END가 아닌 AND이다~

END가 아닌 AND이다 … It’s not END…it’s AND.

This line is very famous in the Super Junior fandom. It’s not an END, but AND. November this year will be the 7th year of Super Junior since debut. July this year will be Leader Eeteuk’s 30th birthday… which means he need to go and serve the military soon. The other members also needs to go to the army soon. A lot of people are asking what will be the future of Super Junior, well I will believe the words of the members, they will be together, forever.

Last May 26-27, 2012 the Super Show 4 Encore concert was held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. I wasn’t able to attend the event though. I have a lot of friends who went and they said it was a concert that you should never miss. I wasn’t able to attend because of the following fangirl problems: money, plane tickets, visa lol. If we’re going to talk about concert ticket price, it’s really cheaper compared to Super Shows in Manila  but the problem is the plane ticket and the visa to Korea. Encore is almost the same as the kick-off concert in Seoul but of course they added a lot of new solo performances and of course the fan projects are different. I can say that it’s really different when you’ve experienced watching a concert in Korea. Awesome.

I still can’t forget the SS4’s kick off concert in Seoul last November 19 and 20, 2011. All Super Shows that I’ve watched are all awesome but SS4 is special for me, maybe because I was able to watch it in Seoul. I wonder how more amazing will it be if the members are still complete 😦 I watched the concert for two days. During Day 1, I was in the Standing Area A (just like SVIP Left in SS2 and SS3 Manila). I don’t have to fall in line very early in the morning to get a good place in the standing area because there’s the ticket number.

I was with my other Filipino friends and we lined up for the concert goods for almost 6 hours but still we weren’t able to buy concert goods lol. The concert goods selling system sucks.

11/19/2011, Sunny but super cold day in Seoul! SS4 Seoul Day 1!

During the 2nd day, I chose to buy the ticket in the seated area. It was amazing to see the members up close during the 1st day, but it was more amazing to experience Super Show without the stress of standing in the mosh pit. It was awesome! 짱이다!

They announced last night (May 27, 2012) that Eeteuk will be joining the members for the 6th album before he enters the army. So it means they will release it very soon (but please SM Entertainment should give them a few days to rest, they looked very tired and stressed these past few days ㅜㅜ). Wishing the best for the 6th album! \o/

I love Super Junior ❤


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