Blue Books and Yellow Pads: First Week!

Done with the first week of classes! So far, so good. I enjoyed my first week and my comeback week  in UP. But sometimes, I really feel that I’m alone and that I don’t know anyone in my college anymore. I often go to AS Lobby to kill time since most of the professors didn’t discuss the subjects yet. I wish I can find a “tambay buddy” soon. I missed the smell of yellow pads, blue books and newly photocopied readings! Hahaha!

I don’t have any language electives this semester. For the past 4 semesters that I had in UP, I always have a language elective. I really wish that they have higher Korean or a plan for those who wants to study Korean. As what the speakers have said in the forum on Korean studies, it is just starting to bloom in the Philippines. I also wanted to be a part of this Korean Studies in the Philippines soon. Maybe as a researcher? or a Korean language teacher? Who knows? Haha!

I also saw an announcement for the up coming Korean Speech and Singing competition sponsored by the UP Department of Linguistics as a part of the Linguistics week celebration on August. I will post more details about the application process as soon as the department post the details online.

Last Friday, I was able to get my UP Academic Planner and all I can say is…. the planner was awesome! :)))))) I will try to post photos of the planner and some thoughts about it.

Things to do:

  • Get ID photo schedule – Rawr, the Main Library staffs didn’t accept my ID for validation since the photo was already blurred. :< It was last Friday when I am really in need for my ID to be validated so that I can borrow the book required in one of my classes. (But thanks to my friend Nikki for getting the book for me!)
  • Think of a topic for my Kas 114 paper – I was able to submit a tentative topic but it’s not really interesting so I’m planning to change it.
  • Sleep. lol

And that was my first week. Haha! ❤


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