2013-2014 Scholarships Offered by Partner Universities in Japan and Korea (for UP Diliman students)


Office of Extension Coordination (Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)
DILC Bldg., Apacible St. corner Magsaysay Avenue, University of the Philippines Diliman

U.P. Diliman undergraduate students (second-year or third-year standing) are encouraged to apply (except for Certificate courses) for the one-year student exchange program with U.P. Diliman’s partner universities in Japan and Korea.

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Undergraduate students who are currently enrolled (Certificate courses are not eligible)
2. 2nd-3rd year standing or not graduating during AY 2013-2014
3. Collective GWA of 1.5 or better for Japan
Collective GWA of 2.0 or better for Korea;
4. Knowledge of Nihongo or Korean (has enrolled or is currently enrolled in a Japanese or Korean language class under the Department of Linguistics or Asian Center)
5. Must be 23 years old and below and will not turn 24 years old before March 2013

Application Requirements:
1. Resumé with 2”x2” photo
2. Latest True Copy of Grades (TCG)
3. Two (2) Recommendation Letters from UP professors addressed to:
The Japanese/Korean Exchange Student Screening Committee
(Office of Extension Coordination-OVCAA)
4. 500-750-word Essay explaining why you wish to be an exchange student to Japan or Korea (format: Times New Roman, 12, single space, 1” margin all sides)
5. A photocopy of the student’s Form 5 for the First Semester AY 2012-2013
6. A photocopy of the student’s valid passport (not expiring before October 2014)
Note: If the student does not have a valid passport yet, the student must instead submit a photocopy of the passport application/renewal appointment slip (sent by DFA to the applicant via email for confirmation of desired appointment schedule) indicating the date and time of the appointment.

All application documents must be received no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, June 29, 2012 at the OEC-OVCAA, DILC Bldg., Apacible St. corner Magsaysay Avenue (near NCTS/Sundial and Computer Center).

All applicants will undergo a panel interview during the selection process. Scholarship is for one-year exchange only with a batch of successful applicants leaving in April 2013 for Japan, and March 2013 for those selected for Korea.

Scholarship package include: free tuition, monthly allowance, dorm, and round-trip airfare (for Korea only). Students are also given a chance to work part-time with salary/compensation.

For more information, you may visit the OEC-OVCAA and look for Ms. Belle Nabor or Ms. Joy Villar. Contact numbers: 926-6590 or 981-8500 local 2561.



OMG. I remembered the days I spent preparing for the application process of this scholarship. Hahaha! It was summer 2010 when I decided that I will try to submit all the requirements for this scholarship. After I completed all the requirements, I got a call from OEC telling me to go to their office for the scheduled interview. I really don’t have any idea about the interview. I thought there’s only one interviewer but when I arrived at their former office at Quezon Hall, the other applicants were wearing formal clothes while I am only wearing my Cheer You Up shirt, maong pants and sneakers. lol. I really didn’t have any idea that the interview is a PANEL interview. There were around 5 or 6 professors from different colleges. They asked me different questions about my resume, my essay and about Korea. I can still remember Mam Marot’s questions “What characteristics of Korea turns you off?”. She asked me that questions since I only said good things about South Korea. Hahaha! I was really nervous during that time. After the interview, they just said to wait for the call if I am accepted or not. August, September, October, November…. December…. It was early December when I first got a call from OEC. I thought that was the acceptance call, but it was Ate Joy asking if I already took Korean lessons. Nyahahaha. If I’m not mistaken, it was December 6 when I got a call from OEC asking to report in their office the next day. I went to the office and I saw the other applicants. They asked us to go to inside a room, and there, Ate Belle told us that we are the possible next exchange students to South Korea. It was the time when there’s a huge tension between the North and the South so we were very nervous if we can still go to Korea.

After applying for the passport, completing all the documents, solving visa problems, getting advanced exams… tadaaaa! We were still able to go to Korea and had a firsthand experience of the life in South Korea!

If you are a UP Diliman student and if you are qualified to apply, don’t hesitate to try! You might be able to meet a lot of new people, experience new experiences and a whole lot more! What are you waiting for? Apply now! 🙂


31 thoughts on “2013-2014 Scholarships Offered by Partner Universities in Japan and Korea (for UP Diliman students)

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts and your experiences in Korea and studying the Korean language. I am also applying for a scholarship in Korea. I hope you don’t mind me asking but I saw something (while looking at schools offering scholarships) about a required health insurance for the duration of your stay in the host country. I was wondering, did you personally look for the health insurance or was it arranged by your university? I hope you will also post your experience when you already got the scholarship and what you did in order to prepare to leave your country to start studying abroad. I read in other blogs about a lot of things to prepare and stuff but nothing detailed enough to be helpful to other students who want to apply as well. Thanks in advance! ^^

    • Wow! Thank you for reading my posts!^^ I’m glad that you enjoyed reading and that my posts were helpful. Actually, I had that scholarship in Korea last 2011. I am planning to post my previous experiences in Korea but I am still quite hesitant because 2011 was already a year ago and there might be big changes in the programs and life in Korea. But okay, I will still make short posts about my previous experiences in Korea^^

