Coming Soon!

Hello again! After the stressful enrollment, the first semester for this school year will start on Wednesday. So it means that my super loooong vacation is over but I’m very excited to go back to school!!!

Last May, one of my relative/friend went to Korea for a short vacation and to watch Super Show 4 Encore. I asked her to buy some Korean cosmetics for me since they are quite expensive here in the Philippines. This afternoon, I was arranging my Korean cosmetics when I’ve thought of something. My younger sister is really into make-ups and nail polishes and she often buy different products, compare them to each other and make a review and she tells me the pros and cons of those products. I decided to put her reviews and some descriptions of the Korean cosmetics and nail polishes that we use here in my blog. We are not really good in giving reviews and descriptions, but I think posting some will still be a help for those who are very interested with Korean cosmetics. We’ll start publishing them soon! Can’t wait! ❤


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