Learn Hanja The Fun Way and Readings in Modern Korean Literature

I visited the UP Asian Center Library for the first time last Wednesday. My batch mate needs to get some books from the Asian Center Library for her paper so I decided to go with her to check some Korean books. Both of us didn’t know where the library is so we asked help from the security guard. It happened that there’s an activity at the front entrance of the building so we can’t get inside. We asked one staff of Via Mare about where we should go to visit the library. He showed us another door and finally we were able to go inside.

After jotting down our log details on the log book, I immediately proceeded to the bookshelf with Korean books. I was very happy to see all the books on that shelf! Most of the books are already old and dusty. But then there were two books which caught my attention: Learn Hanja the Fun Way and Readings in Modern Korean Literature.

I was really planning to buy the book Lean Hanja the Fun Way in Seoul Selection but my priority is the two Yonsei Intermediate books so I cancelled this one on my list. One of my study buddies told me to study Hanja for TOPIK. I know that studying Hanja will help me in my Korean study so I decided to borrow this book. I’ve only browsed some pages and I think this book is really helpful. It also contains how to write the Chinese characters stroke per stroke. There are also helpful notes and drawings per character.

Learn Hanja the Fun Way

Another book that I borrowed is entitled Readings in Modern Korean Literature. I am not really fond of reading. If I am not in the mood, I will not read any assigned readings or any book in our shelf. Even though I’m a lazy reader, I know that I need to read a lot of books like this if I want to understand Korean better. This book contains short stories, poems and essays written in Korean and then there’s also and English translation. There is a list of difficult vocabulary words at the end of every story with English translations. There are also comprehension questions in Korean. One of the contents of the book that made me really happy and excited is the Culture explanation part. There will be important notes on some Korean traditions and culture and they are of course written in Korean.

Readings in Modern Korean Literature

Readings in Modern Korean Literature

I can’t wait for our Christmas Vacation to come! It will only be the time that I can solely focus on studying Korean. I have three major subjects this semester so it’s quite difficult to do some Korean study. Maybe I will have these two books photocopied since they are so expensive if I will buy them. Can’t wait to study more Korean! ^^


3 thoughts on “Learn Hanja The Fun Way and Readings in Modern Korean Literature

  1. I also would like to get Learn Hanja the Fun Way but you are right: too expensive plus where I live I could not have got it anyway 😦

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