      Regarding the medical insurance, I think it will depend on the scholarship that you’ve applied for. In my case, our school in the Philippines offered two choices: we will avail the insurance in the PH or we will get it in Korea. The problem with getting the insurance in our country is that if something bad happens to us in Korea(Thank God nothing bad happened), there might be problems in getting the insurance in the Philippines since we’re out of the country. So we decided to avail the insurance in our host university in Korea for around 110,000won (105$) or 140,000won(133$) (?). The insurance is good for a year. I hope this answer helps 🙂

      May I ask what scholarship program are you applying for? Undergraduate or Graduate studies? 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for answering my question. Your posts and answers are and will be very helpful. Honestly, I am scared to go ahead with this study abroad because I have never been away from home. One moment, I’m thinking ‘Ok, I’ll do this. I want this experience.’ and the next I’m like, ‘OMG! How will I survive?? The expenses, new people, new environment….’ LOL KInda having bipolar moments.
    I’d really like to know what I can (sort of) expect from studying in Korea so I’m doing online research for those who have been there. Glad I saw your blog.

    I’m looking at exchange programs for one year in various Korean universities. I am a graduate student. 🙂

    • Oh I see! Those things were my problems before too! My parents were quite skeptical if they are going to allow me to go to Korea. That was also the time when there’s a tension between the North and the South so we needed to sign a waiver that if anything happens to us, our university in the PH has no liabilities for that. It was my first time to go abroad and I just turned 18 when I went there so I was very nervous. But I’m glad that nothing bad happened. I didn’t have that much difficulty in adjusting because I really wanted to go to Korea.

      Have you tried searching about the Global Korea Scholarship Program? They are offering Graduate Studies scholarship programs but this one is longer, I think you’ll study in Korea for 3 years. But the benefits of the scholarship grant is really better compared to my undergraduate student exchange program. I want to apply for that scholarship program but I still need to finish my undergrad degree first.

  3. Yeah, I’ve read a lot about the Korean government scholarship. I wanted to try a one year exchange first and see if I can survive. hehe! You should go for it after you finish your undergraduate degree! :))
    Thank you so much for helping me out with your answers and suggestions.

    • OMG?! Whyyyyyyy!!! err I am not really updated with the new terms of OEC or NIEED about the MA scholarships but isn’t it unfair for the former exchange students? The undergraduate exchange program is a different program with KGSP, why former exchange students are going to be ineligible to apply?

      • 글쎄… I just saw Nich’s tweet a few days ago. Too busy to ask her and to delve into it further. Thought you know. If you found out any info, do let me know. Just curious. Not really planning on applying for it (how can i think ma when i can’t even do my ba properly). My guess is it could only be if it’s through our uni (doesn’t make it less unfair). But you can still apply to the korean unis.

      • Oh I see. I want to try applying in the embassy but Christian said that the embassy prefers students outside UP. Anyways, I will just think about all these MA shizz after my undergrad and after TOPIK! ㅠ____ㅠ 스트레스!!! Yes! We can still try to apply directly to the universities! Let’s not lose hope!!!! :))

      • Ate Dia! here’s a clarification from OEC RE: KGSP through the Korean embassy:

        “all former exchange students sent by the OEC are eligible to apply to the KGSP graduate scholarships (as long as they are currently enrolled in the graduate level or are graduating this coming April 2013). HOWEVER, former exchange students sent through our office are not eligible to apply again to any undergraduate scholarships.”


  4. Hi. I am also applying for this scholarship. Can I ask how much did you spend? And is it true that it’s 1 1/2 years? Thanks. 🙂

    • Hello! I only stayed in Korea for 10 months. I think that the length of stay varies depending on the university. Hmm, on the question how much did I spend, I don’t really know. I was the one who paid for the passport fee, visa expenses, airfare(which was around 40,000php because it was Korean Air), and got around 300$ as pocket money for the first month plus random noodles and food to survive the no-allowance-yet months. We were the one who paid for our food expenses. But don’t worry, it differs every university. You’ll be lucky if you get accepted in a university that will cover your airfare and food expenses. Don’t worry, most universities give allowances or part-time jobs for exchange students.

      • Ah, thank you so much. I am really worried since I am not really rich. Can I tell in the interview if I can choose a university that offers air fare for free or will it just really depends on my luck?

      • The university they assign will depend on your grades, major and performance on the panel interview. Usually, engineering majors are sent to KUT, which waives the airfare. Communication or language majors are usually sent to Hannam University which don’t shoulder the airfare. The top applicant goes to Seoul National University and I think they don’t pay for the plane tickets too. There’s Cebu Pacific! Some of my friends used it when they go to Korea to study.

      • Really? SNU? Oh my, I really need to do good. Do you know how many students were accepted in SNU and their GWAs? Thanks by the way, you are a big help.

      • I’m not really sure about the GWA. They usually send one student to SNU for one semester. It will depend on the student and how he/she performed in SNU if he/she can avail another scholarship to study for another sem.

