Yang”yum” Korea’s Best Chicken (Everrr!) in Manila!

Yangnyeom Chicken is one of my favorite chicken flavors in Korea. I can say that Korean chicken recipes are the best especially this dish. Yangnyeom Chicken means Chicken with Yangnyeom, a sweet-spicy sauce with bits of red chili. When I was still in Daejeon, we always eat Joyhut Chicken or Boor Chicken. Each order of whole Yangnyeom Chicken costs around 11,000won/10$/400-440php.

Yesterday, my friends and I went to a Korean chicken house in Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City. Two Two Chicken or 둘둘 치킨 is the name of the chicken house. I am not really familiar with the exact name of the store but it is just 1-2 minute walk from Woorijib.

We went inside the store and we felt really happy because of the ambiance that resembles the Korean chicken houses in Korea. There were two Korean customers dining inside and then a Korean ahjussi(maybe the store owner) greeted us with “Hello”. We asked for the menu and then a Filipina waitress handed it to us. First, we checked the prices of the chicken if we can afford it. The prices were quite expensive but since we are craving for Yangnyeom chicken, we decided to dine there.

Two Two Chicken house (돌돌 치킨) in Kalayaan Ave.

Two Two Chicken house (돌돌 치킨) in Kalayaan Ave.

Two Two Chicken counter

Two Two

We ordered one whole spicy yangnyeom chicken (600php), half garlic chicken (300php), two cans of softdrinks (40php each) and then my friend added one cup of rice (50php). I am expecting the chicken to be that expensive but not the rice! I mean the rice costs 50 pesos! Anyways, we don’t usually eat Korean chicken with rice but my friend ordered a cup for her. While waiting for our order, the waitress served the softdrinks with the cold glass (Korean restaurants usually put the glasses inside the refrigerator). Then she also served sweet potato sticks (고구마 튀김) and then the pickled radish!

Pickled Radish (free side dish)

Pickled Radish (free side dish)

After few more minutes, the waitress served the Korean yangnyeom chicken. We smelled the chicken to check if it smells like the ones we’ve eaten in Korea and we almost cried because it really smells like the yangnyeom chicken in Korea! Actually, we just checked if the chicken is not like Bonchon’s Pseudo-Yangnyeom chicken. After the yangnyeom, the girl served the garlic chicken. The chickens were served with shredded cabbage and carrot with honey mustard sauce.

We ate the yangnyeom chicken first. It was good! The sauce tastes like the sauce in Korea. Though we ordered the spicy one, I think the spiciness level of the chicken is not the same as in Korea. The chicken was cooked well and the yangnyeom tastes really good! Even the garlic chicken is delicious too! The chicken’s skin is crispy and you can taste the garlic flavor with a little bit of sweetness.

Two Two's Korean Yangnyeom Chicken (600php - whole chicken)

Two Two’s Korean Yangnyeom Chicken (600php – whole chicken)



Two Two's Garlic Chicken (300php - half chicken)

Two Two’s Garlic Chicken (300php – half chicken)

After eating, we asked for the bill and it costed around 1030php. We just divided the total amount to 3 because there were three of us who dined. One whole chicken is good for 3-4 persons. Supposed to be, we are eating with our another friend but he was stuck in traffic so he wasn’t able to make it on time.

Two Two Chicken also offers delivery services in Quezon City. They open from 4pm to 2am. I am not sure if they are open in weekends. Here are the directions going to Two Two Chicken:

(Sorry I am not really good at giving directions but I hope this can help you :D)

From UP Diliman

Ride a jeep inside the campus going to Philcoa. From Philcoa transfer to a jeep going to Cubao/Kalayaan. When the jeep already turned right to Kalayaan Avenue, look on your right. It’s already near if you see Woorijib. You can get off there and just walk to the street where you can see the signage “Masigla”(referring to the street) and there’s also a signage UCPI or UPCI. You will see some Korean restaurants there and there’s Two Two Chicken (둘둘 치킨) beside it is a samgyupsal restaurant.

From SM North

Ride a jeep going to QC Memorial Circle then tell the driver you’re going off at Kalayaan. And then ride a jeep with a Cubao/Kalayaan route. Then just follow the other instructions written above.



2 thoughts on “Yang”yum” Korea’s Best Chicken (Everrr!) in Manila!

    • Haha! True! I think the only difference is the chicken that they use. We have the Philippine Chicken and then in Korea it’s the Korean Chicken! I am super satisfied with the taste of Two Two Chicken! I super love their free sweet potato sticks! ❤

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