[REVIEW]초급 한국어 쓰기 – Writing Korean for Beginners

초급 한국어 쓰기 (Writing Korean for Beginners) is one of the books that we’ve used in our Level 1B Korean language class at Hannam University’s Korean Language Center. In my opinion, the book is really useful and very helpful for Korean language learning beginners especially if you want to learn writing in Korean.  The book has a chapter with a short history of Hangeul. There are pages on learning how to write Hangeul so if you still don’t know how to write the Korean alphabet, you will be able to learn it easily.

The book also contains 20 Lessons. Each unit contains the following: Goals of each lesson, Introduction of the lesson, New Vocabulary and Expressions, Grammar Introduction, Self-Assessments and other simple exercises and introduction of the Korean culture. Every unit is explained well and you will be able to assess your Korean writing skills after studying the grammar patterns and vocabulary words after each unit.

The National Institute of the Korean Language's 초급 한국어 쓰기 - Writing Korean for Beginners

The National Institute of the Korean Language’s 초급 한국어 쓰기 – Writing Korean for Beginners- 20,000won

Other details of the book:

Title of the Book: 초급 한국어 쓰기 – Writing Korean for Beginners (by the National Institute of the Korean Language)

Number of pages: 311

Cover: Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-56591-228-1

Price: Korean won – 20,000won; USD- 19.23$(via Seoul Selection)

Sample Page: 자기소개 - Self-Introduction

Sample Page: 자기소개 – Self-Introduction


  • If you are a beginner in learning Korean writing, this book will be a big help.
  • The lessons are easy to understand.
  • The vocabulary words needed for a beginner to express basic sentences are also introduced in the book.
  • Each unit contains colored illustrations for better understanding of the lesson.
  • The quality of the book’s paper is superb!
  • The index of the book serves as a glossary, containing the Korean words used in the book with its corresponding English translation.


  • Actually, I can’t think of anything negative comment about the book. The book was really a big help in understanding basic grammar patterns and basic Korean words.

Where to buy the book: I browsed Seoul Selection and I saw that they have copies of this book. You can check it out here. I also checked Kyobo Bookstore Online and I found out that this book is not only available in English but also in Chinese, Mongolian, Spanish, Russian and many more.

Book Rating: 5/5

Sorry for the crappy photos. My iPod is on a low battery state so the photos are not that clear.


5 thoughts on “[REVIEW]초급 한국어 쓰기 – Writing Korean for Beginners

    • Thank you for your comment! I really love this book because it helped me a lot in mastering the basic grammar patterns. The first Korean language book that I used was Sogang’s (Andy ssi?^^). Sogang’s books are really helpful and written well.

      I’ve seen your 자기소개 and it was already edited by a Korean in the comments but I would love to edit it again for you!^^ I’ll try to do it tomorrow or during the weekend. It’s quite late now in Manila and my father is already yelling, telling me to sleep! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ll drop by your site again!^^

      • I love reading different ways of how people correct others in Korean so please do so! It would be a good way to see how other people would write it. 🙂

    • There’s no problem if you write in Korean using a keyboard. Korean Writing doesn’t really mean you’ll write Korean letters beautifully after reading this book. You will learn grammar patterns, sentence constructions and all about writing in Korean 😀

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