Children’s Book in Korean: 착한 연이 “Kind Yeon-i”

This is a reply post to M’s question about “Which was the first Korean book you’ve read?” I consider Korean language books as the first Korean book that I’ve read. But if you’re going to ask me about the first All-Korean book that I’ve read and that is not a language book, my answer is the children’s book that my Korean professor gave me which is entitled 착한 연이 or “Kind Yeon-i” in English. We had a Korean vocabulary exam and then I got a perfect score so my Korean reading professor gave me that book ㅋㅋ.

착한 연이/ Kind Yeon-i

착한 연이/ Kind Yeon-i

착한 연이 or Kind Yeon-i is a children’s story book that tells about the “Cinderella-ish” story of Yeon-i. One day, Yeon-i’s step mother asked her to get a rare herb and while on her way to the forest, Yeon-i met a prince who owns a paradise in a cave. In that paradise, Yeon-i was able to get that rare herb and became friends with the prince. The prince gave Yeon-i a blue bottle which contains a medicine that can revive a dying person. When the little girl went back home, her step mother was shocked when Yeon-i gave that rare herb because it’s winter and there should not be herbs like that in the forest. The step mother became suspicious and followed Yeon-i when she went back to the prince’s paradise in the cave. The step mother saw the paradise and set it on fire. When Yeon-i went back to the cave, everything was already burned and she saw the prince lying on the ground, lifeless. Yeon-i remembered the blue bottle and poured the medicine into the prince’s mouth and he came back to life. He said that kind Yeon-i was a gift from heaven and they should just go and live a happy life there…together^^

First 2 pages of the book

First 2 pages of the story

I really liked the story and the illustrations of the book. Since it was a children’s story book, the words are simple to understand so it wasn’t very difficult to read it. I also translated the book in Filipino and retold it to my cousin and he loved the story! I just regret that I wasn’t able to buy a lot of story books in Korea that I can use when studying Korean.

Now, I am planning to buy the Korean version of the book “Please Look After Mom” or 엄마를 부탁해 by Shin Kyung-sook and the newly released Reply 1997(응답하라 1997) novel. I need to ask Seoul Selection if I can buy these titles from them and also, I need to save money for these books.

So, have you ever read a children’s story book in Korean? Share your story!^^


2 thoughts on “Children’s Book in Korean: 착한 연이 “Kind Yeon-i”

  1. That’s a cute story book. ❤ The illustration is so pretty. :3
    I just bought the Reply 1997 novel. It's kinda fun to read even though most of the parts and dialogues were written in Busan dialect. I'm planning to buy 엄마를 부탁해 too but I still have two unfinished books.

    • 착한 연이 is a really cute story!! And the quality of the book is A++++!

      Waaaaa!!! I really want to get a copy of the Reply 1997 novel!! How much is it again?

      I also want to buy the novel of the Korean movie 도가니 and yeah 엄마를 부탁해. I hope I can buy them soon!

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