[Nature Republic] Blackhead Break Heating Scrub

Here we go with our first Korean cosmetic product: Nature Republic’s Blackhead Break Heating Scrub! Honestly I am a Nature Republic fan. They have good and quality products with a very reasonable price. When I was in Korea, I always drop by a Nature Republic shop in our downtown and purchase some products.

First is this Blackhead Break Heating Scrub! I purchased this when during our first Seoul trip last April 2011. I was having a huge problem with blackheads and this product was on sale so I bought it. If I’m not mistaken it costs around 3,000 to 4,000 won.

Blackhead Break Heating Scrub from Nature Republic 40ml

It has micro-beads that helps remove blackheads.

Where to Buy:

I bought this in Nature Republic in Myeongdong. I am not sure if Nature Republic Philippines already offer this product, I only saw the Blackhead Break Nose Pack.

How to Use:

After washing your face, put a pea-size amount on your nose especially to those parts with blackheads. Massage your nose for 1-3 minutes then wash your nose with foam cleanser or water.

*While massaging your nose, you will feel a hot sensation on your nose since it’s a heating scrub.


1. It’s cheap.

2. It has a minty smell so if you like the smell of mint you will not have any problem on this product.

3. This is also effective to clean the sides of the nose from whiteheads/accumulated BB cream/powder/dirt.


1. It just softens the nose skin so that it will be quite easy to remove blackheads using a tool like tweezers (using tweezers is a big no, no if you don’t want skin infection/irritation).

2. It doesn’t really remove deep blackheads.

3. You may find the hot sensation irritating if you have sensitive skin.



Well, these are the things that I have observed with this product. Even though it’s not really effective for me, I still use it to clean the sides of my nose from whiteheads. The beads are really helpful in cleaning the sides of my nose. I also use this product before I use a Blackhead nose pack from Bench or Innisfree (I’ll also make a review on that Innisfree product soon!).


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