Naver Webtoons iPod App

I am very much curious with the Naver webtoons that Kay and M posted in their blogs. So I tried to search it and I found that it is like an online manhwa(korean comics) where you can read different genres of manhwas. I tried to search for an iPod app for Naver webtoons and I found one for free!

After loading and installing the iPod app from iTunes, I opened the Webtoons app and I saw bunch of updated manhwas!

Naver Webtoons iPod App

You can choose from a variety of manhwa genres: Fantasy, Gag, Thriller, Drama and a many more! If you are learning Korean, it will be a good practice for your reading skills! This is really one great material for learning Korean.

Webtoons’ Genres

The first webtoon that I read was 와라!편의점 (Welcome to Convenience Store) by coco4. The words used in this manhwa are very simple. If there are unfamiliar vocabulary words, you can use naver dictionary or any Korean dictionary that you have. The illustrations are very cute and adorable so it is really nice to read this story. The first chapter of this webtoon is about 신분증 or the identity card. There was this boy who went to the convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes. The cashier is skeptical if she will sell cigarettes to the boy because he looks like a high school student. Then she asked for the identification card of the boy. The boy told the cashier that he’s always mistaken as a high school student and he showed his ID. His thumb is covering the ID photo and the cashier found out that it is the ID of the boy’s brother. The cashier beat up the poor boy LOL.

Welcome to Convenience Store – 와라! 편의점

I also saved other manhwas on “My Webtoons”; one is comedy, two dramas and one thriller! If you have a Naver account, you need to log in to save the stories on “My Webtoons”.

My Webtoons


  • The app is free! All you need to do is download and install the iPod/iPad/iPhone app. It is only 5.2mb so it will not take a long time to install it.
  • There are stories which contain simple to complex words and sentences. This app can be a good help in reading in Korean.
  • Illustrations and font styles of the stories are reader-friendly. You will not get bored with the illustrations because they really look awesome!
  • There’s an online version of Naver Webtoons! If you don’t have the iPod/iPad/iPhone app, you can visit Naver Webtoons online.


  • For you to able to read the stories, you must have an active internet connection. I’ve read that you can download the webtoon and save it for 48 hours but I haven’t tried it.
  • Some stories take a long time for them to load. Maybe because the internet connection is not that good or some says that try re-installing the app to fix some issues.



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