When I Feel Like I Don’t Want to Study Korean

There are times that I feel like I should stop studying Korean especially when I am soooo busy with acad stuff. When I have extra time to study Korean, I am not in the right mood to study. When I am in the right mood to study Korean, I have lots of things to do. These are my problems not only when studying Korean but also when I’m dealing with my acads and other activities.

Recently I’ve thought of different ways on how I motivate myself to continue self-studying higher Korean. And I think they’re effective because I am continuing with my Korean language self-study. These are not only “what motivates me to study Korean” but also “who motivates me to study Korean”.

  • FAN TRANSLATORS ON TWITTER. I really envy those fan translators on twitter. They can translate long articles quickly. They can also translate a tweet super fast and accurate! I’ve always wanted to translate long Korean articles but most of the time, I can only translate the gist of it. So whenever I see their translations on twitter, I feel motivated to study more.
  • DRAMA/KSHOWS SUBBING SQUAD. I want to be a translator in a subbing squad but my current schedule won’t permit me. This is one of my dreams that I wish will come true! I want to translate any show with any Super Junior member on it like MBC Radio Star. I’m doing Korean to English translations on tumblr with the use of gif animations and whenever I’m having difficulties in translating a certain part of the a program, I always say to myself “YOU.SHOULD.STUDY.KOREAN.OKAY?”
  • KOREAN LANGUAGE LEARNING BLOGS. I am very much inspired by Korean language learning blogs especially Talk to Me in Korean. Whenever I check their posts I always become giddy and extra excited for the new lessons/insights in learning Korean. I wish I can also help other Korean language learners in the near future.
  • FOREIGNERS WHO ARE GOOD IN KOREAN. I had a lot of friends from different countries when I was still staying in Daejeon. Most of them are really good in speaking in Korean especially my Japanese and Chinese friends. Even Filipino workers are also very good in speaking in Korean. I want to be fluent like them too!
  • TOPIK LEVEL 6 PASSERS. My dream! I want to get TOPIK Level 6 certification! Hahaha!
  • OPPARS. Fan? You know what I mean.

If I have free time, I also drop by the nearest bookstore and I look for good quality pens and notebooks that I can use whenever I am studying Korean. I feel motivated whenever I have new stuff that I can use in studying Korean. I also try to watch Korean movies without English subtitles so that if I can’t understand some parts, I will get motivated to study more, lol. Of course you don’t have to stress yourself in studying Korean- learn at your own pace. It’s really good to have motivations in learning a foreign language. Thinking of the things I listed above really helps me to continue studying Korean.


3 thoughts on “When I Feel Like I Don’t Want to Study Korean

  1. Annyeong! I chanced upon here while blog hopping. I agree with your #3, #4 and last points. it’s the same for me as well! Am currently self studying korean, but it gets a bit slow and dry, especially when no one’s doing it with me. Hwaiting! I’m a SJ fan as well.! My bias are Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Yesung! 😀

    • Hello! I’m Alli! Self-studying Korean is really challenging! There will be times like you don’t want to study anymore. #3 really helps me a lot. I super duper love the TTMIK team!

      Wow! Another SJ fan!!!! My bias is Donghae! What’s your name and where are you from? 😀

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