A Year Ago in Korea…

In Korea, there were a lot of times when my Korean friends invite me to their houses. The first time I went inside an apartment unit of a Korean was when we were invited by one of our Korean friends to come over to their house during the 2011 Chuseok festival. Then my tutee, 소영, always invites me to their house to eat dinner. During my last month in Korea(December 2011), I was also invited for dinner by Ms. Rose, the English academy teacher that I met in the bus.

It was around the month of November when I met Rose in a bus stop in Seo-gu in Daejeon. I was on my way to go to a Church school when  someone called my attention in the bus stop. A Korean girl in her late 20’s approached me and asked me(in English) if I am a Filipino. I said yes and then she asked me if I have spare time to talk to her. She said her name is Rose and she’s a Jehova’s Witness. I was afraid to talk to a stranger so I said that I am busy so I can’t talk to her. Even though I gave her a hint that I am not that  interested in making friends with her, she still asked me few questions. She asked me where do I live in Daejeon. I told her that I live at Hannam University’s school dorm. When she heard of Hannam University, she asked me if I am studying there so I said yes. Then she said that she knows a Filipino in HNU. I asked who and she said that it was Ate Nancy, one of my Filipino “mothers” in Korea. Knowing that she knows someone that I personally know, I felt better. She gave me her number and told me to call her so that we can meet some other time.

I told ate Nancy about Rose and I discovered that they were already like sisters in Korea. They are very close to each other because they have the same religion and they always meet because of church-related activities. I meet Rose on a weekly basis. We always eat lunch together whenever we are meeting. She even introduced me to her cousin and other friends. There was this time when she and her cousin took me to a Dak Galbi house in Seodaejeon and they even paid for the meal! If we are not meeting during lunch time, we always hang out in coffee shops near HNU. She was like my older sister in Korea.

Few days before my flight back to Manila, she told me and ate Nancy to go to their apartment because she’s going to cook some Korean food. She asked me what kind of food I like so I told her I like Budae Jjigae, Tteokbokki and Rabokki. Rose said that she will cook tteokbokki for me so I went to their apartment unit with Ate Nancy. It was December 15, 2011… exactly a year ago!

Rose and her cousin were waiting for us inside the unit and they were very busy cooking food! Ate Nancy and I bought some bread in a nearby bakeshop to add more food for our dinner.

I thought Rose cooked tteokbokki but she told me that she cooked Rabokki instead. It was the best tasting homemade Rabokki that I’ve tasted!



This was the best Rabokki that I've ever tasted!

This was the best Rabokki that I’ve ever tasted!

Aside from the Rabokki, Rose and her cousin also prepared an “instant steak”. It is like burger steak but it tastes sweet. It was delicious and I ate it together with the Rabokki.

Instant "steak"!

Instant “steak”!

Rose’s cousin made some blueberry and peach waffle for dessert. The waffles were very delicious. I told them that they cook really well and I envy them because they know how to cook!

Homemade Blueberry and Peach waffles!

Homemade Blueberry and Peach waffles!

I will never ever forget that day that I spent with Rose and our friends. The food were very delicious and the topics of our conversation were very insightful. After that day, I thought that I was really destined to meet a good friend like Rose. The last time I saw her was the day before my flight back to Manila. She helped me cut my phone line and ate lunch with her. I can’t forget that day when we parted ways. I even cried after I turned my back from Rose. Haha, it was like I am an actress in a Korean drama. Oh well, it is really precious if you meet a good friend in a different country. I wish she can visit the Philippines soon and then I will try to cook delicious Filipino food for her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.


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