Cross Stitching: Korean Theme

Cross stitching was my hobby since I was in my elementary school days. I learned cross stitching from my mother who’s also a cross stitch enthusiast. I admire a lot of her works so I decided to learn how to stitch too! I find it easy to learn stitching that’s why whenever we have cross stitching projects in school, I always finish a design well.

So when I was in Korea, I asked my Filipina professor if there’s a cross stitch shop in Daejeon. She told me that there’s a shop near our dorm, I saw it but I think it’s always closed. Then when we went to downtown Daejeon, in Eunhaengdong’s underground shopping center, we found another cross stitch shop and I decided to buy one pattern, aida cloth, needles and the DMC threads. Korean usually use DMC thread just like in the Philippines. The set I bought is quite more expensive compared to the prices in the Philippines but the store lady gave us a bigger aida cloth that can be divided into two, so I shared the other half with my Filipina professor.

Price list:

Pattern – 3,000 won

Aida Cloth – around 6,000 won i think

DMC thread – 500won per color

Free 2 pieces of cross stitch needles

I spent around 20,000won all in all but I only payed 10,000won since the other half was payed by my professor. I was able to finish the pattern not in Korea but in the Philippines, haha! And here’s the final product!

Tadaaa! The finished pattern!

I entitled this one as “너랑 나” which means “You and I”

I wanted to do more Korean themed patterns so I checked out the website written at the bottom of the pattern that I bought. You can check out SODAstitch. They have a lot of new patterns! You can buy the patterns online and pay for it via Paypal. Once you’ve sent your order and payment, they will send you the pdf file of the pattern that you like to do. You can also order the whole set and they will send it via EMS. I haven’t tried buying this online but soon I will! I will buy their Hanbok and Korean dances pattern. Yay!


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