korean Language Center during our Korean Speaking class. This book is used by all Level 1(A and B) students of HNU’s Korean Language Center.

Hannam University's Korean Book for Beginners

Hannam University’s Korean Book for Beginners

For me, HNU’s Korean Book for Beginners is not really a good book, well if compared with Sogang and Yonsei’s books. It contains a lot of spelling and grammar errors. Our Korean speaking professor also found the book quite confusing because of the errors. Whenever we use this book in class, there will be moments that my professor will stop and ask us to correct the mistakes of the book. On a brighter side, the book is still helpful for those who are practicing basic Korean speaking skills.

The book has 22 Chapters. Each chapter contains a conversation practice written in Korean with English, Japanese and Chinese translations, practice conversation exercises and grammar review. There are also illustrations but they are not as good as Sogang and Yonsei’s drawings/pictures.

Sample Page 1

Sample Page 1

Sample Page 2

Sample Page 2

Sample page 3

Sample page 3

Other details of the book:

Title of the Book: 한국어 (Korean Language) by 한남 대학교 한국어 학당 (Hannam University Korean Language Center)

Number of Pages: 303 pages

Cover: Paperback

ISBN: 89-7066-202-2

Price: 20,000won; USD- 19.23$


  • This book is okay for beginners because the grammar patterns discussed are the basic patterns.
  • There are exercises which can help students to practice their Korean speaking skills.
  • The quality of the paper used is good.


  • As what I’ve mentioned above, the book contains a lot of spelling, grammar, translation errors. Some words are also not properly romanized. I am afraid that some beginners will get confused with these mistakes of the book.
  • We used this book as our reference material for our Korean speaking class but the thing is, it doesn’t come with any CD unlike Yonsei’s and Sogang’s books. So if you want a Korean Speaking book with a CD, this book is not for you.
  • If you want a book with good illustrations when buying a Korean language book, then this book is not highly recommended.

Where to buy the book: I am not sure if this book is sold online in Korea or in other Korean bookstores online. We bought it at Hannam University’s Bookstore which is located beside the Law building of Hannam University.

Book Rating: 2.8/5

I wish HNU’s Korean Language Center to try revising this book if they still want to use it in their beginner classes.


2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Hannam University’s Korean Language Book for Beginners

  1. It actually looks like a really good book 😀 wonder if you can buy it on a online store though ~ or if its just a university book 🙂 I think I will check around and see if I can get this book 😀 I want it now lol and thanks for the book review ^^

    • To be honest, this book is really helpful. It’s not a very good book but it is good if you just want to practice your skills. I just hope that HNU will correct the errors^^

      I haven’t checked Kyobobooks or other bookstores in GMarket if this book is available. 😦

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