  5. Hello! I’m currently applying for the Korean scholarship in UP Diliman (OEC). I have already received the result of the screening via e-mail on Thursday. I’m 11th out of 19 applicants and they said that I should wait for their further announcements. Do you think I have the chance to get a Korean scholarship? I’m honestly panicking inside. I don’t know what to feel. Huhuhu! I’ll wait for your reply. Thanks. 😦

    By the way, according to the e-mail sent to me, priority of course will be given to the top-ranked applicants and they also said that it will depend on the availability of slots from partner universities and the preferences of the top-ranked applicants whether or not all 19 applicants will be nominated to partner universities. What does this exactly mean? Huhuhu! Please help me! I don’t know what to feel when I’m just 11th out of 19. Thanks. 😦

    • Hello! I am not really familiar with the current recruitment process of OEC. During our time, we were immediately informed that we will be included in the set of students that will be sent to Korea for 2011 Spring Semester. The only thing that we didn’t know was the university that we’ll be attending. We were informed about our university assignments maybe a week after our orientation with the OEC coordinator. I will just share some thoughts about your case but please take note that I am not 100% sure about these things.

      Let’s talk about the rankings first. I think OEC ranks the qualified students to determine who will be sent to Seoul National University(SNU, if they have slots for PH students) (usually the top 1 or top 1 and 2). The other students on the list will be sent to other schools other than SNU. I think currently UP has partnerships with Hallym University(?), Korea University of Technology and Education (KUT), SeoulTech(?), and Gangwon National University and Hannam University (I am not sure if Suncheon Univ is still included in the list).

      The number of recruits per school each year varies depending on the availability of scholarship grants and slots that a Korean univ can give. I heard that it also depends on the number of Korean exchange students coming from Korea to UP. KUT usually recruits more than 3 people. I think there was a time UP sent 6 or 7 students to KUT? Gangwon Univ recruits 2 students and Hannam Univ recruits 2-3 students. I am not sure with the other universities. If this pattern will repeat in your batch, I guess there is still a big possibility that you’ll be included in the new batch of exchange students. Usually UP sends more than 10 students per batch. During our time we were 22 or 24? =D

      Remember that there are still conditions that will be set by the Korean university. Each univ has a memorandum of agreement with UP. Some students may decline the scholarship because of conflicts so students on the lower ranks will have a chance of getting the grant. So don’t lose hope! =D I hope that you will get the scholarship and see you here in Korea! =D

      • Wait. You said that during your time, 22 or 24 students were sent to Korea. Hmmm… How many applicants applied that time? Do you think they also consider the number of students who applied and then get the half of it? Thanks. 🙂

      • I am not really sure about that though. I asked a friend who is currently here in KR as an exchange student about the number of students UP sent here this year. She said that they were 19 or 20? =)

  6. Hello! I just got an e-mail from OEC and they said that I’m qualified to enroll in Seoul National University of Science and Technology for one semester (March-June). I have already replied them that I accept the nomination. It’s only for 4 months though. So yeah… 🙂

    Ahmmm… After I received the e-mail and have responsed to it, what will happen next? 🙂

  7. Yay! Congratulations! =) I know a student from SeoulTech! =D I think OEC will ask you to go to their office to pick-up papers and documents or attend an orientation. Even if you are nominated to the school, you still need to pass an application form to the university. Don’t worry, OEC will process the submission etc (as far as I know).

    Yay! See you around Seoul soon!! =D

    • In spite of the application form and stuff, it is official that I’m an exchange student to SeoulTech, right? Hehehe! Just to make sure! Waaahhh! 😀

      By the way, is there any problem when it comes to allowance and dormitory in SeoulTech? I heard some students but in other universities that they had problems when it comes on receiving their allowance. Does it mean that I still need to have pocket money or something? Because I’m like expecting that there will be allowance, free dormitory, and no airfare. 😀

      • I think yes. Don’t worry kk =D

        I am not really sure about SeoulTech. I don’t know what are the inclusions of the scholarship. In some cases, airfare are not provided but don’t worry, we have our friendly Cebu Pacific/AirAsia airlines to provide you with kinda cheap tickets =D I am quite sure that the dormitory is free. For the food, it depends on the school but most of them doesn’t give free food (except Gangwon Univ, I think?). Usually schools offer 200,000 won (roughly 8300 pesos) as the monthly allowance. I am not sure if they will also give part-time jobs to add to your allowance. Cost of living in Korea (esp. in Seoul) is high so I think you need to save up if in case your allowance gets delayed for a month or two. Delays in allowance are quite common every first month of the sem so better be ready with pocket money, noodles, canned goods and snacks from the Philippines =D I am sure OEC will brief you about these kinds of circumstances =D

        PS. You also need to prepare some money for the payment of insurance. All foreign students are required to avail an insurance plan in Korea or in PH. I am sure OEC will guide you in this matter.

  8. Hmmm… I heard about the GKS. How can I get a GKS for the semester? And about the airfare, would there be chance that I could get a free airfare? Hehehe! ^_^

  9. Hi! I got called back for the interview for this year’s exchange applications. May I know what are the type of questions asked? 🙂 and is it reallllyyyy scary? 🙂 Thank you

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