Super Junior Comeback?


Fangirl mode on! Month of June last year, we were really excited because the Spring Semester ends already. Meaning: No More Classes. Haha! But this year, it is just the start of our classes. Meaning: Lesser Fangirl Moments.

I was able to feel the intense excitement of waiting for Super Junior’s comeback last year. It was a special comeback for me since I am in Korea. Special because I was able to witness their promotions live. But of course, sad, because Heechul had to go inside the army. I’m happy that we were able to give the Daesang to the boys.

These past few days, most of the SJ fangirls I know are very excited of their up coming comeback. The members have been mentioning their comeback and some Korean online news confirmed their comeback this year. I think it will be the same as the 5th album, that they will release it this coming Korean summer season. Maybe by the month of July and August will be the latest.

Yesterday, Sungmin posted something on his naver blog:

슈퍼주니어 6집 티져 드디어..!!!

“얼마 안남았다..

언제 하려나..

빨리 하고싶다…


source: Sungmin’s Naver Blog

English Translation:

Title: “Finally! Super Junior’s 6th Album Teaser”

“There’s not much time left..

When will we do it..

I want to do it soon..


*lol I translated it.

OMG. I can smell the scent of their comeback! I’m nervous because maybe tomorrow a teaser of their album will be released! asdfghjkasdfghjkl

This morning, there were photos from the I AM presscon were released! Say hello to Sungmin and Eeteuk’s blond hair, Kyuhyun and Yesung’s new hairstyles.

photo credit goes to its owner


Sungmin’s blond hair – PERFECT! Just like Hyukjae’s during the 5th Album. SJ!Blond is forever perfect!

Eeteuk’s blond hair- He looks older in some angles but I like the color on him.

Yesung’s new hairstyle – Uhmmm, I’m going to wait for his hair to grow longer. His head looks really big with his new hairstyle and he looks old. (maybe on this photo only, will wait for more photos)

Kyuhyun’s new hairstyle – The color looks nice, his hair needs to be styled better compared to his Radio Star photo. I hope his bangs will grow longer soon. 😀

Another photo which surfaced this afternoon and this evening was from Ryeowook’s Immortal Song 2 recording with Hyukjae, Shindong and Shin’s family!!!!!

credit as tagged

Shindong looking good with his blond hair and bangs with pinkish ends! I just said, WOW! Blond looks sooooo good on Shindong!

credit as tagged

Hyukjae with black hairrrrrrrrrrrr! I will patiently wait for the other members’ hairstyles especially *cough* Donghae *cough Kang In *cough*

These photos really makes me excited about their comeback. I just wish that SM will not give us a crappy MV inside a box with lights and a crappy low quality paper album. I wish that they will put some effort on the conceptualization, production and release of Super Junior’s 6th album. This will be the SIXTH, but we are still living on their SJ Funky concept. They need to grow, and growing needs some change. ELF all over the world are spending so much money to buy their albums so please give us a good packaging.  (I am really envious of the other groups’ album packaging tbh) SM Entertainment is a home of a lot of good KPOP artists, composers and dancers but I think they need to hire someone who can come up with nice packaging ideas not only the ordinary paper album. I was really disappointed with their 5th album version B and C packaging. Version C (A-Cha/Repackaged) was released without a poster and the packaging was like the ordinary CD packaging. A-Cha was a good song but I didn’t like the other versions of the MV and the short promotions. Please SM Entertainment, please.

Haha. I should end this here now. I need to sleep early because I have classes tomorrow. I will spazz again soooon! ❤


5 thoughts on “Super Junior Comeback?

    • Oh hello! I am not really sure about this because I’m waiting for the release on Korean sites, not on iTunes. But I think it will be available on all online music sites on July 1, 12AM KST. 😀 And fans prefer buying on Korean sites for SJ’s digital sales. I hope that helps! ^^

      • What are some Korean websites that will have thier album on there? would sell it right?

      • I think SM will sell it via iTunes or Genie. Music sites like Naver, Soribada, Melon, Bugs will sell it on July 1. I think some SJ blogs have a tutorial on how foreigners living outside Korea can purchase the songs 😀

      • Good so I will beable to buy it off SM? But will it be like the vitual album and not the phyical album? Also do you know how much it will cost?

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