Super Junior’s 6th Album Sexy, Free and Single!

Sexy, Free and Single

It’s finally out on online music stores! And the physical album will be out on July 5! I’ve been very busy because of acad works these past few days so I wasn’t really able to spazz too much. The album was released online last July 1, 12AM KST, and I immediately downloaded it via bestfiction. Last 5th album, I was able to buy the albums online since I have a Korean bank account/Korean phone. This time, I will just buy the physical albums so that I can contribute to SJ’s physical album sales 😀

I was really happy when I listened to all the tracks included in the 6th album. All the songs were really awesome ㅠㅠ. Sexy, Free and Single  is super duper cool (Well, in my opinion). It’s different from the usual SJ Funky concept so I’m really happy! And Kangin’s back so the album is really extra special! Though of course it will be very special if all the members are present.

One of the tracks that made me cry was From U (너로부터). It was first sang during Super Show 3 in one of their VCR’s. It was sang by Yoo Young in during the concert and finally we have the Super Junior version!  “This song is dedicated to the world’s biggest fan club, the ELF”.  Gulliver is like a chant of a cult but it was nice. It was like Superman- cult version lol. Someday is my favorite ballad. The lyrics were just so beautiful.

Can’t wait for the comeback this week! Can’t wait for the wardrobe! Can’t wait for the fanchants! ❤


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