A Letter from my Korean Language Teachers

I was arranging my “Korean Box” when I saw an old letter from my classmates and teachers. We had this “rolling paper” activity during my last semester in Hannam University’s Korean Language Center and I felt so happy while re-reading my paper.

December 2011 Rolling Paper Activity

December 2011 Rolling Paper Activity

I had classmates from different countries like China, Taiwan and Laos. It’s fun to read their dedications written in different languages. Among all the letters that my classmates gave me, I treasure the messages that my Korean language teachers gave me.

My Korean language teachers were the best teachers I had while studying in Korea. One of them is Im Ye Yeong seonsaengnim (임예영 선생님).  I will never forget her message for me.

“….알리자, 필리핀에서 계속 한국어 공부하세요. 그리고 나중에 꼭 서울에 있는 대학원에 들어가세요. 다시 한국에 오면 꼭! 연락하세요 ~ 저는 알리자 덕분에 너무 너무 즐거웠어요. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

-말하기 임예영 선생님-


Im Ye Yeong seonsaengnim was my Korean Speaking teacher. Every month, we have our oral exam and every after exam, Im seonsaengnim keeps on telling me to always study hard. I’ve been telling her about my future plans of going back to Korea for Graduate Studies. She never fails to inspire me to pursue my dreams. I really love my previous Korean language teachers. In the future, I also want to inspire people who wants to pursue a career related to Korean language and culture. But yeah… I still have a long way to go!~ ❤


3 thoughts on “A Letter from my Korean Language Teachers

    • Thank you Shana!^^ I will definitely work hard for that dream to come true. ㅋㅋRolling paper activities are the best! The messages that you can get from different people are so fun to read! ㅋㅋ

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